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What does each zodiac sign do when it cannot fall asleep

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They lay awake and stew at night.

So how is it that so many of us suffer from insomnia?

Why is it that we just can’t sleep well, and that certain sleepless zodiac signs take sleep so seriously that they consider certain remedies that can provide them with such sweet relief.

We don’t sleep because we’re stressed. That is the reason. Whatever causes this stress is individual, and as astrology has shown us, such conditions vary from person to person (or from zodiac to zodiac).

Some people fall asleep at the push of a button; this is an almost enviable state for those who fight the clock at night.

One thing we all seem to have in common, the number one stressor and cause of insomnia, is financial worries.

When it comes to money, we all learn what it’s like to count the minutes in the dark while our minds race and keep us awake.

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Aries don’t sleep because they’re concerned about how they’re perceived.

Was anyone wrong about you the day before? Has anyone not taken them seriously?

Aries don’t sleep because they think about someone’s opinion of them and write a script for the next day while lying in bed trying to fall asleep until 5 a.m.

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Taurus can’t stop thinking … to the point where it could seriously drive them insane.

Going through details over and over until all the details seem unnecessary and pointless – that’s what the Taurus does every night. Too many thoughts with too little direction.

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Twins sleep and they sleep well; however, when they are suffering from insomnia, it tends to be a decision they absolutely cannot make, no matter how simple it is.

As soon as Gemini see that there is another side of the story, they are paralyzed by the notion of making a decision, and it keeps them awake from sleep.

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Cancer has big plans and thinks about the future, which will bring insomnia and an overall distressing lack of rest.

They collapse from stress and end up with a lot of bed rest that never satisfies or heals because they never sleep.

With cancer, stress is high, and it shows up when you go to bed early and fall asleep many hours later.

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Because Leo is compulsive, sleep is a thing of the past for them.

You probably slept well as kids, but as an adult, Leo just doesn’t have time for these things.

They have other things on their mind like how to run the world or get the most attention.

If you withdraw your attention from a lion, an insomniac lies in his bed wondering what you did wrong.

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There is basically nothing that gives the Virgo a good night’s sleep as this sign is the biggest of the worry warts out there.

In fact, they are so used to not sleeping that they somehow coped with it.

The Virgo goes to work after an hour of sleep, and somehow they manage.

Constantly stressed out about money, Virgo manages to survive with less sleep than virtually any other sign.

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Sleepless, stressed out, filled with fear, and possibly plagued by feelings of guilt, Libra never sleeps.

They carry this natural guilt complex with them, so if you’ve done something wrong, boy, oh boy, then you know.

And they admit that they feel guilty all night long, which gives them the punishment and insomnia they deserve.

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If Scorpio is not sleeping, it is because they are planning something.

It could be revenge, or it could be the annihilation of an acquaintance; they may not sleep because they were unable to injure or maim someone the day before.

Whatever it is that keeps Scorpio awake at night, we can safely assume that their problem will be resolved by force the next day.

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Money, money and less money. Yes, it’s the same old story with Sagittarius.

They emphasize finances more than any other sign, and they seem to take the whole thing to heart.

Money problems make Sagittarius stomachs sick, and that means they suffer from constant insomnia due to financial difficulties.

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What makes a Capricorn happy is order; what makes a Capricorn go insane is disorder.

So when things are scattered, chaotic, or unpredictable, Capricorn is a sleepless sack full of nerves.

When the home is in disarray, sleep is over; when work is disrupted by clutter, all hell breaks loose … in your head … at 4am.

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Aquarians don’t sleep for doing nasty things that they know will come back to catch.

They sleep with the expectation that the stone will fall on them; they are waiting for karma to hit them because they know they played a mean role in creating something terrible.

Insomnia challenges them every night as they find it difficult to live with themselves.

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Pisces don’t sleep because there are other things that are more important to them than sleep.

What for example? For example, figuring out who the worst person they know is, fixating on them, and then figuring out what to do about it.

Pisces like to focus on one individual, usually a family member, to take apart, and then spend the whole night having a spiritual festival of hate directed at that lucky person.

Pisces mentally chew this person to death, and they won’t let go until it’s time for breakfast.

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What does each zodiac sign do when it cannot fall asleep

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