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6 zodiac signs who are the greatest overthinkers

Could your zodiac sign make it impossible for you to shut down your brain and relax at night?

Do you see yourself as one of the rethinking zodiac signs who can’t seem to find peace in your own mind?

Using astrology as a guide is a great way not only to get the best advice in the form of horoscopes, but it also helps you learn more about your personality.

And when you don’t seem to calm your mind, when you worry about the past and think about the whole thing, the stars are trying to tell you something.

It’s not that you haven’t already tried everything possible to calm the mind; Long walks, meditation, Pilates, and therapy help, but they don’t stop you from over analyzing everything.

You feel tired and exhausted all day long from lack of sleep; and even your muscles begin to give you away.

Your body is telling you to take it easy, please; But even here you’re just wired like that.

Do you want to know if you’re an over-thinker because of your zodiac sign? Read below to find out.

1. Aquarius

You have a mind capable of great depth and wonder. It’s your greatest gift – but it’s also your greatest curse.

You are so incredibly smart; but that also means that you have a hyperactive mind exploring so many theories and perspectives.

You are constantly processing everything you consume with your senses; and you are doing this on a level that most people cannot reach.

2. Virgo

Virgos are information seekers, and the internet is happy to make them available for hours.

Once a Virgo starts watching YouTube videos or doing research on a new topic, she can no longer break away from the screen.

They get so caught up in information gathering that they fail to realize that bedtime has come and gone.

All you need to do is look up that one tutorial, but then there’s another one.

They may end up with a new skill or talent, but they are wired in such a way that they cannot shut their minds off no matter how they try.

3. Twins

The sign is famous for its duality – and that prominent personality trait makes them prone to rethinking and overanalysing things.

This rethinking trait of Gemini can pull them right into the decision-making process.

This or that, who or when – twin spirits always race with stressful, sometimes negative thoughts.

In a moment everything seems to be fine, and before you know it, they digress about the little things and minor trivialities!

For Gemini, rethinking helps them be more careful or more mindful, but it doesn’t really help them in the long run.

4. Sagittarius

Your non-commitment is the reason you’re an over-thinker.

You never want to commit to making a single decision about something because you are too scared of just making the wrong decision.

You always want to make sure that you are making sensible decisions about everything – and as a result, you over-think too much.

In the end, with endless internal debates, you talk your way through a lot of decisions.

5. Scorpio

You find it difficult to trust the people around you, and therefore you are very closed.

As a Scorpio, you are extremely biased. When you interact with other people, you tend to analyze them too much just to make sure you don’t want to put yourself in a position of weakness when you are with them.

6. Capricorn

You are very meticulous and anal with everything. As a Capricorn you are a big dreamer and nerd.

You always want to make sure that everything you do is done with structure and purpose.

You don’t want to have wasted efforts. And that’s why you really take the time to plan and prepare a lot, whatever you may get involved in.

6 zodiac signs who are the greatest overthinkers

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