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Astrological Signs Ranked From Most To Least Emotionally Intelligent

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1. Fish

The most emotional sign in astrology is Pisces.

Their emotional intelligence is at its peak, and no one is more emotionally intuitive than them.

People born under this sign are able to process things on a very deep level.

Pisces are caring human beings who care about the well-being of every soul around them.

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When a person is going through a difficult time, Pisces will be committed to helping them, and during this process they too will experience great emotional pain, even if nothing bad happens to them.

2. Cancer

The second most emotionally intelligent sign is Cancer. Cancers feel deeply and think too much.

All of their thoughts are carefully analyzed and examined.

By using their emotional intelligence, they make it easier for themselves to assess others and their emotions so that they can help them.

At first glance, they look a lot tougher than they really are. In fact, they are very sensitive, which easily upsets them.

These empathetic people feel the pain of others and it hits them hard, as if they are the ones who are in trouble directly.

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3. Libra

They’re emotionally intelligent, but only in situations where they’re able to make a decision – and that’s not too often.

In fact, their emotional intelligence is particularly notable due to their inability to make a decision.

Before finding the final verdict, Libra will weigh all possible situations and assess all possible outcomes.

Only then are they in a position to make a decision.

If they make the wrong choice for one reason or another, it will definitely confuse them for a while.

Sometimes this is the reason why they get stuck in the past and are unable to forget certain things.

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4. Gemini

Gemini are unable to control their emotions. If they are upset about something, everyone will notice it.

Even if they really try to hide it, their worry, disappointment or anger is easily noticed.

They tend to overreact, taking on people’s dissatisfaction and disappointment.

For example, if they’re having a party and some aren’t having a good time, Gemini will blame themselves for not doing a good job.

Their emotional intelligence is visible through their language skills and their way of always listening.

When you need a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen to, then Gemini is definitely the best person to turn to.

They can read body language and they can notice emotional chaos for miles around.

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5. Virgo

Virgos are very analytical and less emotional.

Usually, this means that they rely more on their analytical side, relying on real evidence, than on emotional evidence.

That said, their emotional intelligence is higher than it looks.

Considering that they are very critical of themselves, they belittle themselves when they fail.

It is a sign of emotional intelligence; however, no one can say for sure if they are aware of what they are really doing.

Virgos know what their priorities are and they will put all of their energy into making the things they want come true.

That said, they’re not at the top of emotionally intelligent signs because when they fail, they demean themselves instead of using their failure to do better.

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6. Scorpio

The water signs are said to be the most emotionally intelligent, but Scorpio pulls away from this equation a bit because of one thing: revenge.

The ability to forget about the past is one of the most important characteristics of emotional intelligence, and Scorpios don’t have it.

Scorpios have their hearts set on their sleeves.

For them it is okay to show their vulnerability, but they are constantly afraid that someone will use their “weakness” against them.

If this really happens – if someone betrays a Scorpio – the Scorpio will never stop haunting them.

At least not until he has obtained adequate revenge.

Other than that little trait they have in them, Scorpios are very intelligent on an emotional level.

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7. Capricorn

Capricorns don’t have time for emotions. This isn’t exactly the person you want to talk to when you’re feeling down.

It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that they prefer to talk about the facts and have a plan.

Their emotional intelligence is not non-existent. They will think before doing anything and this is the first sign of emotional intelligence.

They’ll give you advice and tell you exactly what to do, but they’ll lose patience and leave if you don’t listen to them right away.

So Capricorns are somewhere in the middle of the emotional intelligence scale.

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8. Taurus

Taureans solve problems. They have an empathic side, but they hide it.

Whenever someone comes to them with a problem, they will do their best to give them a solution.

The problem is, Taureans don’t know how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and they will give advice on their own mindset and views.

When someone isn’t listening to what they’re suggesting, Taurus will step aside and leave them alone.

As noted earlier, it’s their inability to put themselves in someone’s shoes that robs them of their emotional intelligence.

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9. Leo

Leos are more selfish than emotionally intelligent, but don’t get me wrong.

They are still sensitive and emotional, though, only when they really care about someone.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the people they don’t like or don’t care about, they won’t move a finger.

Emotional intelligence involves self-awareness and recognition of one’s own weaknesses and strengths; Lions don’t know how to do it.

They are always extremely confident and they are used to being in the spotlight, thinking that they are the best and that no one can do as well as them, which is not true.

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10. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are not so emotionally intelligent because they are true loners.

They prefer to do things solo, and large crowds don’t interest them much.

Because of this, they can’t even develop understanding and empathy for others – they just don’t spend enough time with the same people to really get to know them.

Emotional intelligence is all about caring for others and showing empathy, and that’s not all part of Sagittarius.

They act on the spur of the moment and don’t care about their own feelings, let alone those of others.

They do what they want when they want it, as long as it’s fun.

It’s not that they’re stupid when it comes to feelings, it’s just that they just prefer to ignore them.

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11. Aries

Aries love confrontations and they never hold back if they have something to say.

This usually happens when they hurt someone, which leads to the conclusion that Aries doesn’t particularly care about other people’s feelings, which ultimately means they’re not emotionally intelligent.

They are always rushed into things, too busy to stop and think about how the other person is feeling.

They always take action without giving it much thought.

Their adventurous lifestyle is not a fertile ground for developing an emotional relationship.

Aries love to be leaders and if that means stepping on others, they will do it without regret.

So when it comes to emotional intelligence, Aries doesn’t.

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12. Aquarius

When it comes to emotional intelligence, they’re definitely low on the list and it’s not because they don’t have it, it’s because they are scared of emotions.

They prefer to parachute rather than express how they really feel about something.

They are emotionally disabled; It’s as simple as that. Instead of expressing themselves with feelings, they instead choose to express themselves intellectually – and it’s true!

Aquarius is said to be the smartest sign in astrology.

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As much as they hate to admit how they feel, they also hate being around people who are in touch with their emotions.

For them, emotions cannot prevail over reason.

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Astrological Signs Ranked From Most To Least Emotionally Intelligent

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