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Here Are The 5 Zodiac Signs That Are The Most Hurtful

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You talk about a mean girl! You are a real little bitch. The fact that you have two sides to your personality is what makes you a bit hurtful.

You have the ability to pretend to like someone (your “good” side) and the moment they turn away you will stab them in the back (your “bad” side).

You ignore someone’s existence if you don’t get anything in return from that person. You walk through the streets as if they were yours.

Your ego is so big that it cannot fit in any room. People shouldn’t be trying to get hold of you because you might just get more hurtful.

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You are a whole different story. Miss ‘No one can touch me’ wants everyone to run around her like crazy and make her every wish come true.

With your head held high in the sky, you think no one can touch you – you are better than everyone else.

You suffer from a carelessness and want everyone to love you – high expectations even from someone who thinks they are “untouchable” like you.

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You definitely have a hurtful side, but you don’t like showing it – in fact, you don’t like that side of yourself at all.

We’re all cranky and a bit hurtful when we’re in a bad mood, but in this area, no one pairs you well.

What upsets you the most is when people don’t treat you with the respect you deserve – this is where you are the most hurtful.

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You are always the loudest in the room. You like to be in the spotlight. And it cannot be otherwise.

So if someone can’t stand you being the most important person in the room and asks you to take it down a notch, you’ll be hurtful to them to the max.

Whenever things don’t turn out your way, you go nuts and get angry with whoever is standing closest to you.

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There are times when you hate anything that moves. This is where you turn into a real bitch.

Although you may have some things to work out in your head, it doesn’t give you the right to pick on others.

You are not aware of your mean behavior, and you are not doing it on purpose.

But, when you’re in a bad mood, you get the wrong answer to anything you’re told.

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Here Are The 5 Zodiac Signs That Are The Most Hurtful

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