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How To Ask Your Girlfriend Good Questions

Having a repertoire of good questions to ask your girlfriend is one thing, knowing how to effectively use them is another.

The goal is to have conversations that strengthen your relationship, and this requires the two of you to be open with each other with regards to your passions, fears, needs and wants.

Follow these three tips to have meaningful conversations with your girlfriend.

1. Start By Sharing

To have a good conversation, you will need to get out of yourself and make it about the other person.

Show your girlfriend that you’re more than just a charming lump of flesh and bones by openly sharing your passions, interests and hobbies with her.

Don’t be afraid to show excitement when doing so, and encourage her to do the same!

2. Practice Active-Listen

Women like to believe that men don’t listen. Prove them wrong!

When having a conversation, most people are usually focused on what they want to say next while someone else is speaking. In other words, they are not properly listening to what’s being said.

Now that you know, stop and try to force yourself to listen whenever you find your mind rushing to a response

Show your girlfriend that you do listen to her by recalling your past conversations.

3. Be Curious

To keep a conversation engaging, take advantage of active-listening and ask follow up questions.

Go deeper and deeper until it is necessary to move onto an entirely different question or subject.

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