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Which Crystals Are Best for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Gemstones and healing crystals are not just a New Age philosophy; in fact, this alternative treatment method has existed for centuries, dating back to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Gemstones and crystals carry a strong vibration that heals the body and each crystal contains unique properties that correspond to different areas of the body and mind.

We have gathered information on some crystals and gems below so you can start using them in your daily life to raise your vibrations and feel better overall, based on your zodiac sign.

However, be sure to take rough gems and crystals if possible as they have greater healing power as they have not been polished. The list presented is not exhaustive, it simply provides the affinities between the zodiac sign and the stones. Minerals will help you in your daily life for your well-being.

All natives of other signs can then use the crystals of their choice. The stones of the month anchor and amplify the celestial energies. Wearing your astral stone is said to connect you to the vibration of the Universe as it was at the time of your birth, thus offering you protection, luck, health and longevity.


Aries – Agate

Agate is perfect for Aries because it helps improve mental clarity and instills love in your chakras. Helps balance in difficult times.

The other stones:

Red jasper possesses vital but also spiritual energy.

Its assets are numerous, this stone that announces the possibility but also the beginning of a project allows Aries to:

  • stimulate initiative and facilitate its ability to express itself
  • help him understand some events
  • adapt to life situations.

It also helps to avoid the mistakes of the mind, to channel its impulsive side and to open the doors to creativity, faith, renewal and courage.

The emerald also provides well-being for the Aries. Promotes self-confidence and brings sincerity. This allows the person to have a wise and reasonable judgment.

Rubis, on the other hand, removes weaknesses and gives way to energy and courage, the engine of self-transcendence.

Other positive crystals:

  • Amethyst: to increase spirituality
  • Carnelian: develop courage and vitality
  • Rose quartz: being less suspicious

Taurus – Ruby

Ruby is the perfect stone for creating empathy and emotional awareness, the right thing for Taurus.

The other stones:

Blue sapphire keeps dark ideas away. Thanks to him, Taurus can:

  • recover his lost identity
  • listen to his inner strength and his intuitions
  • turn your anger and impulsiveness into patience and restraint

This stone – which brings calm – allows this sign to leave room for loyalty, candor, and stimulate a desire for long term commitment.

Garnet stimulates passion and intimate life. Let the warmth of this stone penetrate your life. The inner flame will ignite in his presence. So why deprive yourself?

Rose Quartz protects you from any kind of violence. Love, sweetness and tender feelings will shake your life.

Other positive crystals:

  • Chrysocolla: being more tolerant
  • Lapis Lazuli: Believe in yourself and in your abilities
  • Opal: develop your adventurous side

Cufflinks – Gold

Gold creates positive energy and increases creativity, confidence and even wealth. It is also an excellent stone for Leo.

The other stones:

Blue chalcedony promotes spirituality.

What does he do:

  • promote the development of intuition
  • bring a better understanding of certain subjects and establish exchanges
  • facilitate your ability to express yourself and open yourself to creativity

This stone has calming virtues. Relieves pain and acts against anger. Amethyst is needed if you want to facilitate contact with people and / or establish harmony with those around you. Moonstone will help you develop your sensitivity.

Say goodbye to conflicts and hello to harmonious relationships!

Other positive crystals:

  • Citrine: for greater concentration
  • Eye of the Tiger: be more responsible
  • The imperial topaz: strengthening intuition

Cancer – Calcite

Calcite helps you break old energy patterns and produces more emotional clarity and stability, which is something our short-tempered friends, cancers might learn.

The other stones: The emerald allows Cancer to open up to this unknown world that it seems to fear! Allows:

  • the assimilation of emotions and a better knowledge of oneself
  • a different perception of life
  • more autonomy and organization.

The essential :

Citrine has activities such as stimulation of intuition and the development of lucidity. Sadness will be part of the past vow and you will find spiritual calm and enthusiasm.

You will be more communicative. Topaz dispels doubts and uncertainties. In the face of the unknown, you will have more confidence in yourself and your jovial attitude will testify to it.

Organized, you would have more facilities to integrate knowledge.

Other positive crystals:

  • Opal – for greater success
  • Moonstone – to become kinder and more attentive
  • Rose quartz: to develop your creativity

Leo – Labradorite

Labradorite is perfect for Leo because it improves self-esteem and can create positive energy changes, something Leo has more trouble with.

The other stones: The diamond symbolizing eternal love stimulates Leo’s strength and courage. This stone:

  • strengthens audacity and willpower, which will allow you to get what you want
  • it spreads destructive energies
  • opens the extrasensory faculties

The essential :

Aquamarine allows you to take an emotional step back. Develop a feeling of stability and establish tolerance. Rubis has many advantages. Thanks to the energy and courage it offers, you will be able to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way!

Other positive crystals:

  • Citrine: to reduce aggression and be happier
  • Rock crystal: to awaken thought and clarity
  • La Sardonyx: moving towards her aspirations and leaving room for forgiveness and generosity

Virgo – Quartz

Quartz helps open the heart chakra and acts as a filter for all energy that comes close to you. It can help heal the worst tears in your energy form.

