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There are very lucky people. They don’t need to walk with four-leaf clovers or rabbit’s feet. Meet the signs of very lucky people!

Certain products are associated with lucky moments. Among the most internationally recognized lucky charms are the Greek eye, the 4-leaf clover, the rabbit’s foot, and the horseshoe. There are even those who make a point of crossing their fingers to improve their odds.

However, there are people who, not resorting to these amulets, seem destined for great achievements, without great effort. Although many are unaware of the reasons, the truth is that experts in the field have identified the signs most favored by luck.

Zodiac: the signs of very lucky people


People who are Sagittarius are people are often identified as being lucky. These are people for whom everything goes well, naturally, spontaneously, and almost effortlessly. The justification lies in the fact that these people are protected by Jupiter, which is a planet associated with wealth.

However, the wealth generated may not mean material wealth, as it may mean non-material wealth. General luck can be reflected in the most diverse fields of life.

People of this sign are usually optimistic. These people, who tend to capture the good energies, can integrate several positive events into their lives.


People who are of the sign Pisces are also protected by Jupiter. Therefore, this sign also tends to have great ease in achieving great things, namely goals and objectives that they have defined for themselves.

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People who are of the sign Pisces are usually super sociable people, which is reflected in their well-being, being the source of their natural happiness. So, these people attract positive energies and a lot of luck!


Libra/Libra people tend to be quite optimistic. These are people who never see the “glass half empty”. These individuals have an empathetic and charismatic side, which are characteristic and contribute to these people emanating good vibes and positive energies that help them be favored by luck, naturally.

However, in this sign, the ruling planet is not Jupiter (as with Sagittarius or Libra/Libra), but Venus. Thus, people who are Libra/Libra tend to get very lucky, especially in the love field.

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