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Here’s why you still haven’t got over your ex based on your zodiac sign

1. Aries

You are not done with him yet because you still frequent the same places as him.

Every time you go somewhere that you can meet him, when you see him, the thought of being able to get back together crosses your mind.

So, you find it hard to let go of the idea of ​​him becoming an obsession, and whatever you do, you can’t help but think about him as soon as you open your eyes and before you fall asleep.

2. Taurus

You still have all the memories that make you think of him and you don’t want to let go of them.

Whenever you feel bad you start to think about him and wonder what your life would be like if you had stayed together.

In fact, there’s even a photo of the two of you sitting on your nightstand, and that’s why every time you walk into your room, you can’t help but think of him.

3. Gemini

You are not done with him yet because you think no one will ever love you like him or accept you the way he did.

You think you’re too broken for someone else to love you and that’s why you still hold on to them, even though you know how toxic they are to you.

He was your favorite poison and he will continue to be if you keep hanging on to him and don’t try to find a man who will treat you the way you deserve.

4. Cancer

You just can’t get over your ex because you got attached to him too easily and now you can’t find anyone who looks like him.

Even when you try your luck with another man, you keep looking for the reflection of her eyes inside him, as well as her sweet smile and his way of speaking.

You don’t want to settle for anyone because no one is him. That said, you should be aware that you may end up on your own if you continue to avoid giving the new people in your life a chance.

5. Leo

You haven’t forgotten it yet because you keep thinking about your happy memories of the past. When you’re alone, you call her just to hear her voice and hang up.

You can’t live without it, but you don’t want to admit it to yourself. Just know that it will take you even longer to heal from it and get over it, if you continue to behave like this.

6. Virgo

You can’t get over it because you see it everywhere you go. In fact, he’s ghosting you and he wants to win you back.

Even when you’re trying to forget about it, it still manages to pop out from somewhere and that’s why you can’t seem to forget it.

I suggest that you stop going to the same places as him, cut all ties between you and dodge him every time you run into him.

7. Libra

The main reason you can’t get over it is, you keep talking about him over and over again.

Every time you go out with your friends, you let them know what his favorite drink was, or that he liked dancing to that song, or that this is where he first approached you, etc …

You have become completely obsessed with him, and in your eyes no other man is as good as him. You absolutely have to stop putting it on a pedestal and idealizing it, you have to take off your rose-colored glasses.

Only in this way will you be able to see his true face and finally change your opinion of him.

8. Scorpio

You can’t forget him, because you are still following him everywhere on his social networks and you like to spy on what he does, with whom he spends his time, etc … You watch his news photos, the places he visits and the people he hangs out with.

You know more about his life than yours. And it is not good if you want to manage to forget it.

I suggest that you focus more on yourself and start a new chapter in your life with someone who truly deserves you.

9. Sagittarius

You cannot forget him because you have mutual friends who talk about him all the time. Some even ask you if the two of you are still in touch and soon you start talking about him when you shouldn’t.

What surprises you most is that talking about him isn’t as painful as it used to be, and you even consider coming back to him.

10. Capricorn

The main reason you can’t get over your ex just yet is the fact that you always go out on a date. You’ve decided to break up with him slowly, and you still go out for a drink with him.

You think it will be less painful if you take it one step at a time, but, frankly, I don’t know if this is the best solution.

You should stay as far away from him as possible. Cesi is the only right way to make it easier for you to get over him and forget about him.

11. Aquarius

You still can’t get over him because you think you’ll never find a man like him. You have the impression that no one will be able to understand as he did.

Even if your friends tell you he was toxic and that you would never be happy with him, you still have feelings for him.

You even feel sorry for him and you hope that one day he will change and that he comes to ask you to get back together again.

12. Pisces

You can’t get over it because you don’t know what to do with all these emotions that come over you.

You still love him and this despite the fact that he never treated you the way you deserve, and you still suffer from not being able to be with him.

However, if you know that you weren’t happy with him and that he never intended to change for you, then you should realize that you don’t have a future together.

Here's why you still haven't got over your ex based on your zodiac sign

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