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How to heal your body, according to your zodiac sign

We all have the 12 signs of the zodiac in us. It is not only on an emotional and spiritual level but also on a physical level. In fact, each part of the body or area of ​​your body is also governed by the particular energy of the zodiac.

In early medicine, doctors have studied dreams and planets to determine the best way to treat a patient. While this technique is long gone, it’s still helpful to understand how astrology can help you heal yourself.

In astrology, each zodiac sign rules a different part of the body. When this part of the body is dealing with a disease, it can help to channel the energy of this sign.

Find out how to heal your body based on the zodiac sign:


Body: Aries reigns over the head, hair, and face.

Energy: Aries energy is about leadership, defending yourself, and pursuing what you truly want. It also reigns over the emotions of anger, self-confidence, and courage.

Imbalances: When Aries energy is out of balance, it can manifest as headaches, migraines, loss of self-esteem, runny nose and sinuses. It can also manifest itself as acne, skin problems, eczema, skin rashes, and hair loss.

Healing: Aries energy is able to stand up for who you really are and lead your life in a direction that makes you feel good. If you’ve been hiding in the shadows, or maybe you’ve even been overly driven by your ego, it might be time to balance it out. It can also indicate that you need to let go of your hyperactive thoughts, slow down, or pay attention to the world around you.


Body: Taurus rules the neck, throat, thyroid, tonsils, and upper back.

Energy: Taurus energy is about stability and coherence. Taurus also governs material or physical possessions, as well as our general feelings of safety and security.

Imbalances: When Taurus energy is out of balance, it can manifest as upper back problems, neck problems, sore throats, and a hoarse voice. It can also cause feelings of “blocking” or fear of changing or losing something.

Healing: Taurus energy is to take a practical and methodical approach to life to feel safe and organized. If you have lost your ground or maybe you are stuck in an infinite cycle, it may be time to balance it by harmonizing your throat. You can do this by using blue crystals, singing, and also by changing your life and external environment.


Body: Gemini dominates your mind, your thoughts, your ability to express yourself, as well as your arms and hands.

Energy: Gemini energy is about the freedom to express yourself and to collect your thoughts in an orderly way so that others can understand them. Twins are natural communicators, writers, and speakers.

Imbalances: When the Gemini energy is out of balance, it can manifest itself in scattered thoughts, confused thought processes, pain in the arms or hands, and fear of expression. It can also cause rumors or maybe get you talking before you think.

Healing: Balancing the energy of Gemini meditation or journalling is often the best remedy. It helps to calm and calm the mind and can release all repetitive thoughts.


Body : Cancer reigns on the chest, breasts and heart.

Energy : Cancer energy is about matching your emotions and expressing your truth and feelings. Cancer energy is also very inspiring and often wants to be of service to others.

Imbalances : When cancer energy is out of balance, it can manifest itself in uncontrollable emotions, a feeling of tiredness or excessive sensitivity, and even withdrawal or a desire to be alone. Symptoms include respiratory illness, cough, chest pain, and a tendency to eat emotionally.

Healing : To balance, energetic breathing exercises are often the most beneficial, just like spending time outdoors and doing light exercise. Balance can also be achieved by volunteering, giving to others, or spending timekeeping and loving yourself.


Body : Leo reigns over the heart and upper back.

Energi a: Leo energy is learning to shine by staying true to who you are. Leo’s energy is proud, confident, and not afraid to express or pursue what it wants.

Imbalances: When Leo’s energy is out of balance, it can manifest itself in heart complications, difficulty expressing emotions, and feeling closed to love. It can also manifest as a lack of self-confidence, a feeling of shyness, or fear.

Healing: To balance the Leo energy, any form of creative expression is often helpful. This includes art, dance, poetry, theater, etc. It is also recommended to do yoga to help open the heart area and also to talk or communicate your feelings to those you care about.


Body : Virgo reigns over the stomach and digestive organs.

Energy : Virgo energy is earthly, grounded, and helps us stay motivated to face life’s challenges. Virgo energy is also about noticing the smallest and finest details and is very stubborn.

Imbalances : When Virgo energy is out of balance, it can manifest itself with digestive problems, constipation, eating disorders, chronic diet and poor digestion. It can also manifest itself as excessive thinking, stubbornness, and obsessive behavior.

