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How You’ll Treat Your Ex, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The way you treat an ex after breaking up says a lot about your character.

Find out what your astrological sign can tell us about the way you treat your ex:


You tend to stay in touch with your ex.

You don’t necessarily remain friends, but you are aware that you loved each other and you refuse to throw your ex and your memories into oblivion.


You are stubborn during and after a relationship.

You had well-established boundaries and still today you insist on clearly separating what is yours from what is his.

Having friends or activities together is absolutely out of the question for you.


Because you are emotional, forgetting your ex is difficult.

But you will soon realize that the only way to forget someone you love is to find someone else.

And that’s what you’ll be doing in no time!


It will be very difficult for you to forget about your ex. You will cry a lot in front of old photos or in front of your Instagram feed.

You keep telling yourself that he was the perfect man for you and that you will never find someone so wonderful.

It will take time for you to accept that there are other fish in the ocean, but once you are successful you will find a new form!


Leo’s are self-reliant and they don’t feel too sorry for themselves after a heartache.

You will ignore your ex completely and move on as fast as possible.

You love your celibacy, because you can once again enjoy all this attention turned to you.

Sharing a selfie of you in an evening dress to make him jealous is also something you love to do!


With you, it does not laugh. Once he becomes your ex, he stays that way forever.

Not only will you ignore all of your ex’s attempts to get you back, but you’ll also make sure everyone knows what a jerk he has been.


When someone with the sign of Libra ends a relationship, the other must have made a very big mistake.

Why ? Because Libras are adorable and give their all for their dating relationships.

If a Libra gets dumped, they’ll have a tough time spending time with family and friends to forget about their ex.

If she runs into her ex by chance, she will be charming and friendly, even if deep down, she will rather feel the urge to murder!


When someone decides to break up with a Scorpio, things rarely end well.

You are irritable and the time of your implosion will not be long in coming.

His things will probably suffer a lot, so better he collect them if he doesn’t want to find them in pieces on the curb!


After a breakup, you don’t cry. But that doesn’t mean you don’t care about him.

If he had really been worth it, he would have stayed with you. You quickly accept the reality of things and move on just as quickly.

Very quickly, you won’t even remember the name of this guy …


Unfortunately, forgetting your ex is not that easy.

Either you will desperately try to get him back, or you will hunt him down and makhis life hell.

Even if your breakup is dated, you won’t be able to help but blush when you cross paths with your ex; trying to hold back your tears or cover up your thirst for blood.


For you, completely severing ties with your ex is the only way forward. There is no alternative.

You’ll erase and destroy every little thing that might remind you of him.

You might not be mad at your ex, but anything that hurts needs to be removed from your life.


Even if your breakup is dating, you will have a hard time coming to terms with your separation.

Emotional outbursts are nothing new to you, which is why you tend to indulge in manual activities or in nature.

How You'll Treat Your Ex, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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