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A different kind of horoscope – this hairstyle suits your zodiac sign

Horoscopes are popular. They tell us which characteristics belong to which zodiac sign, which zodiac signs fit together and what to expect in the coming days, weeks or the entire year. Both online and in magazines, the horoscopes page is one of the most widely read.

Even from people who don’t really believe in it. What is new, however, is that you can choose the right hairstyle based on your zodiac sign . So, if you often ask yourself “Which hairstyle suits me?” Then read the following facts carefully.

How this theory came about

Hair stylist Max Höhn from Berlin has noticed over the years that customers who belong to the same zodiac sign often have almost identical preferences. In fact, the stylist has written an entire book on the subject called “The Astro Barber – The Perfect Hairstyle for Every Zodiac Sign”. The short version is available in our article.

An overview of the zodiac signs


Some of the most loyal customers are those who belong to the zodiac sign Capricorn. These customers are determined, humorous and down to earth.

The right style: clear and structured


Wassermann customers are keen to experiment, inventive and a touch rebellious.

The right style: bold and eye-catching


According to Höhn, this clientele is empathic, creative, understanding and has a Parisian disposition.

The right style: romantic and creative


Aries customers don’t have the nerve for complex styling routines because they are always in action anyway.

The right style: short or casual


Customers with the zodiac sign Taurus want their personality to be reflected in their hairstyle and only like changes to a limited extent.

The right style: timeless and medium-length


Twins need a lot of space to think and therefore do not like to wear one thing in particular: a pony. However, a change in color is welcome.

The right style: striking and light


Customers of this zodiac sign are loyal and tenacious and have a clear idea of ​​what they want.

The right style: defined and structured

8. LEO

Lions are self-confident, cheerful and proud. Her looks are accordingly.

The right style: extravagant and clear


The perfectionist and demanding virgins need styling that can also be easily implemented at home.

The right style: defined and relaxed


Customers with the zodiac sign Libra appear harmonious, fair and diplomatic.

The right style: symmetrical and clear


Höhn describes this zodiac sign as adventurous, passionate, uncompromising and open.

The right style: unique and variable


The dynamic, open and enthusiastic shooters like to reflect their self-confidence in their hairstyle.

The right style: strong and curly

A different kind of horoscope - this hairstyle suits your zodiac sign

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