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You know astrology, horoscopes and zodiac signs. But what is your moon sign? Here you can find out how they calculate it and what your moon sign means.


Astrologers understand the moon sign to be the zodiac sign in which the moon was at the time of birth. For astrologers, the moon sign has more meaning than the zodiac sign, which is actually the sun sign. It supposedly says more about you and your life than the otherwise more well-known zodiac sign.

Difference Between Star and Moon Signs?

The difference between the zodiac sign and the moon sign is that one denotes the constellation in which the sun was at the time of your birth (hence it is actually the sun sign) and the other the zodiac sign in which the moon was at the same time. While the zodiac sign denotes the male side of the human being, the moon sign symbolizes the female side in you. So your moon sign says something about your needs, feelings and intuitions. It provides information about your personality: about what you need to feel good and about your friends and partners.

Calculate the moon sign – how does it work?

While your zodiac sign is clearly determined by the date of your birth, you need to calculate the moon sign. It’s not that easy, and astrological expertise is required. However, you can quickly and easily find out what your moon sign is on the Internet. All you need for this is your date of birth and the time of your birth. You can enter both here, for example , and your moon sign will be displayed within a very short time.

That means your moon sign for your character


The element of your natal moon, like the sun sign, gives a little information about your emotional world. In the element fire, the moon is direct and truthful to one’s own feelings, but it can also lead to impulsive emotions. If your moon sign is a fire sign, strong emotional outbursts dominate your character.

Moon aries

You are a very impulsive person who has a hard time keeping your emotions under control and you like to show them to everyone. That’s why you fall in love quickly and intensely, but as soon as you get bored, you let go again quickly.

Moon leo

Unlike Cancer, Leo likes to show other people what is going on inside them. He lets emotions run free, which is why he is quickly labeled as a “drama queen”. But the Moon-Leo is also a loyal and loyal friend.

Moon sagittarius

You are a spiritual person and you love to philosophize about life and the universe. Moon Sagittarius radiate pure optimism and quickly infect other people with it. You have a very strong opinion, but you have to be careful not to respect the opinions of others.


The moon in the earth sign stands for consistency and stability, but sometimes also for suppressed emotions. If your moon sign is in the earth element, it is often difficult for you to let other people into your life.

Moon taurus

The moon sign Taurus  loves its routines more than anything. It values ​​trust and security and is most comfortable in familiar surroundings. People with the moon sign Taurus often find it difficult to get involved in new and unknown situations, which is why it can happen that you miss some opportunities.

Moon Virgo

Moon Virgos are extremely rational people who find it difficult to deal with feelings and even to allow them to happen. Only when there is a logical explanation for their emotions do they confide in someone.

Moon capricorn

You love solving other people’s problems and are an extremely good listener. Moon-Capricorns are always ready to help, but it is very difficult for them to ask for help if they have a problem. Showing others your weaknesses is a hurdle for you, as you like to present yourself as free, independent and strong.


If the moon was in an air sign when you were born, your character is dominated by the fact that you try to deal with emotions in a rational way. You prefer to put it into words and describe it rather than simply allowing yourself to be.

Moon gemini

The Moon Gemini is a very social being who loves communication and who enjoys entertaining other people with his open manner. His thirst for knowledge is insatiable and he prefers to make decisions with his head rather than his gut.

Moon Libra

As the moon sign Libra, you love harmony and balance in your life. You always try to please other people and don’t want to offend them. In terms of feeling, Libra jump from one extreme to the next; sometimes they are deeply sad and the next minute full of exuberant joy.

Moon Aquarius

Moon Aquarius  are very afraid of rejection, which is why they usually do not even try to make new friends and let people get close to them. Aquarians are incredibly creative, but also very stubborn, which often makes them loners.


If your moon is a watermark, it means that your feelings are more complex and characterized by an increased potential for sensitivity, changeability and reverie. You like to be overwhelmed by your emotions and your gut is the best advisor.

Moon cancer

The Moon Cancer feels all emotions very intensely, but it is difficult for him to show these to others. Only in situations in which you feel comfortable and secure can you let go completely and let your feelings run free and show them to those around you.

Moon scorpion

Moon Scorpios  have a great desire for intimacy and closeness, but still they do not like to let other people get too close because they are afraid of isolation and injury. As a moon-scorpion you love the magic of melancholy and like to get lost in bittersweet fantasies. But be careful: if you sink too deeply into your wistful thoughts, it is difficult to come out again.

Moon pisces

People with the moon sign Pisces are full of emotions that are difficult to control. As a moon fish you are a very empathetic person. It often happens to you that you can no longer distinguish between the feelings of others and your own and that you  find yourself in a chaos of emotions . Even in conflicts, you can quickly let yourself be overwhelmed by your emotions. Others may therefore believe that you are built too close to the water.

Your moon sign – when is it important?

Surely you’ve read your horoscope before and then believed that none of the things predicted had happened. This could be due to the fact that most horoscopes only calculate the zodiac or sun sign, but not the moon sign, which has more influence on you and your decisions in many life situations. The moon sign is important, for example, when you are faced with a big decision and believe in the power of the moon. If you know your moon sign, you can use the powers of the moon, for example full moon or new moon, better for yourself.

It can also make sense to include your moon sign in relationship issues, as it shows how you behave towards people you are close to. So, it can help you get a relationship right.

If you have the feeling that your zodiac sign only says things about you that don’t suit you at all, then your moon sign may have a lot more influence on you and your personality than the sun sign and therefore much more meaningful in relation to your quirks and facets.

If you feel bad for no apparent reason, your moon sign may help you: It provides information about your emotional life and gives an indication of what you long for and what you need in order to be happy.

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