Healing : To balance Virgo energy, it is important to learn to let go and release some of the expectations you place on yourself. It is also important to calm the mind and perhaps take the time to get to the bottom of the troublesome thoughts. It is best done through meditation, creative projects or even exercises. Making peace with your body and making sure you eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables can also be helpful.

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Body: Libra energy reigns over the kidneys, bladder and lower back.

Energy : Libra energy is about learning to connect and grow with others and to build healthy partnerships and relationships.

Imbalances : When Libra energy is out of balance, it can manifest itself as too independent or too dependent. It can also manifest as bladder-related problems such as infections, frequent urination, or low back pain.

Healing : To balance the energy of Libra, it is important to find ways to compromise in your life and perhaps think about others. On the other hand, if you rely too much on others, it may be time to find your independence and strength.


Body: Scorpio energy reigns over the genital area.

Energy: Scorpio energy is a matter of transformation and learning to grow and change through life experiences. It is also about digging through the dark side to bring it to light.

Imbalances : When Scorpio energy is out of balance, it can manifest as a feeling of blockage or perhaps even overwhelmed by too many changes too quickly. It can also manifest as depression, lack of libido, or an overactive libido.

Healing : To balance Scorpio energy, it is important to embrace change and be open to dealing with emerging shadows. To help with this, it may be helpful to adopt practices such as meditation and tantra. Spending time near water can also help recharge your batteries and free you emotionally.


Body : Sagittarius energy reigns over the hips and thighs. It also regulates the liver.

Energy : Sagittarius energy is about learning, exploring and teaching. Sagittarius energy is always ready for adventure and aspires to understand life and the world.

Imbalances : When Sagittarius energy is out of balance, it can manifest itself in hip problems, liver problems, or even a tendency to indulge in too much pleasure. It can also manifest itself as restlessness or perhaps an inability to stay in one place for a long period of time. Alternatively, it can also manifest itself as stagnation and perhaps a reluctance to learn, to embrace other cultures, or to keep an open mind.

Healing : One of the best ways to balance Sagittarius energy is to travel or learn something new that will help you open and develop your mind. Doing something other than your normal routine can also help balance energy, as can exercises that help open the hip area.


Body : Capricorn energy reigns overones, knees and teeth.

Energy: The energy of Capricorn is to do things in a practical and orderly way. Capricorn energy is extremely ambitious and highly motivated to achieve and create.

Imbalances : If imbalanced, Capricorn’s energy can lead to tendencies in buzzing work, knee problems, cavities or dental pain. It can also lead to putting too much pressure on yourself to be successful and a habit of working or “doing things” in order to avoid emotions.

Healing : To balance Capricorn energy, it’s important to take a break, slow down, and maybe even check out what really fuels your ambitions. A reworking of your schedule could also be in order to make less time for work and more time for playing. Adopting practices such as meditation, yoga, or even journalism can also be helpful.


Body: Aquarius energy reigns over the ankles and nervous system.

Energy : Aquarius energy is about supporting humanity and thinking about things on a larger and more global scale. The energy of Aquarius is extremely innovative and is often revolutionary in nature.

Imbalances : if unbalanced, the energy of Aquarius can make you feel like a “mad scientist”, it can also cause feelings of loss of contact with reality. Ankle problems can also arise, as well as feelings of anxiety or even panic attacks.

Healing : To balance the Aquarian energy, it is important to work on the creation and concretization of your ideas. It is also important to think about the big picture and see how your ideas or creations can benefit all of humanity, not just yourself. To help you, do things that inspire you every day and surround yourself with like-minded people to learn and grow.


Body : Pisces energy rules on the feet and pineal gland.

Energy: Pisces energy is about aligning with one’s essence or spirituality. It is also a very creative place that can express itself through art, music and dance.

Imbalances : If imbalanced, the Pisces energy can manifest itself as a feeling everywhere and without foundation. It can also manifest itself in a loss of contact with the needs of others, self-centeredness, and even a tendency to worry or hypochondria. It can also turn off your spiritual energy or intuition. Imbalances can sometimes occur even during a spiritual awakening.

Healing: To balance the Pisces energy, it is important to get in touch with your spiritual self or your true essence. There are many ways to do this, but meditation is often the most effective. Another great way to balance this energy is to get creative and channel that energy into something productive. Being grounded can help, as can foot massage and reflexology.

How to heal your body, according to your zodiac sign

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