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Astrological Signs: Expectation Versus Reality Let’s Be Realistic

We often only hear what we want to hear.

However, sometimes it’s best to realize that there are two sides to everything.

Here’s a list of embarrassing, yet true (and funny) things about each of the zodiac signs.


Aries are said to be courageous, determined, honest, and endowed with a strong will. While it’s possible that this is true, it could also be a stereotype that they’re just trying to follow.

Unfortunately, sometimes courage is just impulsiveness, and determination can be stubbornness.

Their strong will can be from the inability to take into account the opinions of others and honesty can be nothing but aggressiveness.

Sorry Mr. Aries, but we are only realistic.


Taurus is supposed to be loyal. Responsible, stable, patient. Everyone is in agreement. But have you ever wondered what could be behind all of this?

It might not be pleasant to hear, but loyalty can sometimes turn out to be close to possession and stability can actually mean fear of taking risks.

And patience? Rather laziness, yes!

Dear Taurus, we love you anyway, no matter what


Curious and easily adaptable, Gemini is one of the smartest and funniest astrological signs. They are easy to learn and are versatile.

But could it be that their adaptability is simply due to their lack of direction?

And that their outgoing, talkative personality is ruled by an underlying anxiety?

It might sound contradictory, but it’s easier to understand when you know that they enjoy being around people but can’t control their quick thoughts.


Cancers are all about emotion and sympathy. They like their security and they are loyal to those close to them.

However, they often tend to get overwhelmed and become moody and pessimistic. It can also lead them to become manipulative.

And above all, don’t even think of speaking badly of their mother.

I prefer to warn you.


There is no question that Lions are born leaders. They are optimistic, creative and protective.

Everyone has heard of Lions. And what we have heard is not always the best.

It’s no secret that Lions love attention. They may be in need of attention and domination.

Other than that, they can be arrogant and difficult to convince.

Dear Lions, do not get too carried away by your pride.


Virgos are seen as analytical, practical, and hardworking beings. It’s true.

They like to have order everywhere. But sometimes it can become too much for some people.

They are too critical of others and of themselves. Their minds can become too obsessed with details.

They can’t relax and enjoy the little things in life because they’re always thinking about what else to do.

Tell the Virgo person in your life to stop on their way to smell the roses.


Diplomatic, charming, and social, Libra is one of the most versatile signs in the zodiac, it’s a sign that almost everyone loves it for good reason.

But playing fair and understanding everyone has its downsides.

This sometimes makes them inclined to avoid confrontation and feel sorry for themselves. And that is not healthy. It can even cause them to become unreliable and superficial.

And this is so opposite of Libra who loves equality and justice.


Often times, Scorpios are portrayed as deep, focused, and passionate beings. Serious and mysterious.

This is good, but in reality they can sometimes be seen as obsessive and a little weird.

Not knowing how to make conversation or be the center of attention at a party, they often feel uncomfortable in a crowd.

That’s okay dear Scorpios. Just stop staring at people so intensely.


Sagittarius is considered one of the luckiest zodiac signs because it is ruled by Jupiter. They see things very broadly and are open to trying new things.

It all seems utopian.

The less impressive side of this sign is their recklessness, brutal (sometimes unnecessary) honesty, and radical views on life.

They can easily hurt people and why? Just to get attention and to prove something to yourself.


Ambitious and hardworking, Capricorn is one of the most respected signs. They are genuine and committed; down to earth and serious.

But what happens when they get critical and overly serious? They become suspicious and difficult to handle. It is not easy for them to just let things go.

They may hold a grudge and try to run over you all at once.

Dear Capricorns, sometimes it is better to let go and have a little faith.


These free-spirited intellectuals love to enjoy the unusual things in life. Aquarians love to explore, delve into mysteries, and investigate the things that serve society.

What they don’t like, for example, is not being right. Or when they have to show their emotions too often.

They can appear cold and unfriendly. And due to their lack of communication, hiding their emotions and their preference for loneliness, they can be quite unpredictable.


Pisces is arguably one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. People tend to describe them as sweet, dreamy, artistic, and emotional.

And don’t get me wrong, they’re right, but what they don’t notice is how passive-aggressive they can be.

It is their main defense mechanism. They can also be a little bit crazy and insist on something they think is true.

Even when they are wrong.

Astrological Signs: Expectation Versus Reality Let's Be Realistic

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