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How Does He Act After A Breakup, According to His Zodiac Sign?


You especially don’t want to break up with an Aries. They go so crazy with pain that they do irrational things.

Boyfriend Aries would do anything to hurt you.

If you have any girlfriends who are jealous of you, don’t be surprised to learn that your ex slept with one or more of them right after you broke up to hurt you and get you paid in some way.

There is no excuse for this sort of behavior, but the adventurous spirit of an Aries just doesn’t allow them to react any differently.

So, expect anything.


You have nothing to fear with a Taurus. It is not dangerous because it manages to cope with the breakup.

He won’t plot terrible revenge because he knows better than that. He knows it won’t work, so he won’t even bother trying.

Taureans are very rational.

He will suffer in silence and perhaps take up poetry or music. He will find his inner peace, and he will forget you kindly and quietly.


They transform into someone else. They shut themselves up in their world.

They, who are generally very sociable and happy to be surrounded, after a breakup, they withdraw into their world.

Your Gemini ex isn’t going to make a plan to get you back because he knows when the end of a relationship is coming.

He knows there is no point in trying to save her. Thus, he will be left alone with his thoughts before moving on.


He won’t have time to suffer. Cancers, big emotional, would collapse if they let themselves be swayed by the fact that you broke with them.

Instead, they bury themselves in the job and then that’s it.

Their schedule will be so busy that they simply won’t have time to think about your breakup.

He will avoid love and everything that has to do with love.

So if a couple offers him to go out with them, he will invent an excuse to refuse them.

He will do this until he realizes it’s over between you and moves on.


He will pretend all is well. He’ll even joke about it, but for real, he’ll be in emotional trouble.

But, the Leo, too proud, will never admit it. He doesn’t want to make it look like he’s failed at something.

They hide their emotions from others, and while they seem to be fine, they are not.

They are really in pain, but they don’t let anyone notice it.


He’s a control freak, and when something’s out of his control he goes nuts.

He’ll demand answers, and he’ll bore you until he gets them.

A person who is so organized cannot stand any mess, whether physical or emotional.

His curiosity doesn’t mean he can’t stand the fact that you’re no longer together.

It doesn’t mean he’s in pain either, so don’t get his behavior wrong.

He just needs to know. And if you explain everything to him, he’ll leave you alone.


He will do just about anything to ease the pain.

Usually Libras are rational, and they crave stability. They seek to find a balance in everything.

So when it comes to heartbreaks and ruptures, they immediately lose control.

They won’t haunt you or bore you, but they’ll do extreme things, like they’ve lost all their common sense and sanity.


Although he is no longer with you, secretly he still hopes you get back together.

Other signs make peace with their relationship being over, but Scorpio can’t move on.

Usually, Scorpios are very sensitive and any kind of change hits them.

But he won’t make a big deal of it, and he won’t seek attention.

You can be one hundred percent sure that he won’t corner you around the corner and demand an explanation or wait for you somewhere in public to do a scene.


He will explode with rage if you drop him. Sagittarius men don’t deal with breakups very well. They follow their first reaction which is anger.

They can’t control themselves and you can expect anything. They can’t even think clearly because of all this rage.

But, when he calms down and his anger eases, he’ll feel sorry for what he did, and he’ll likely apologize to you.

So, accept the reconciliation because afterwards he will really let you go.


It will close in on itself, making sure that no one comes near.

Capricorn men take a long time to heal after breaking up because they are terribly afraid of being hurt again.

You might be surprised by the kind of reaction a Capricorn has because they seem cold and unemotional, but in fact, they’re very emotional.

The thing is, they keep everything to themselves.


He will be very reasonable about your breakup.

He will neither make a scene nor sulk. He will take care of it and try to approach your breakup from an intellectual point of view.

He will try to research all the pros and cons of your breakup and find a resolution that will allow him to sleep better at night.

It might be too much for you, but this is how an Aquarius copes with whenever there is something bad happening in life.

This is the best course of action for them, and so they heal faster.


He will escape to a world of dreams, trying to forget that your relationship never existed.

He will try to shake off every little memory that reminds him of you. It’s easier for him like that.

Because if he sees something that makes him think of you, all the memories will come back and he will have a hard time forgetting you.

It might be a bit of a stretch, but that’s exactly what he needs to move forward.

How Does He Act After A Breakup, According to His Zodiac Sign?

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