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Why are you still single, based on your birth month

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You are very patient. You don’t force love. You are smart enough to know that nothing good ever comes out of things that have been forced.

The man in your life is not far away and you will be patiently waiting for him.

You’re not the type to go out at a party just to meet someone. It is clear that you don’t miss anything and are not so desperate to go out every night to meet your soul mate.

At the same time, you are also looking for someone who will not be dependent on you.

Independence is extremely important to you and that is why celibacy is not a problem for you.


You know that you can only rely on yourself. You know you can do it all on your own.

So you won’t waste your time hanging out with people who don’t accept you for who you are.

You refuse to pretend to be someone that you are not. You don’t care about those who are unable to love you for who you are.

On the other hand, few are able to handle your spontaneity and your rebellious side. And you won’t bother with those who don’t.

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You have better things to do than seek a romantic relationship.

Since you are very compassionate, you try to make the best use of every minute of the day, such as helping those in need.

You lock yourself in your world and only start a relationship with someone who will be able to share your dreams.


You like to live your life on the spur of the moment. There is nothing planned in your life and you cannot sit still. You like to move and do things as your instincts dictate.

You refuse to change for others. You are not interested in people who are unable to understand that you are a free electron.

What’s more, you are an alpha person and your presence can be intimidating. It is difficult to keep up with you and few are able to manage your personality.


You have many other ambitions beyond a simple romantic relationship. Your goals are many and you are ready to sacrifice love for them.

Right now, you don’t feel like this is a good time to date someone. You respect this idea and don’t want to force things.

But once you feel the time is right, you’ll dive in head first. You’ll be looking for someone to hang out with for good.

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You are on your guard. Someone has hurt you in the past, and you don’t let anyone near anymore, lest you get hurt again.

You have built a high wall around you and you feel safe there.

You realize that you need time to heal before you can start dating again.

Once you have glued the pieces together, you can “restart”. And hopefully it won’t be as painful as it might have been before.


You are too sensitive. Giving people second chances is your thing.

You give anyone a chance, because you have a good heart. But that’s also why we end up hurting you.

People seem to think they can take advantage of you. After so much heartache, love turned into a disappointment and you gave up a bit. For now anyway.

You have a hard time building your trust, but once you find that unique person who can reconcile you with the idea of ​​sharing your feelings and intimate secrets with them, you’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.


You like to be in the spotlight and don’t like to share it with someone at all, let alone someone who might be jealous of you.

You need a partner who accepts that part of you and plays the game.

You cherish your freedom and this is also one of the reasons why you prefer to be alone for the moment.

You know that nothing is impossible and you refuse to let anyone pull you down.

When you find someone who can fly with you, despite their fears, you will also know that you have found the right one.


You are very afraid that you will be hurt. Since it’s pretty common today, you’ve decided to step away from the dating scene, just in case, so that no one else can make you suffer.

In this way, you prevent anyone from breaking your heart.

Some might say that you are picky, but you just know what you want and want someone who is willing to engage with you one hundred percent.


You have been so disappointed that you have also come to love yourself. When others need help, you are the first to respond.

Whether it’s with a heartwarming caress or a shoulder to cry on.

But when you need help, there is no one left.

You’ve learned your lesson and you won’t let anyone take advantage of you anymore.

You may seem like you don’t want to commit, when you are just waiting to find the right person.


Words mean nothing to you. The only way you can trust someone, either in general or with your heart, is through actions.

This person will have to show you that they will never break your heart or abandon you. She will have to earn your trust.

You will only share your thoughts and feelings once you know the person concerned deserves it.


You want to live and see all there is to experience and see before you settle down with someone.

You don’t want to feel like you’ve missed something, since it will eat away at you.

You know that you have a long way to go before you settle into a relationship and find someone to live a peaceful and comfortable life with.

You have a big heart, but you won’t give it to just anyone. When you are ready you will truly commit and all that love that you have kept within you can finally be given.

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Why are you still single, based on your birth month

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