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Find out which are the 5 most manipulative signs of the Zodiac. Take this information into account when forming your circle of friends and avoid surprises…

Some manipulative people have a bad influence on our behavior. Many handlers exert a toxic influence that causes others to make gross mistakes that cause them to change course. Now, this influence is not usually noticed. Therefore, several victims are used without knowing it. Therefore, it is useful to know which people are the most underhanded.

Signs can help us be more alert to certain people, as people of a certain sign tend to reveal this more toxic personality trait. To manipulate the others, the signs use different weapons. Know which is the most manipulative sign of all and no other signs that you should keep well away from you.

Zodiac: the 5 most manipulative signs

Capricorn sign: the 5 most manipulative signs

5th Sign of Capricorn

Capricorn people go unnoticed. When they reveal themselves, it’s too late. As it is a sign whose people tend to be more introverted and pragmatic, they never let their manipulative ability show.

However, it is a controlling sign, and it is common to use emotional control as a weapon of manipulation, thus getting everything to be the way you want. Coldness is another weapon that reflects your ability to manipulate.

People of the sign of Capricorn are usually cold, and to achieve their goals they can prove to be a real iceberg. Capricorn people abuse the use of indifference as a tool to destabilize the other person. They define their move and stick with it firmly, to the end, as if nothing and no one mattered.

Gemini/Gemini sign: the 5 most manipulative signs

4th Sign of Gemini

Gemini/Gemini people turn out to be very persuasive beings. Persuasion by itself is not a defect, but in this case, it is a quality that makes them experts in manipulation.

Their persuasiveness comes from the ease with which they easily communicate their ideas. With their “labor” they manage to convince others with ease. Gemini/Gemini people are often good arguers. Thus, with ingenuity and cunning, they easily dominate the conversation and manage to manipulate the discussion into their intended meaning, without revealing their true intention.

Therefore, Gemini/Gemini people are difficult to read and are known for revealing different personalities.

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Thus, they easily adapt to each situation and with great weapons of persuasion.

3rd Sign of Libra

Libra/Libra people are often concerned with harmony, equality, and justice. Thus, the presence of these people on this list may be surprising, but it can be easily explained.

Libra/Libra people often reveal an intricate personalities. They are manipulative and calculating. Libra/Libra people usually say exactly what they want to hear, to benefit from it, generate trust and be able to convince them to take certain decisions. So they easily lie, trying to avoid people’s confrontation and disappointment.

Therefore, people of the sign Libra/Libra lie without scruples, to manipulate in different contexts and situations. They use lying as a tool to get what they want, whether to maintain relationships with certain people or to get a certain social status.

Crab/Cancer sign: the 5 most manipulative signs

2nd Sign of Cancer

People of the sign of Cancer/Cancer are often known for being very sentimental. Crab/Cancer people use this emotion to manipulate. In many situations, they resort to this strategy for various purposes.

People of the sign of Cancer / Cancer have this ability to pretend to be victims, causing the other to end up considering themselves guilty of something for which is not at fault.

As people with the sign of Cancer/Cancer are often very insecure and suspicious, the intensity of their emotions even tends to be harmful. A kind of weapon that turns against itself, a spell that turns against the sorcerer.

Crab/Cancer people often resort to manipulation as a tool to ensure they have everything they want under their control. They’re so good at what they do that even when it goes wrong and manipulation is noticed, they’re likely to come out on top, make up an excuse, and get forgiveness.

Sign of Scorpio: the 5 most manipulative signs

1st Sign of Scorpio

People of the sign of Scorpio earn the title of the most manipulative sign. Scorpio natives are (often) insecure, jealous, and controlling people.

People of the sign of Scorpio use different strategies to manipulate. They can identify and master each other’s weaknesses by being intense and determined. Then they use that ability to keep those people under their control.

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People of the sign of Scorpio are so self-centered that, without realizing it, they sometimes even go beyond the limits of manipulation.

It is regular to use jealousy and overprotection in their relationships, as a strategy to control everything they want. As people who don’t like to express their emotions, they even use silence as a manipulation tool.

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