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Here’s Why He’s Not Able To Have A Long-Term Relationship, Based On His Astrological


If the man you’re interested in is an Aries, the only thing that touches him is the pursuit and excitement at the start of a relationship.

However, as soon as it all wears off, he gets tired and moves on to his next victim.

Naturally, these personality traits do not allow him to have a stable and lasting relationship.


What keeps a Taurus from having a long-term relationship is their inability to compromise.

This man is rarely ready to go halfway, let alone change his attitude.

Therefore, it is virtually impossible for him to find a woman who would be submissive to him in almost everything to make their relationship work.


What makes it impossible for a Gemini to have a real relationship are their flirting habits.

That’s not to say that he’s necessarily going to cheat on his sweetheart, but it’s just that he always likes to be the center of attention when surrounded by the opposite gendor.

He just needs to know that he is loved and wanted, which often causes a lot of problems in his relationship.


The problem with a Cancer man is the emotional baggage he carries with him.

He finds it difficult to overcome some of the emotional traumas of his past, which makes it impossible for him to fully devote himself to someone new.


A Leo’s ego is the thing that doesn’t allow them to have a healthy relationship.

This guy always considers himself above his beloved and to maintain a relationship under these conditions is impossible.

On the other hand, if he meets someone with the same problem, their power struggle ends up destroying the relationship.


A Virgo man can’t have a long term relationship because deep down he thinks that no one is good enough for him.

Knowing what you want is one thing, but being too picky and only focusing on the other’s faults is a whole different thing.


When you first meet a man who refuses to chat, you think it’s a real blessing.

However, over time you notice that this man is not capable of having a long term relationship.

This is exactly the Libra man’s problem – he avoids confrontation to the point where it becomes impossible to make the relationship work.


The crazy jealousy of Scorpio is what keeps them from maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship.

He assumes that no woman can ever be completely loyal to him and this fear only gets him in trouble.

In fact, most of his relationships fail before they even get serious.


Sagittarians have commitment phobias and this is the reason why they cannot have a stable and lasting relationship.

As soon as the Sagittarius man realizes that he is part of a couple, he is afraid of losing his individuality and this is what prompts him to flee for his life.

Therefore, this fear makes him impossible to maintain a relationship for a long period of time.


The biggest problem a Capricorn has when it comes to long-term relationships is the fact that they don’t have the same level of emotional needs as their partner.

Besides never having enough time or energy for his girlfriend or wife, he always treats her as an option.

Of course, this is something that no one is willing to put up with for a long period of time.


Even when an Aquarius has deep feelings for their partner, they have a hard time showing it.

This is exactly what makes this man unable to have a long term relationship – the fact that he is always on guard and rarely lets anyone in.


The problem with Pisces is that they expect too much of each other. He idealizes his spouse and wants a fairy tale.

However, once confronted with the reality of everyday life, he is disappointed and sets off in search of another woman who could allow him to make his dreams come true.

Here's Why He's Not Able To Have A Long-Term Relationship, Based On His Astrological

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