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Ex Girlfriends Ranked Worst To Best Based On Zodiac Sign

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1. Scorpio

When it comes to the worst exes, the Scorpio woman is in the lead.

She is usually reserved and very protective of her heart once it is broken, so there is no limit to what she is capable of.

The sadness and pain she feels after a breakup mingles with anger. She wants revenge.

She wants revenge, and she wants her ex to know exactly how she feels. Needless to say, all hell will break loose and her ex will regret what he did.

She is still on the verge of becoming the ex-psychopath who will go and blow her tires, call her new girlfriend to tell her two or three things, post compromising photos on social networks, make a big scene, etc.

After the anger dissipates, she will turn in on herself and become even more cautious than before.

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2. Gemini

When things don’t go as planned for the Gemini woman, it doesn’t do any good. And it’s even worse when it comes to breakups.

She’ll want to get to the bottom of it to find out what went wrong and how she could fix it.

Usually, she’s not a fan of breakups, and that doesn’t matter how the relationship was.

She will therefore do everything possible to sow doubt in her ex and convince him to start over again. She will lie and plot even if it takes just to get what she wants.

If that fails, it will change its strategy and go into self-protection mode. Offense is the best defense, so Gemini will trash their exes with a touch of exaggeration.

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3. Cancer

While the Cancer woman can be one of the best friends there is, she’s just as much a terrible ex-girlfriend.

She wants her happy ending, and she will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Whether she admits it or not, more than once she will have forced things to make her relationships work.

She enjoys fixing broken things and always sees the good in others which often comes to her mind.

Long after the relationship ends, she hopes things will work out.

She can’t really get over her ex because she is obsessed with him and harasses him through social media or their mutual friends.

The breakups in which she doesn’t really know what the cause was are the worst.

She immediately feels like she’s not good enough, and she has a hard time getting over it.

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4. Capricorn

A Capricorn ex-girlfriend is neither the worst nor the best. She’s somewhere in between. In fact, it all depends on the reasons that led to the breakup.

If the reasons for the breakup were clear and they broke up on good terms, she’ll be the best ex a man could hope for.

She will endure the breakup with dignity, no matter what she thinks about it.

On the other hand, she can’t stand not being able to turn the page. When the reasons aren’t clear, she’ll want to dig deeper into it.

She’ll text after text until she has all the answers.

Before she even realizes it, she’ll have already gone overboard with texting and calling.

Luckily, she has a best friend who is going to calm her down and make her face reality – that not everything has to have a logical end. It’ll stop her on her way to becoming the crazy ex-girlfriend.

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5. Virgo

An ex Virgo will definitely want to make sense of everything. She will go over every move she makes, trying to figure out when it all went to hell.

She will be torn between wanting to drown in her own tears and thanking Heaven for saving her from this horrible man.

She will scan all of her social media accounts for signs of betrayal.

She will call her ex more often than necessary to discuss things, and she will not take a “no” for an answer. Just there, he will call her crazy.

The worst part is that she is not crazy. She just wants to know the real reason for what happened and to be able to move on.

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6. Aries

The problem with her exes is that they don’t know what they had before they lost her. They learn to appreciate it when it’s too late.

By then, the Aries woman has already switched to ‘next please’ mode, and there is no turning back.

It’s not just that she says she has someone new, but she literally finds someone new and does her best to move on.

Bounce relationships are her thing, and she believes it will be easier to forget about her ex if she has someone else to occupy and entertain her.

Is this a good or bad thing to do? The Aries woman will find out soon enough.

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7. Fish

The Pisces woman has a hard time coming to terms with breaking up because she’s a hopeless romantic, and breaking up isn’t the word fairy tales end with.

She’s definitely going to pretend to be strong while she’s falling apart inside.

She’ll turn in on herself and mourn the lost love quietly at home with Netflix and a big bowl of ice cream.

She won’t intentionally seek revenge, but she will likely seek to hurt her ex by showing him that she is doing very well without him (even if she isn’t). And no one can blame him for that.

She’ll also be a little obsessed with why things had to end.

She’ll likely search social media for clues and ruin his disaffected ex-girlfriend facade by accidentally liking something he posted 26 weeks ago.

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8. Libra

The only time the Libra woman is among the worst ex-girlfriends is when she stubbornly tries to be friends with her ex.

In these cases, it only hurts and worsens an already difficult situation.

When there are feelings on one side or the other, it can’t end well.

Staying friends with an ex only brings mess and confusion and Libra hates it all.

Fortunately, she is very rational, and once she has some time to think, she will realize that there is nothing you can do against fate.

At first glance, she’s dealing with the breakup very well, despite being the only one who knows what’s going on inside.

It’s his outgoing personality and positive attitude that will help him pull through.

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9. Aquarius

She’ll look like a cold-hearted female dog after a breakup, though that couldn’t be more from the point of view. She doesn’t want to give her ex the pleasure of seeing her depressed.

She’s going to redirect all the attention she’s given him back to herself. She will work on herself for herself by herself.

She has her support system. She will spend more time with her friends and relatives even though she will never have neglected them during her relationship.

There won’t be a place for an ex in her life, and she will make it obvious by ignoring his texts and staying away from his social media accounts.

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10. Sagittarius

Her ex is likely to want to be friends with her because she is funny, entertaining, and a great listener. And he doesn’t want to lose those things.

This is why it is easy for her ex to play the friendship card and drag her into a relationship that will start and break time and time again. Having said that, it’s not something she wants.

She’ll be good at pretending she’s okay, and will do whatever she can to prove to her ex that she doesn’t need him in her life.

In reality, she will be anything but fine, and she would very much like to get back together with her ex.

Since she knows this isn’t an option, she will pretend until she convinces herself that she is better off without him.

Over time, she will realize that the breakup was the best thing that could have happened to her.

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11. Taurus

She hates drama, and that’s just one of the reasons the Taurus woman is a decent ex.

She avoids yelling, screaming and going back to her ex on lonely nights, and that’s what makes her a smart woman.

When it’s over, it’s over, and there is no going back. She wants to end things with dignity and with her head held high.

No matter how much pain she feels, she will stay true to herself.

She’ll cut all ties with her ex, not because she hates him, but because it’s easier to get over the breakup that way.

She knows deep down that her ex was “the wrong one”. But that doesn’t make her suffer any less.

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12. Lion

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His ego will be badly hurt. Her heart will likely be broken, but she will come out like a pro.

A confident, selfish Leo woman will never allow anyone to call her a pathetic ex.

She doesn’t want to be friends with her ex because she doesn’t see any point in it. If they broke up, that’s where their story ends.

She will delete her number and her social media accounts, and block them even if she thinks it is necessary.

She’s hurt and she doesn’t need things that will make her think of what could have been.

Breakups are hard like that already and the Leo woman doesn’t want to make it even harder on herself.

His behavior in this difficult situation is admirable. His self-esteem is too strong.

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Ex Girlfriends Ranked Worst To Best Based On Zodiac Sign

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