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If Mercury is retrograde, it will be turbulent. However, retrograde Mercury not only brings chaos into your life, it also brings new opportunities!

Seen from Earth, it sometimes seems as if the planets are changing direction. Except for the sun and moon, all planets do – but most of us have heard of Mercury retrograde in particular. It declines three to four times a year, for three weeks at a time. In astrology, its retrograde has a special meaning. Because Mercury is one of the personal planets and the apparent change in its direction of movement affects us more than, for example, Neptune’s retrograde. 

What is the significance of retrograde Mercury in astrology? 

Astrologers associate Mercury with communication, thinking, trade and traffic. When the planet is retrograde there are problems in these areas. Communication is poor and that leads to misunderstandings and arguments, in the worst case also to separation from the partner. 

There are also difficulties in the office: the Internet connection or the telephone no longer work, and the computer could also be defective. If you have to go somewhere or want to travel, you should plan more time than usual. Because there are delays, the car won’t start, flights are canceled, etc. 

Mercury retrograde – what can and cannot be done? 

For the periods of time when Mercury is retrograde, you should keep this in mind: Do not start new projects! This includes many aspects of everyday life, but it is more specifically about major changes. For example, you shouldn’t sign any contracts – regardless of whether it’s an employment, rental or sales contract. You shouldn’t start a company, make major investments, or make important decisions with Mercury retrograde. Because Mercury retrograde brings changes, shifts, cancellations – so everything you do in this period of time could change again later. 


During retrograde, you should be vigilant when it comes to communication. In conversations, you should make sure that the other person understood you correctly. And you should always be as diplomatic as possible. If you need to send (important) e-mails, letters or packages, make sure that they have arrived.  


But now on the positive side too! Mercury retrograde prompts us to look inside ourselves. To withdraw and examine our feelings and thoughts. This is a good amount of time to correct mistakes we made in the past. For example, you could get along with someone who you had an argument with. 

Now do things that you’ve always wanted to do but have constantly postponed. Fix something that has been broken a long time and bring order to both your home and your life.

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