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This is what the hands say about the character

We use our hands to make contact with our environment and our fellow human beings . Even the first handshake tells us a lot about the new acquaintance: Is the handshake firm or slack, the hand dry or sweaty, the skin and fingernails well-groomed or neglected? Apart from these simple observations, the hands have been given a very special meaningfulness about the character and even the future of the person they belong to for millennia .

Beyond lifelines and other aspects of palm reading, however, there is another way of drawing far-reaching conclusions from the hand. In any case, the physician and author Ruediger Dahlke is convinced of this. According to him, each hand can be assigned to one of the four elements , which in turn allows information about the character and possible health risks.

The hand of the earth

Hands in this category are characterized by square palms , the fingers are comparatively short. Not surprisingly, these people are classified as practical and down-to-earth . They don’t waste a lot of words and prefer to tackle problems directly. People with earth hands should be loyal and reliable . According to the theory, these contemporaries easily lose sight of their own well-being and should therefore make a conscious effort to relax and let go.

The fire hand

The Feuerhand is characterized by elongated palms with relatively short and unevenly long fingers . These people find it hard to sit still. They are bursting with energy, eager to plunge into life and on to the next task. Those affected seem to be able to cope with the stress of this life at full speed. At some point, however, they too are threatened with collapse. They also run the risk of getting injured or involved in an accident more quickly.

The air hand

This category should also be taken quite literally. People with square palms and long fingers strive for something higher and like to underline their thoughts with great gestures. They are not lacking in ideas and ambitions, only when it comes to implementing the plans can sometimes fail. No wonder: air hands are prone to respiratory diseases, often caused by overly tense nerves .

The water hand

This is the typical hand of artists and musicians: an elongated palm with long, delicate fingers . These people should sensitively absorb the vibrations of their environment, be guided particularly strongly by their emotions and be characterized by a high degree of creativity. However, they do not like pressure and quickly feel overwhelmed .

This is what the hands say about the character

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