The law of attraction can be used in any area of ​​our life, from situations, vibrations and feelings to strong emotions and other issues that affect us directly, but it doesn’t always have the same impact on us as everyone is unique and sees things a his way.

This is where your zodiac sign is reproduced. Since our personality is influenced by our zodiac sign, the things we desire and should attract also differ from sign to sign. Read on to find out how and what you should use the Law of Attraction for, based on your zodiac sign.





For Aries, the ideal would be to attract peace, calm and tranquility, something natives of this sign don’t have much. Thoughts such as “I am a being of pure peace”, “I am calm as the waters of a beautiful fountain” or even “My thoughts revolve around the union of good feelings”, can help in a process towards passivity.

Avoiding thoughts that bring anger and anxiety is essential.


For those born under the sign of Taurus, vibrating in the universe, detachment is the best way. These people are proud, stubborn and vain in a negative way and are extremely jealous. Thoughts like “Let go free”, “Change of mindset and attitude is always good” and “My body is part of my mind” helps to focus on things as they are and not to create expectations in baseless things.

Avoiding thoughts of possession and exaggerated vanity, especially expensive clothes and accessories, can be very good.


For Gemini, attracting harmony is more than accurate. Sign people are very intelligent and thanks to this they have the gift of doing a little bit of everything.

And it is in this part that things start to go differently than you would like because they try to do everything at once, but end up not being able to do it; becoming more and more anxious and nervous about the situation that has arisen.

Thoughts like “Everything has its time”, “I don’t need to do everything now” and “Things will work out” will help balance the mind and balance the body. Avoiding thoughts of inability is the key.



For Cancer, the law of attraction must be focused on the present and self-love, because those born under the sign of Cancer are very attached to people and the past, often forgetting about themselves, caring for someone and even to stop living in the moment because they are fossilized in the past.

Thoughts like “I love myself more than anything else”, “People live well and take care of themselves” and “I can enjoy every moment as if it were one” is a good request. Avoiding nostalgic and conformist thoughts is always a good thing. Not remembering things from the past isn’t good, but don’t overdo it.



Vibration, detachment, and freedom are key to Leo. Leos seem to be cold people because they are very vain, but that’s not true. They take care of others, even if not so explicitly. And because of this love of neighbor and the desire to protect them, he often ends up making them extreme rulers, hating even being bothered.

Thoughts like “Everyone is as I am”, “I can live as an equal” and “Not everything has to be the way I want” can be very relaxing. Avoiding thoughts of isolation, such as thinking you can do everything yourself, is very important.


For Virgos, relaxation is invigorating. People born under this sign are very perfectionists and critical, both with themselves and with other people, and because of this they end up being catapulted into an imaginary world of paranoia and self-importance.

Thoughts like “Nobody is perfect, everyone has time to evolve”, “Not everything is the same” and “Things have to change, and that’s good” are welcoming. Avoiding negative conspiracy thoughts and that everything must be perfect is always positive.

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For Libra, the law of attraction must revolve around choices. People born under this sign have a habit of wanting everything in harmony, avoiding certain situations to avoid quarrels and inconveniences, and even choosing something, only to repent.

Thoughts like “Life is full of choices, if I make a mistake today, I’ll try again tomorrow”, “I don’t have to like everyone” and “I just have to like myself” is reassuring. Avoid doubtful thoughts, always opting for one thing or the other, remember that everything has consequences and if you don’t reach a goal today, there is always a new day.


For Scorpio, self-control is more than necessary. They are very intense like Aries, but with the difference of resentment. Aries gets angry easily, but soon everything passes, but not for Scorpios, they hold a grudge for years, even forever, often becoming vindictive.

Thoughts like “I am also loved, I am capable”, “I forgive with such ease that I can barely understand” and “I am confident in myself, I know I can” are liberating. Avoid vengeful and destructive thoughts, remember that everyone is missing something.


For Sagittarius, the law of attraction must be based on reasoning. People born under the sign of Sagittarius are excited by nature, creating expectations in people and things that may not be what they really wanted, forgetting to compare what can happen, because nothing is totally good or bad, always having both consequences .

Thoughts like “Calm surrounds me”, “I have all the time for what I want, I don’t have to do everything now” and “Not everything is fun, there are serious things” are rewarding. Avoid thoughts of devotion to something, always knowing that everything must be analyzed.


For Capricorns, vibrating with novelty is of paramount importance. Capricorns are very tied to the past, not like those of Cancer, but in tradition they tend to lead things as they always have been, planning goals for the future and forgetting the past, never trying to innovate anything, just wanting to do it which is already been done.

Thoughts such as “Innovation is good”, “Things must change, because everything changes” and “We must evolve with the world” can bring great wealth. Avoid critical thoughts with new things and always try to outdo yourself.


For Aquarius, focusing on small groups and in their privacy is ideal. People of this sign are very creative, being able to adapt to various types of groups, but with this they end up alienating true friends and those who really care about them, because there is always someone who needs help. with which many people are engaged, and consequently cannot dedicate themselves to those who deserve.

Thoughts like “Quality better than quantity”, “I can dedicate myself 100% to someone” and “I don’t need to like everything to make it a part of my life” are infallible for a better life. Avoid thoughts of an excessive community, remember that everyone has a life of their own.


For Pisces, the law of attraction fits perfectly with the act of vibrating self-love. They are very affectionate, so they end up loving others too much, forgetting about themselves and when that love isn’t returned, they end up becoming dramatic, sentimental and melancholy.

Thoughts like “There’s nothing better than loving me first” and “Whoever doesn’t make me smile doesn’t deserve to see me suffer” are liberators. Avoid melancholy thoughts. Also, don’t get carried away with addiction.

How to Use the Law of Attraction, According to Your Zodiac Sign


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