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This is the definition of your soulmate based on the month you were born

So is your soulmate based on the month you were born.


Someone who can keep up with you and meet you on the same level.

You are hard-working, ambitious and very passionate about pursuing your goals and dreams. So you need a life partner who feels the same way.

Not just someone who absolutely believes in you and supports you 100%, but someone with their own independent goals and plans; so you have the feeling of being two independent beings with their own unique lives, but who go through life as a team and partner.


Someone who loves the fact that with you every day will be different.

You are a free spirit with passions that are constantly changing. The most important thing in the world for you is to find joy and that usually means that you have new adventures all the time.


Someone who cares for you as much as you care for them.

You are a very compassionate, selfless, and generous person. But sometimes that also means that you attract people who are only interested in what you can do for them or how you can take care of them. So you need a soul mate who doesn’t take you for granted.

He’s absolutely in love with your kindness and empathy, but never sees those traits as something to exploit – he just thinks of the ways in which he can also take care of you.


Someone who wants you to be none other than yourself.

You have a very strong, unique, and engaging character. And that can intimidate a lot of people. So you need a soulmate who is by your side and willing to support you in every possible way without ever expecting you to change for them.

He feels good for who he is and is comfortable with who you are – so in the end all that matters to him is to feel connected to you.


Someone who never makes you feel like they’re holding you back.

Of all the months of birth, you are the one who is by far the most determined. You know what you want and you love to spend your days trying to figure out how to achieve your dreams.

So you need a soulmate who will never ask you to slow down for them – he’s just as passionate and motivated as you, and always trying to enjoy the present while planning the future at the same time.

Your soulmate needs to be a combination of someone who will never ask you to put your dreams on hold or stop walking, but who can also remind you to live in the moment and enjoy every second of the present.


Someone who you feel like you can really talk to.

June is the most sensitive of all months of birth, so your soulmate needs to be someone who can make you feel safe, loved, and accepted for who you are.

You have no problem making friends, but you find it hard to get over the pain after you’ve been hurt, so your soulmate is someone who is careful with your heart and who will do whatever it takes to make you feel looked after and to have a home with him.


Someone who is brave in love.

Of all the months you were born, you probably have the most radiant personality. Making friends is not difficult for you and you never have problems connecting with people. However, you find it difficult to open your heart romantically.

So your soulmate has to be someone who isn’t afraid to be open and honest with their feelings, and who makes you feel safe and brave enough to do the same.


Someone who supports you and is unwavering to stand up for themselves.

You are the epitome of the “leader”. You are fearless, determined, and have no problem being the center of attention. But since you’ve always been able to easily take the lead, sometimes it inadvertently flows into how you treat your partners in relationships.

So the epitome of your soulmate is someone who supports your ambitions and dreams but clearly tells you when you are bossy, stubborn, or trying to control the relationship or just thinking about yourself.


Someone who fascinates you and whom you respect.

Even if you are often a friendly and warm-hearted person, you can suddenly become very critical and judgmental. Your soulmate needs to be a very confident person who is as comfortable as he is and who can tell you clearly if you criticize him (or someone else) for no reason.


Someone who encourages you to be yourself and not worry too much about what other people think.

You have always been quick and easy to make friends, and to give affection and warmth to those around you. But you also tend to be very worried about other people’s opinions and constantly fight against your instincts of trying to please others.

The definition of your soulmate is someone who loves you for who you are and is never unsafe because people are so easily drawn to you.

But he must also be able to help you love yourself for who you are instead of always trying to be the person you think other people would like you to be.


Someone who brings balance to your life.

You like to use your creativity and like to find ways to improve yourself regularly and effectively. The problem is, it’s hard to turn off your ambitions every now and then or separate things when necessary.

The definition of your soulmate is someone who can show you that you can have both – you can focus on your ambitions and the future while also remembering to pause, live in the moment, reflect, and take care of yourself.


Someone who is as honest and trustworthy as you are.

You are all about loyalty, reliability and authenticity. So you deserve a soulmate who is just like that. Someone who likes to be playful and fool around with you, but who is also wholeheartedly involved in this matter and is not afraid to get involved.

This is the definition of your soulmate based on the month you were born

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