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These are the 4 most lovable and romantic signs of the zodiac

During childhood, we are told magical stories about the discovery of our one true love and the sunset together for our “happily ever after”. While everyone is capable of this level of love and romance, some are truly lucky in this area of ​​their life. They are the kindest and most romantic people, according to the zodiac.

While some may try to tell you that romance is dead, pointing to our negative, violent and depressing society. However, despite the decline in some parts of the world today, the data shows that we are not ready to give up on the idea of ​​true love.

Take, for example, the state of marriage in the United States today. We’ve all heard that half of marriages end in divorce, right? It was once true; however, a New York Times study reveals that nearly 70% of marriages will survive “until death do us part” today!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all: find their “special someone” at a young age, blown away in a whirlwind romance like something fresh in the pages of a steamy romance? Still others continue to struggle, with about 49% of Americans not dating more than once in a 3-month period.

The difference is in their personalities. Specific personality traits can actually improve your ability to bond and introduce romance into your life, while others can hinder your chances.

It is for this reason that some zodiac signs are much more comfortable with their love life. These very romantic people see life through pink glasses, finding love wherever they turn. Are you one of them?

Here are the four most romantic and adorable signs of the zodiac:



Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

Practical and loyal, most people would have no idea that you are actually one of the greatest romantics in the world! Not just a love story, the tacky gestures out of Hollywood romance.

Are you the one who dedicates a song to their partner on the radio or brings the flowers home “just because”. Safe and loved at all times, and you really are the whole package. Well, as long as they’re not on the wrong side of this stubborn streak, right?

Your partner may even be the only person you are willing to entertain opposite opinions about! Something for love …

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

The most sensitive sign of the zodiac, you are no stranger to feelings and emotions, and this is a huge plus when it comes to love. You are not afraid to express exactly what someone makes you feel and you wear your heart on your sleeve every day of your life.

There is nothing more you dream of finding true love, starting a family, and living your life together until you are old and gray. Show your love with care and concern, making sure your partner’s needs are met, the house is clean, dinner is ready, and she has everything she needs for her day without having to ask.

It’s your way of showing that you support them in everything they do.

Leo (July 23 – August 22):

You are often underestimated in the realm of romance because people see you as a powerful, confident, yet emotionless power. While you can’t wear a heart on your sleeve for everyone you meet, the truth is, you can have the biggest heart in the entire zodiac!

Instead of showing your affection through soft music, candles, and reciting poetry, you express yourself by protecting the people you love. It is not a word that you pass at random. Don’t waste time with random hookups or quick adventures.

You are looking for that “special person” to whom you can dedicate your life and you will not settle down until you find them.

Libra (September 23 – October 22):

With your love of world harmony and peace, it should come as no surprise to anyone that you are truly a romantic at heart. You dream of this perfect world where everyone is happy, the pieces of the puzzle we call life all fall together.

Unfortunately, the world will never be perfect, but that won’t stop you from doing your best to make your corner as perfect as possible. Make great efforts to put a smile on your true love’s face, well thought out small gifts with handwritten love notes, sincere date nights to evenings spent cuddling on the sofa. As long as they are happy, your world feels “right”.

These are the 4 most lovable and romantic signs of the zodiac

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