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This will be the month for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer


During the first few days your enthusiasm doesn’t exactly ripple and you might fight some trepidation, but that will change from September 6th. Look forward to Leo-Venus activating your lust, love and creative sectors throughout the month. From September 10th, your ruler Mars will be in decline. This can mean that you reserve your motivation for a few selected and particularly important things for the time being. This will become especially clear to you at the end of the month, when Mars forms a stressful connection with Saturn. You will certainly feel the stresses of your career and general obligations and progress on your path in life quite strongly, but just stay as calm as possible and slow down – then it will work.


September promises to be a creative period – and the stars put you in hobby mode for long stretches. Reading time is especially popular at the beginning of the month or you want to deal intensively with your favorite topics. It is even better if you have the chance to take a few days of vacation, where you can also explore the culture and surroundings. However, Venus also indicates that your private life is becoming more important. That can mean you want to spend more time with your family, at home or in places with many memories. If you bring everything into balance, you are beautifully active without having to forego pampering yourself at home or spending time with people close to you – just filling up your energy tanks. Besides, Mars indicates in your spiritual zone,


You may largely prefer to relax at home, study, or study. It’s also a good time for family gatherings and for reaching out to people you haven’t seen in a long time. In this regard, the full moon on September 2nd can make you open up more, especially if there are unresolved disputes – and therefore clarification and forgiveness are required. On the other hand, after the first week in September, Venus enters your communication house and Mercury goes into the pleasure and romance area. Together with Mars in the House of Friendship, these cosmic influences put you in an extremely sociable mood. Wherever possible, you should take the chance to exchange ideas, meet new people and enjoy the fun and fresh inspiration. A good time to think ahead


When it comes to coordination problems between relationships and careers, you have probably been struggling with challenges and tensions for the past few months. Powerplanet Mars drives you to get ahead on your way and to put your passion into your goals. However, outside influences or people close to you can always cause resistance and frustration. You may have come a long way on a project, but lately it seems like it’s getting harder because things are stalling – or support is waning. At the beginning of September it is a little easier to bring all of this into balance, but after the first week you are probably less flexible or willing to put the security you have already achieved at risk. But your strength.

This is what the monthly horoscope says for Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

LEO (07/23 – 08/23)

The month starts with a focus on work and financial matters. While that remains meaningful through September, the cosmos has more exciting things to offer as well. When Venus enters Leo on September 6th, the fun begins. Your self-esteem increases, and your chances of flirting probably also increase. Mercury will switch to your communication zone so that you can have many conversations with friends at the same time, boost your social media postings and always stay up to date. Some spontaneous short trips are also possible, if your circumstances allow. Let’s go! As I said, this phase with an emphasis on finances and priorities is important because your mistress – the sun – has many planetary contacts and provides stimulation. This mainly applies to the beginning of the month and the period from 9th to 19th September.

VIRGO (08/24 – 09/23)

September is your month, dear virgins! And the sun stays in your sign until September 22nd. Mercury is also there at the beginning of the month around the full moon and receives good support from Venus, which brings great opportunities for contacts and meetings, if that is currently possible for you. From September 6th it will start to look like a quiet time, and your head is probably mostly occupied with practical or financial matters. In general, it can also be more about adjusting your values ​​and priorities and feeling where you need to rethink. Around September 11th, you might notice people around you who are unreliable or cause confusion. You should try to create clarity in order to know where you stand. Also: On 17.

LIBRA (09/24 – 10/23)

You are likely to be inclined to take more time for most things as the Sun and Mercury activate your area of ​​spirituality and retreat. If you take things a little more calmly and observe things in this way, then it can make the task of resolving stressful situations in the family easier for you. However, the strongest driving force seems to be your mistress Venus, who – as soon as she changes to Leo on September 6th – can awaken a strong desire for her own decisions and more independence. This tendency is supported by Mars, which probably indicates quite demanding or annoying people in your area or also arguments and conflicts with your partner. Mercury will be in Libra starting September 6th and will amplify the pretty dynamic energy in your horoscope. Your September highlight is the start of the Libra season on September 22nd. Unpack your most charming self and lovingly take care of your friends!


Thanks to the creative inspiration right at the beginning of the month, you can make good progress with your ideas and plans. It is beneficial to think outside the box more often! Use September to take a closer look at your visions of what you want to achieve now. This may seem a little further away than what otherwise satisfies you, but it is guaranteed to meet your true demands and standards. Also important in this month is the influence of the sun, which helps you to be more tolerant when it comes to dealing with unforeseen incidents and turbulence or even unpredictable people. For your career, Venus will show from September 6th that you want to concentrate more on what you really want and what gives you the greatest pleasure, instead of just hitting you off all the time. Slow down at the end of the month and create a few time slots that are reserved just for you.

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SAGITTARIUS  (11/23 – 12/21)

It is time to take a serious look at your current position for financial, career, and life goals and a solid foundation. It is best to do this immediately at the beginning of the month or around the middle, because at these times you can best listen to the pulse of your own sense of identity and your overarching life path. After the first week of September, the cosmos pampers you a little and sends energy into dynamic areas of your horoscope. Mercury in your friendship zone brings good conversation and inspiration from your acquaintances, even if retrograde Jupiter suggests that you are pretty stuck in some areas or spinning in circles, making direct response difficult. In any case, Venus in Leo ensures increasing enthusiasm and sparkling idealism, especially with regard to romantic scenarios. And in connection with Mars, there might actually be someone waiting for a sign from you.

CAPRICORN (12/22 – 01/20)

While in September you may become very clearly aware of what you could actually have, as opposed to what you allow yourself based on your beliefs, it is also likely that seething impulses will come to the surface in you. At the latest when your ruler Saturn and Mars clash at the end of the month, it is impossible to ignore or hold back certain feelings or anger for longer. Since Capricorns are masters at doing the sensible, you should just get it over with – even if such moments are often difficult for you. Career matters can become important, and you are definitely being asked to use your cleverness to draw attention to yourself. If possible, be brave enough to take the initiative or bring your own ideas. Financially you should make sure not to get too reckless. If you have debts and some extra income, you should first consider repaying it.

AQUARIUS (01/21 – 02/19)

The beginning of the month could be a bit cautious for you, as most of the energies are still concentrated around your duties or research or confrontations with the shadow aspects of your life. On September 6th, however, Venus will enter your relationship area and pull out all the stops to stimulate your social life. Together with Mars in your communication zone, this time is perfect for flirtations and romances with new contacts and exciting and harmonious experiences in existing partnerships. It’s hot in September – and as if that wasn’t enough, Merkur in Libra provides a lot of interesting material for discussion, which is very useful and enriching for everyone involved. Also works with zoom! On September 22nd, the change of the sun into your 9th House a new main focus and make everything even more positive and worthwhile. Look forward to a great climax in terms of love, harmony and exchange in relationships.


September begins with a full moon in your sign in the beautiful aspect of Uranus, the planet of changes and surprises. You will feel very awake and alive – and have a strong desire to exchange ideas with others and to talk about feelings. Especially during the first week, Venus and Mercury show that you are definitely open to spontaneous and unexpected meetings. Timing is great for making positive changes in existing relationships; this is the horoscope sector where the sun is yours through September 22nd, and you should be able to make the most of all opportunities to build new friendships and networks. This can also extend to professional connections. However, you also have to pay attention to everyday life so that everything runs smoothly.

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