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What annoys him the most about you, based on your zodiac sign

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No relationship is perfect, and no couple is perfect. When you think about the things you would change about your boyfriend, you might come up with a list of things, no matter how deep your feelings for him are.

However, it goes the other way as well. Whether you like it or not, there are also things about you that bother your boyfriend that he might not dare tell you.

Read on and find out what it is based on your zodiac star sign.


Nothing is ever calm and peaceful with you. You tend to fuss where there isn’t even any, and this can get boring for your partner over time.

And that’s exactly what bothers your boyfriend the most, the fact that he always has to be on the prowl and ready to fight.

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You do not know the meaning of the word “compromise”. You expect everything to always go your way, and yet, that’s not how real, healthy relationships work.

For once, meet your boyfriend halfway, or better yet, give him the right to say something too.

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What bothers your partner the most in your house is your habit of speaking badly about your exes.

Of course, this can scare your current boyfriend as he may think you will hurt him if you ever separate.

Remember that men from your past were a part of your life at some point and you chose them, so there is no need to speak badly of them.

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Let me tell you the truth, in most cases your boyfriend is afraid that you will overreact.

Sometimes he even avoids being too honest, because he doesn’t know if you are going to be able to stand the truth.

And that’s exactly what annoys him the most, the fact that he has to be careful with you and walk like on eggshells.

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Whenever you have an argument with your boyfriend, you are never the first to pick up his phone in an attempt to fix the situation.

On the contrary, you always expect him to take the first step, and after a while your behavior may cause him to wonder if you love him back the same way he loves you. .

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Your romantic partner doesn’t need a mother, a teacher or an older sister, all they need is a girlfriend.

Stop trying to raise your man because it makes him feel like he’s less of a man than he is and you risk pushing him away from you by behaving like his mom.

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If you were born under the sign of Libra, the thing that bothers your boyfriend the most in your dating life is your passive aggression.

Sometimes you act like you can’t speak sincerely about the things that bother you and instead give her the treatment of silence.

No man can read your mind, so don’t expect your boyfriend to change things in your relationship if you don’t clearly tell him your feelings and thoughts.

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Jealousy, to some extent, can be cute because it shows how much you care about your partner and fear losing them.

However, unhealthy jealousy is far from inviting, and it’s definitely something that can annoy your boyfriend, even though he might not dare to tell you.

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If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, the thing that annoys your boyfriend the most when it comes to your dating life is your need to be independent.

True, it’s amazing to be on your own, but now you are part of a couple and it’s time you started behaving like this if you don’t want your man to start feeling emotionally neglected.

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You are always too busy to see it and to listen to it. Surely your man is annoyed that no matter what, he always comes after you.

This is the man you have decided to share your life with, and it is only natural that there is a need to feel like a priority for you.

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If you are an Aquarius woman, you have a hard time showing your emotions, and it can become difficult for your romantic partner to take.

Remember that men are also sentient creatures who need to feel loved and needed.

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I hate being the one to tell you, but your boyfriend thinks you’re too needy, and that’s something that bothers him more than he wants to admit.

I know you love your man very much, but it’s always better to give him some space, rather than suffocate him and keep him in a cage.

For a change, make him miss him a bit and see how it goes.

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What annoys him the most about you, based on your zodiac sign

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