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What is the most selfish zodiac sign

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Selfishness in small quantities is useful for any person, but there are people who have this quality off scale, which causes a lot of inconvenience to those around them. Astrologers told which zodiac sign is the most selfish.

So, the first place was taken by Aries. Aries are the “children” of the zodiac, and as far as such a trait as selfishness is concerned, they really are like children: it is sometimes difficult for Aries to perceive that the needs of other people are different from their own.

As for a child who screams all night, although his mother is tired and wants to sleep, for Aries, the feelings of other people sometimes simply do not exist.

They are great materialists, and sometimes this trait of them balances on the brink: Taurus “collect” material things, “rake” them for themselves – no exchange, no “share with friends”, no charity should be expected from them.

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What is the most selfish zodiac sign

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