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Some signs like to stand out in all situations and contexts. Get to know the signs who like to take the lead in everything they do.

Some people are shy, discreet, and like to be in places without being noticed. Likewise, some people do not dispense with being seen, spoken to, and commented on.

They are outgoing people; the queens of the party; who wastes no time in introducing themselves and giving their opinion, whatever it is, whatever the occasion.

The Zodiac shows how there are also signs hungry for protagonism and who give everything for the main role. They are anything but discreet and content.

They don’t hesitate when giving an opinion or standing out from the crowd. Find out which signs like to take the lead in everything.

Protagonists! Get to know the signs that like to play the main role


The natives of the sign of Aries/Aries have a strong personality, which makes them remarkable and makes them always stand out, whether for good or for bad. They always arouse curiosity from those around them.

They have a methodical and very sincere way of being, which makes them great companions. Their integrity is enviable and, therefore, they are great companions for the most diverse situations.


Natives of the sign of Scorpio don’t treat anyone badly and truly enjoy making new friends and preserving as much as possible the ones they already have. For all these reasons, Scorpio natives are super popular.

They are very playful and fun. So it’s no wonder they stand out easily and everyone invites them to parties and get-togethers.


The natives of the sign of Taurus have a very strong personality and a great adventurous spirit. They hate anyone who wants to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do, where they can or can’t go, or who they should or shouldn’t have a relationship with.

The natives of this sign like to be “owners of their own nose” and do not listen to those who simply want to meddle in their lives. They are, therefore, a sign that plays a leading role in various situations in life.


The natives of the sign of Leo like to have good company, but they value their freedom very much, above all.

They like to live their way, with friends and family close by. The better half must complete them and not deprive them of their role.

He likes to stand out, whether for his appearance or his personality. He is not afraid to be extravagant, nor to stand out from the crowd. He likes to do it.


The natives of the sign of Cancer/Cancer are super friendly and excellent friends. They never refuse a hug or an affectionate gesture, just as they always go out of their way to please others.

They are supportive by nature and have a genuinely kind soul. Therefore, it is not surprising that they end up being, many times, protagonists and owners of the main role.

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