The other stones:

Sardine stone will help you to be less demanding and less critical. This stone that carries moral strength knows how to diminish passions. Keep it close to you if you wish:

  • be guided when faced with a choice
  • have a global vision and don’t get trapped in your logic
  • demonstrate more discernment and dedication

This brown-orange stone opens the door to harmony and true love.

The essential: Agate takes you away from dangerous and negative situations. It conveys joy and develops creativity.

Onyx blocks the toxins of the mind. Create a stable environment. It allows you to show wisdom and stimulate your sense of responsibility.

Other positive crystals:

  • Agata: to console you for strong blows and misfortunes
  • Jasper: For more determination
  • Topaz: developing both the faculties of the mind and self-confidence

Libra – Jasper

Jasper is the perfect stone for Libras because it brings balance and enhances your creativity. Jasper fosters an environment of support and creativity.

The other stones:

Chrysolite is also called olivine and peridot. This crystal insists on Libras for:

  • define their responsibilities develop their inner strength,
  • cope with their karma and protect their aura
  • win in: autonomy, courage and inner harmony

This stone brings love, beauty and security to people born under this sign. The essential: Jade’s vocation is to remove deep fears.

Keep this stone handy as it will allow you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Other positive crystals:

  • Garnet: to be more combative
  • Smoked Quartz: to be more responsible and less suspicious
  • The Topaz: being more organized, more cheerful and letting doubts fly

Scorpio – Sapphire

This stone creates tranquility and helps Scorpio to balance spiritually. It can protect you from the negative energy that comes from excessive anger.

The other stones:

Aquamarine rhymes with calm and tolerance. This crystal allows you to:

  • promote communication
  • develop reasoned and logical thinking
  • to access a spiritual rest

If you have a professional interview or an important appointment, don’t forget to take this stone with you. It will be useful to you.

The essential :

Carnelian is known for allowing Scorpio to integrate easily into society but also to move away from errors of judgment. It also brings to this sign a positive spirit and courage. The onyx accentuates the concentration. More responsible and more rigorous, this stone will also bring you wisdom.

Other positive crystals:

  • Garnet: for perseverance and determination
  • Jade: for more modesty
  • Topaz: for greater self-confidence

Sagittarius – Selenite

Selenite is wonderful for both Taurus and Sagittarius. Activate the third eye and can transform any space into a place of protection and peace.

The other stones:

Imperial topaz helps develop spirituality. It is recommended for:

  • calm Sagittarians and help them forget their worries
  • relieve stress, doubts and depression
  • to regain self-confidence, develop one’s creative side and one’s artistic gift

This crystal also promotes the return to a peaceful sleep.

The essential :

Amethyst keeps negative thoughts away. Harmony with your loved ones will be facilitated by contact with this stone. The latter brings intuition, perseverance and determination.

Lapis Lazuli – which represents the franchise – has many virtues. It keeps the people around you from being negative. Relax and stimulate your intellectual abilities. You will be more likely to make decisions.

Other positive crystals:

  • Citrine: for greater safety
  • The red jasper: to maintain a sense of reality
  • Turquoise: to promote the expression of feelings

Capricorn – Calcite

Calcite increases a person’s ambition, which is ideal for Capricorn. It can create greater awareness and mental clarity. It is a good secondary stone for cancer.

The other stones:

Chrysoprase is known for bringing inner peace. Allows:

  • to stimulate tolerance and patience
  • to avoid violent waves such as violence or aggression
  • to remove doubts and engage in self-transcendence

The essential :

Chalcedony allows Capricorn to be more diplomatic. Family ties are welded. Also, this stone promotes compassion and removes infidelity.

The emerald – which increases self-confidence – symbolizes harmony. It allows this sign to have a healthy and wholesome judgment.

Other positive crystals:

  • The Aquamarine: to improve the expression of his feelings
  • Onyx: to develop learning, a sense of responsibility, rigor and wisdom
  • Rose Quartz: To increase your sense of creativity

Aquarius – Ammonite

Ammonite is an amazing spiral healing stone that activates the chakras in the body creating greater tranquility that is perfect for Aquarius.

The Other Stones: The hyacinth – which he is channeling – allows the Aquarius to adapt to everyday events.

It is recommended for:

  • feeling calm and peaceful
  • have more confidence and determination
  • attract stability

The essential:

Aquamarine keeps fears away. You will feel calm. This stone invites tolerance and hindsight when it comes to emotions. Jasper develops self-confidence and gradually clears doubts and fears.

Other positive crystals:

  • Rose quartz: to stimulate your creative spirit
  • Chalcedony: to increase your sensitivity
  • Turquoise – acquiring wisdom

Pisces – Onyx

Onyx is the ultimate stone of strength and protection. It can create a carapace for those who need it most and promotes peace and purifies energy.

The other stones: Amethyst increases spirituality. This crystal helps establish good discernment.

In addition, it allows: to create harmony with your family and his acquaintances to keep black thoughts away to open the doors to determination

The essential: Turquoise – which gives access to wisdom – helps awareness. Sapphire develops loyalty, imagination and creativity. Rejects dark thoughts.

Other positive crystals:

  • The Aquamarine: to allow feelings to express themselves
  • Giada: to achieve your goals
  • Labradorite: to create friendly bonds

Which Crystals Are Best for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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