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This is your color of power, determined by your zodiac sign

Like our use of body language and images, color is an effective communication tool. With the ability to influence moods, feelings and emotions, marketers have harnessed the psychological effects of color choice to influence the emotions we associate with different brands and influence our shopping habits.

It’s really brilliant when you think about it – they can really change their minds without most of us realizing that this is happening.

We can use this knowledge in our daily life. For example, if you are selecting a dress for an important interview, choose the colors that will trigger the thoughts and emotions you want to convey to those conducting the interview.

Dark gray and dark blue are both known as “powerful colors” which are often effective in business, while white indicates organization and cleanliness, perfect for healthcare or caregiver positions.

A deep understanding of the impact of color on human psychology can provide you with the key to success in social settings, important presentations, etc.

Although color has the ability to bring out the thoughts and emotions of others, it can also enhance the specific thoughts, skills and gifts within us. If you know you need to make an effort to stay calm and focused, wearing blue will bring feelings of peace and tranquility.

If, however, you are looking to encourage happiness, joy and openness, you can choose to wear the color yellow instead.

Your zodiac sign offers excellent insight into your true personality, revealing strengths and weaknesses, preferences and quirks.

Understanding your personality and how color psychology can improve your best qualities while helping overcome your weaknesses can improve your chances of achieving your goals and dreams.

Interested? Look at your zodiac sign below and find out which “powerful color” you should add to your wardrobe!




Driven, passionate and empowered by the attention of others around you, think about adding RED to your life.

Wearing a bold red jacket or wearing the iconic red lip, this color will add to your already eye-catching look, turning heads and controlling the room the moment you walk in the door.

This will boost your confidence in everything you do, not that you miss it to begin with.


As a Taurus, you are incredibly down to earth, logical and stable in this life. You connect with nature and find that it brings you feelings of peace and comfort.

Adding the GREEN color to your wardrobe will help enhance this feeling even further, encouraging patience, personal growth and stability in your life.

These feelings will allow you to get up and take steps in the direction you are going in life.


You are a constant source of happiness, joy and positive energy for the people around you. Some people are said to bring light into a room when they enter, while others do it when they leave – you are definitely the first person in this example!

Try incorporating YELLOW into your outfits to welcome a little more sunshine and happiness into your overall look.

It is sure to bring a smile to your face, improve your mood, and encourage feelings of positivity in everyone you meet.


Highly sensitive and emotional, there is no sign better equipped to understand and sympathize with the people around them than Cancer.

The WHITE color will embody calm, peace, tranquility and understanding, conveying to others that you are someone to trust.

Often associated with the symbolism of angels and doves, wearing white will help you convey the huge hearts of others you are best known for.


Nothing like royalty, represented by the King of the Jungle, you are powerful, endearing, confident and efficient in everything you are about to do.

Wearing the GOLD color is similar to wearing a gold medal, showing the world that you are number one by climbing to the top.

Gold jewelry will not only help you share your message, it will also make you look like royalty that we all know you are.


You are careful, organized, analytical and logical in the plans you make for your life, ensuring that every decision has been well thought out and thought through before making a commitment.

Your best quality is your ability to encourage personal growth, both in your life and in that of the people you meet.

The BROWN color represents the strength, stability and growth of your life, similar to that of a tree trunk – anchored, solid and ready to change and adapt to the seasons of life.

Weight scale:

Charming, friendly and blessed with the “gift gab”, make friends wherever you go. The PINK color represents this incredibly acceptable, loving and caring side of your personality.

You aspire to a world where everything is right and right, and each person feels loved and cared for, and you will strive to convey this love to others.

Sure, sometimes you can be a bit of a princess, surround yourself with luxury and beauty, but that’s part of your charm.


Mysterious, passionate and powerful, many people find Scorpio intimidating, but this is partly due to the fact that you are so “unknown” to the people around you.

The BLACK color represents the strong and stable version of yourself that you present to the world around you by hiding your true self. Sometimes you will let people in, but only after they have proven that they deserve your trust.

Wearing black will increase your air of mystery while increasing your feelings of strength and power.



Adventurous and fun-loving, you are always open to new experiences and meeting new people. Wearing the PURPLE color will help encourage your open mind and acceptance of everything you experience in this life.

Although you may have your own thoughts and opinions, you do not allow them to cloud your judgment and you are not one who imposes your beliefs on others.

Instead, you are incredibly knowledgeable and understand opposing differences and opinions, learning from each experience.


You appreciate tradition, history, simplicity and minimalism. You are not one who wastes time and energy accumulating “stuff”, preferring, instead, a simple and no-nonsense approach to life.

Understand the value of life and the experiences of material possessions and waste of being involved in the glitz and glamor of society.

The GRAY color represents exactly this approach to life, showing the world that you are strong, reliable, efficient and practical.



While filled with amazing ideas and tips on how to improve this life, you may find it difficult to stay calm, grounded, and focused on putting your ideas into practice.

Wearing the color BLUE will help encourage calm and peace, helping you to center yourself and put your energies forward.

It will also help convey feelings of peace and tranquility to those around you, effectively reducing the drama in your life.


You are an experienced and gifted natural healer, bringing peace, serenity and clarity to everyone you meet.

The LIGHT GREEN color will help you take further advantage of this natural gift, allowing you to inspire and encourage the people around you.

There is nothing that brings you more joy than bringing healing and peace to others, so keep sharing this gift with the world.

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