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These signs do not accept advice or opinions, and just do what they want. Discover the most sullen signs of the entire Zodiac

Some stubborn people don’t change their minds at all. They are sullen, persistent, and accept neither advice nor opinions. They do what they want and don’t change their position, however much it costs them.

The Zodiac shows that there are also signs like this. Stubborn, sullen, and incapable of “letting go”. It’s not easy to deal with them and it’s not worth spending energy giving them opinions, because they just won’t listen. Do not believe? So, get to know the more sullen signs.

How stubborn! Meet the most sullen signs


The natives of the sign of Taurus are even the most stubborn in the Zodiac. They are natives of fixed ideas, who do not accept the experiences of others as an example of what they should and should not do or how they should or should not act.

The natives of this sign like to do everything their way and never follow the opinion of others, even if others are right. They like to determine their path and set their own rules. They would rather make mistakes than not follow their convictions.

For them, their ideas are always good and they won’t give them up until they find they don’t work. As they are affectionate, in the end, the natives of this sign do not bother to assume that, after all, they were wrong.


Aries/Aries natives are also very stubborn, pushing others’ patience to the limit.

They are very impulsive and, therefore, they often make decisions without carefully considering whether this is the best option. They are stubborn and are capable of conflict, just to defend their ideas and points of view.

They always think they’re right, so they don’t listen to what others tell them, interrupting their speech because they think they’re always right.

They will do anything to make you successful in your mission. If that doesn’t happen, they’ll be left thinking about what they did wrong to make it happen.


Virgo natives are perfectionists and very stubborn. They plan everything in detail to achieve their goals. They don’t listen to anyone and follow their ideas to the end.

When they realize they are wrong, they can get very upset and frustrated and try to understand to the point what they should have done differently to get the result they hoped for. They are not flexible and do not accept their mistakes easily.


Capricorn people are very practical and don’t like to waste time listening to others and their opinions. They are still conservative and like to be faithful to their principles.

This makes them very stubborn, even though they easily recognize that they are wrong. If they see that their choice is not the best one, then they back off without any doubts or delay. They manage to take advantage of mistakes as a way to evolve and grow.


Leos are very stubborn and have a lot of fixed ideas. It’s just that they want to please others so much to receive praise and feel valued that they end up adopting stubborn behaviors, precisely because they need that approval.

They are not very agile, nor do they listen to the advice of others. They want so much to be seen as unique and special that they need to act alone. They don’t justify their actions and just do what they want.

Because they like to have public recognition and are proud of it, they will feel a bruised ego if they make a mistake, although they admit it without a problem. In addition to being stubborn, they are also extremely kind and affectionate.

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