55 wonderful good morning messages for every situation and every occasion

Do you know the feeling when the alarm clock goes off and you want to bang it on the wall? You turn around to the other side again, but none of it helps: In your (sub-) consciousness you know very well: You have to get out of bed! It’s time to get up! – Or you have been lying awake for a long time thinking of your loved one, who does not shine with a glorious presence, but with a sad absence.

Sniff! But you don’t have to mop up at all! Below are 55 beautiful good morning messages to send to your partner:

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1. Hello there! Nice that you slept well. I look forward to the day with you!
2. Get out of bed, you snore nose! You stayed in bed long enough after all. Best regards …
3. Knock, knock! Here is your personal wake-up service. Rise and Shine! Time to get up!
4. Hello darling, I can see you from a distance in front of my eyes and I am sending you a big good morning greeting!
5. There is nothing like morning coffee. Only my message to you can top this!
6. Heavy eyes, tired look, too little sleep. But with my message I am sending you an extra helping of good mood and I wish you a great start!


7. I would like to wish you a great day! Don’t let yourself be stressed and treat yourself to a few breaks. Best regards …
8. Small message in the morning with a big impact: It’s great that you exist!
9. Hello sweetheart, I wish you a wonderful start to the day and, despite work, a pleasant time. Kiss, your darling
10. Greetings in the morning drive away grief and worries. Another virtual kiss, then the day begins with love and a lot of rest. I love you!
11. Greetings to my favorite people. I am infinitely happy and grateful that you exist and that I have you!
That’s how he falls in love with you!

12. Hello my darling! I’m counting the hours until we meet again. Until then, I send you lots of love!
13. Dear XY! Can’t wait for us to hug each other again. I think about you constantly and always, miss you and look forward to you!
14. Hello in the morning, I send you my best regards for a good start into the day!
15. Guess who is thinking of you right now? Correct! I!
16. My first thought in the morning is for you and my last one as well. Greetings …
17. I think of you and greet you from afar.
18. Already awake? No? Now!
19. Good morning, you sleepy nose. Get out of bed and start the day!
20. Come on, get up! It is time, it is already late and the day has long since dawned!
21. Heyho this way! Have a good time today.
22. I send you my best regards, even when the day is almost over. I hope you are well.
23. Here are very nice words for a very special person: I am happy that I know you and that we’ve always been good friends.
24. You are great, perfect, indescribable, funny and wonderful. I just wanted to tell you that with this little message.
25. I miss you so much that I can’t even describe it. That’s why I’m happy when I can hold you in my arms again soon.
26. I greet you, my friend! Long time not seen and heard and yet never forgotten. I hope you are well.
27. Get in touch again, I would be very happy. So I am sending you these words as a fine memory.
28. Where is my breakfast?
29. I would just like to place an order: the XXL breakfast for me, please. You can also try it.
30. Hello? Is there the breakfast service? I would like a premium breakfast in bed! Many Thanks.
31. Hello darling! Breakfast is ready, come here quickly.
32. Morning news dispels grief and worry. Plus a virtual kiss, but that’s over now.
33. Morning coffee is perfect, only this message for you is more perfect. Because it should tell you that you are the most perfect!
34. I love you! It’s great that you’re there!
35. Good morning, I greet you! Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful day!
36. It will be the weekend again soon, not much longer. Until then, this message sends you a lot of strength and love.
37. Well, you marmot, still overslept? Then quickly open your eyes and get out of bed! The day is waiting for you!
38. I dreamed of you and I had to write to you directly. I love you!
39. On this way I just send you three very important words: I love you!
40. Even in the news it doesn’t take much to convey the innermost meaning: I love you!
41. When we meet again, I will cry for joy. Until then, this message must suffice. I long for you.

42. It’s kind of empty here. I also know why: the bed is empty, you are missing next to me!
43. I would like to be with you now! But we’ll see each other again soon. I’m happy for that!
44. Well? Slept well? I hope so, after all, my thoughts were with you.
45. A morning without you is boring, dreary and dreary. We’ll see each other again soon, then it’ll be fun again, loud and colorful. At last!
46. ​​Are you already awake and alert? Or should I just give you a call?
47. Instead of a phone call and long talk, this time I’ll send you this message. I wish you a wonderful good morning!
48. At the early hour I send you happy morning greetings. Don’t let yourself be stressed and have a nice day!
49. I think of you, I love you, I send you a lot of kisses.
50. Open your eyes, someone is thinking of you! Get out of bed, someone misses you!
51. From the bed I look at our photo on the wall, it was nice. See you soon and have a great day!
52. I hate getting up early. But with the thought of you it is somehow always easy for me.
53. As difficult as it is to get out of bed in the morning: When I think of you, I am always fine.
54. I wish you a great start to the day. See you very soon, I am hugging you from afar.
55. A little morning greeting to a very meaningful person!


It is these little messages and a few words that can really sweeten the morning and promise a perfect start to the day. There are suitable and appropriate sayings or messages for every person, for every situation and for every occasion. One thing is clear: the recipient will surely be very happy about the message!

55 wonderful good morning messages for every situation and every occasion

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