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3 zodiac signs that need a lot of time for themselves

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For many, the lockdown means spending more lonely hours in their own four walls. Some people are very burdened by the involuntary loneliness, others can even enjoy the forced rest to a certain extent. The stars may also help those who get along well on their own.

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These three zodiac signs need a lot of time to be alone


When it comes to society and being alone, twins are quite contradictory. In principle, they love the contact and the company of friends and loved ones, because one of their nicest occupations is communicating. Exactly this can also be a problem for twins, because they are not particularly stress-resistant and if something does not go according to their head, then they can be very sensitive. That’s why relationships with twins are sometimes a little more difficult.

When twins feel annoyed or stressed, they are happy to withdraw if possible. You are yourself enough and enjoy the peace and quiet. And it is precisely because of this characteristic that single twins are currently getting by quite well. Of course, they are also happy about the contact with their surroundings, but they can also endure being alone for a while.


Cancer is a friendly, empathetic and caring constellation, so its presence in lockdown times would actually be a real blessing. However, cancer is also very sensitive and therefore sometimes tends to be nervous and anxious. He doesn’t like to show that, however, because Cancer is more of an introvert anyway.

In principle, the single Cancer even prefers to spend stressful times alone and there is another quality that benefits him: He is also very imaginative and always finds some way to deal with himself in a meaningful or pleasurable way.

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Aquarius is the born individualist: He is freedom-loving and sometimes even a little eccentric. Of course he’s sociable too, because he likes an audience, but he gets along very well on his own for a while. Then nobody can talk him into it or even tell him what to do or what not to do.

And there is one thing Aquarius is really good at: He’s a master at relaxing. He can spend days on the couch watching his favorite series or unrepentant time finally breaking his own old computer game record. Aquarius single is probably the only zodiac sign that can even enjoy the current situation at times.

3 zodiac signs that need a lot of time for themselves

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