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The Three “Stickiest” Girlfriends In The Zodiac – Are You One Of Them?

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Being clingy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Some like clingy girls, others prefer to shy away from them and see this as a major obstacle in a relationship.

Of course, it all depends on our personal preferences whether we like it or not. But, in reality, whether or not you are clingy has something to do with our astrological sign as well.

1. Cancer

A woman born under the sign of Cancer is a treasure in itself. She is gentle by nature, she has a huge and tender heart, and she empathizes with everyone around her.

When in a relationship, she never holds back, which sometimes can, can turn out to be a good thing, and sometimes, a bad thing.

The amount of love, attention, and affection she gives is exactly the same that she needs in return. But, she always gives more than the other, sometimes even too much, and often, neither of her friends is able to return the favor to her. –

She enjoys spending most of her time with her boyfriend, especially when it comes to a relationship that is fresh. If ever her man is forced to be away, she will need to talk to him and send texts more than necessary.

She needs to be reassured that everything will be fine and the relationship will last, as she has been disappointed so many times that her fear of losing the man she loves almost always outweighs her desire to control. his own emotions.

Even though being clingy was the reason some of her relationships failed, it’s just part of her.

She can work at it and try to lower her attachment a notch, but she can never really let go of it completely.

That’s why all a Cancer woman needs is to have someone by her side who will accept her for who she is and who will be as clingy as she is.

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2. Libra

The Libra woman is a very social person and she doesn’t like to do anything on her own. Although she is always surrounded by people, once she finds that special someone in her life, she is always by her side.

She won’t be cooking if he’s not there, she won’t like going to meetings if he doesn’t accompany her and she won’t even be able to fall asleep properly if he’s not around. of her.

The Libra woman has the warmest heart and there is nothing she wants more than to feel close to her man.

This same desire intensifies sometimes and when she is deprived of attention, hugs and kisses and for a long time she has a tendency to go a little bit crazy and this is where her need for attachment arises. .

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3. Gemini

Because of her split personality, the Gemini woman will have days when she is super clingy and days when she prefers to be alone.

However, there is more than one thing that gets her on our list like for example the fact that she falls in love too quickly and that on the days when she is clingy she tends to go to extremes. .

She is very emotional and as soon as she starts to have feelings for someone, she already imagines what it would be like to live with them. So she tends to rush things and have too many expectations, too soon.

Her extremes refer to her need for her partner to know her inside out, to the point where he will become able to guess what she is thinking and what she needs at a specific moment.

So, for example, she expects her partner to ask her how her day went, otherwise she might feel extremely upset and lonely.

Another thing that one can add to his need for attachment is his jealousy. She expects her man to stay in touch with her all the time, even when he is going out with his friends, as she is always afraid that another woman might get his attention.

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The Three "Stickiest" Girlfriends In The Zodiac - Are You One Of Them?

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