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Astrological signs ranked from the hardest to the easiest to fall in love

1. Aquarius

You are distant. You withdraw into yourself to protect yourself from heartache.

This is why you are the hardest one to fall in love with.

You are incredibly loving and caring. You are honest and trustworthy, but you are terribly afraid of being hurt.

So you move away from all those who are trying to get closer to you, who are interested in you in any way.

You have to put this fear aside and open your heart to love. Not everyone is trying to hurt you. Not everyone will try to manipulate you.

You are the only thing that is in the way of your quest for true love.

2. Gemini

You are a very difficult person to understand. You change your mind and mood every day.

Know how people go from one extreme to the other, when they are extremely timid about doing one thing and shamelessly about doing another?

Well, you are exactly like that. You are dynamic but mysterious, both open and closed.

If someone catches you on a good day they will fall in love with you instantly because you are lovely and cute like everything, but if they catch you on a bad day that’s another story. .

If you gave them the opportunity, people would easily fall in love with you.

But it’s your overwhelming emotional state that keeps them from understanding you.

3. Capricorn
You are a fairly easy person to fall in love with. You work hard and are ambitious.

You really want to do something with your life. You think about the future and you work so hard to make your dreams come true.

You like to have control over your life and that is great. The problem is, you are trying to control your emotions.

You cannot make yourself feel something, and you cannot control your heart in the same way that you control your life.

When it comes to love, you visualize the worst-case scenario that could happen, just in case, so you won’t be surprised or hurt when it does.

Maybe in real life it works, but it just doesn’t work that way with love.

4. Scorpio
It is so much fun going out with you. You are passionate about everything you do and most importantly, you take things seriously.

So when you’re in love, you take it seriously too.

But there is a small problem with this. Sometimes you take things too seriously and lose control.

You become jealous and possessive out of fear of losing the person you care about.

You get paranoid and don’t trust them. Thus, it is difficult for others to trust you, and hence it is difficult to fall in love with you.

5. Virgo
What makes it hard to fall in love with a Virgo is the part of getting to know them.

You are very secretive about your life and you don’t let people in easily.

When someone has a chance to talk to you, they will see how charming, intelligent and caring you are. But it is almost impossible to get that far.

You can’t control every aspect of your life, and you can’t control whether or not you fall in love with the wrong person.

So, if you don’t want to die alone, try to trust people and give them the opportunity to get to know you.

6. Lion
The part of you that makes it difficult for others to fall in love with you is your ego, which easily turns you into something that you are not.

You become bossy and condescending. You behave like you are the smartest one and that no one can touch you.

And on the other hand, it’s also easy to fall in love with you through your generous and loving part. Your passion and curiosity make you interesting.

So shut up and let people fall in love with the beautiful person you are.

7. Fish
It’s not easy to like yourself from the start. You may appear a little reserved and cautious.

And that’s okay because you’re just a little afraid of ending up injured.

But that fear doesn’t hold you too long. Very quickly, you let people get closer to you and you let them see your passionate and sensitive side.

After that, there is nothing left for you to do. You have such an attractive personality that hardly anyone can resist it.

8. Rams
You, like many other people on earth, have some problems when it comes to relationships. We are all afraid of being hurt, but at different levels.

You are not a lost cause and as soon as you get over that fear, you will be quite ready to bring someone down.

You are the perfect person to have a relationship with. You are compassionate and kind.

You really care about people. You remember important dates and birthdays. You are simply the perfect partner.

9. Balance

You really are that special. It is so easy to fall in love with you because when they are around you people feel special.

They have a lot of fun and each situation is a new experience that they have never had with anyone else.

You bring out their fun and happy side and some of them haven’t seen that side for a long time.

So when someone like you makes them happy, it seduces them to the point that they’ll want to spend all of their time with you.

10. Sagittarius

You have so many qualities that people cannot resist. When you want something, you ask for it.

When you want to give your opinion on something, you are being honest.

Your laughter and constant optimism lights up every room you step into.

People are hypnotized and very few of them don’t fall in love with you.

11. Taurus
You are the most loyal sign in astrology. You are extremely dedicated and put the people who matter to you first.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with someone like this?

You like commitment and honesty, and you have no problem trusting others.

This is why people have absolutely no trouble falling in love with you. You are like a dream come true.

You know what you want and what can make you happy, so when you meet someone with potential, you let them in.

12. Cancer
Those who don’t fall in love with you have hearts of stone. It is then impossible for these people to fall in love with anyone.

You are honest about your feelings and aren’t afraid to show them.

You are circulating an incredibly warm energy around you, so that people feel good and positive when they are next to you.

You really understand human emotions and you know how to make someone feel better.

People fall in love with you very easily because you are the most beautiful person to love.

You make them feel like you are protected and can trust you. You are the kitty of any relationship!

Astrological signs ranked from the hardest to the easiest to fall in love

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