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Father-daughter relationships (by zodiac sign)

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The “daddy’s little girl” idea can work well as long as the girl stays little.

But inevitably the girl becomes a woman, and there are necessary adjustments for the father and daughter. Let’s see how astrology plays into this.

There is no doubt about the deep and healthy bond that should and can develop between them:

But in daily life it is sometimes difficult to avoid power struggles and mixed messages between parent and child.

Astrology can help with this. The stars reveal the deep patterns of our behavior.

This is especially important in the relationships between fathers and daughters.

Aries father

He will buy ribbons for her hair and carry her around like a trophy!

He will work for hours so that she has everything she needs.

All she has to do is win the swimming or diving trophy.

An Aries dad is not afraid of life’s obstacles and would not expect anything else from his girl.

Aries fathers are ambitious and affectionate.

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Taurus father

A Taurus father is a stable backbone. As long as he is not angry, he is of the “caring” kind, that is, if his darling falls, he will be there to catch her.

He takes her to fancy restaurants or teaches her to cook at a young age.

Bulls love to eat. In fact, it will likely have more dimples than ribbons!

A Taurus dad and his dear girl will lie on the beach, swing in the hammock and sleep together on the couch.

A Taurus dad will shower you with sloppy kisses too.

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Twin father

Twin fathers will be downright moody.

Twin dad will encourage their little girl to read poetry, play the piano, or sing the nursery rhyme to friends from around the world.

Twin dad will build sandcastles, trees and “wendy houses” for his girl and won’t be too worthy of running an egg and spoon race if it makes her laugh.

However, if his naughty princess turns into a teenager, twin dad won’t sleep until he knows the key is in the lock.

After all, his most valuable “free spirit” is just about to find “himself”.

He’d rather drink ten cups of chamomile tea or read volumes on teen psychology than annoy you about coming home before midnight!

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Cancer father

He will change diapers, get up anytime his sweetheart starts to get teeth, and argue with the teacher about bad reports or behavior when she turns 12.

In other words, a Cancer dad could turn into a mummy in no time!

The parenting skills of a cancer daddy are 9.5 on the Richter scale.

Have you eaten enough Are you warm enough Maybe you should put on another sweater, it’s cold out there in the big wide world?

But if Papa Cancer gets mad, his little girl better run, because then she’ll turn into a crab and pinch her toe tightly.

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Leo father

Your Leo dad will want the world to know that he adores his girl.

That she is the best that has happened to him since he was born, that there is no one prettier and more intelligent than his child prodigy.

A Leo dad is a dad who makes his sweetheart pretty and is surprised when she fails to become a beauty queen, quantum scientist or astronaut.

Anyway, in the opinion of a lion dad, it’s the world’s fault, never his girl.

His little darling should be more careful when Leo-Papa gets angry, it will be like a forest fire from which you have to run and hide for ten minutes!

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Virgo father

Virgo fathers don’t date their little one unless the child is flawless, the chin is dairy-free, and the nose is blown.

Virgo fathers will have an emergency kit full of bandages and disinfectant at the slightest sign of mishap.

Virgo fathers will keep a diary about the day they got teeth, about the day they went to kindergarten, with every single one of their childish sayings, with time, place and date.

Virgo fathers like details and will pin their best drawings on their office computer.

Virgo fathers are cuddly once a week, pedantic every day and always friendly.

Virgo fathers don’t brag about a child genius, e.g. the three-year-old who plays Beethoven’s moonlight sonata, but a Virgo father’s heart swells with pride when they show friendliness towards sad school friends.

Virgos are humble, caring, patient, and picky. Virgo Fathers are also devotional.

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Libra father

The Libra father will listen even if she screams very loudly.

Libra Fathers understand everyone’s point of view.

However, the father does not condone teenage moods, messy school uniforms, or bags randomly tossed in the hallway.

He’ll want her to be sensible even if she didn’t finish best in class or win the singing competition.

And she has to behave cautiously, even if she gets a bad report card.

Still, she will forgive a Libra father if he is diplomatic to the point of desperation, for he has a tendency to forgive, love, care, and be fair.

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Scorpio father

Scorpio father wipes away his baby’s tears with a smile.

He will understand the deep emotions that the girl experiences while teething or stumbling on the bouncy castle.

With the king of the underworld Pluto by his side, you can bet Scorpio dad knows how dark emotions can affect his little darling.

He’ll get up at night when the little one is crying because of nightmares and cuddle her until dawn.

He buys her frills and flounces, her favorite sweets and chocolate, and gets murderous if someone hurts his daughter.

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Sagittarius father

Sagittarius fathers will want to climb the roundabout with her, even if no one is allowed to ride with her for over two years!

Indeed, most Sagittarius fathers will like fun and frolic.

Don’t talk narrow-mindedly to a Sagittarius dad because limited thought is the only thing that upsets you.

His little girl will learn four languages ​​at the age of two, book a ticket to Kathmandu on the Internet at the age of five and pack her own suitcase at the age of six.

Your Sagittarius dad likes the child to be independent and free of complaints. The Sagittarius dad will fool around, play around, and float around with his princess.

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Capricorn father

Capricorn fathers are realistic. The girl needs to be fed on time and the diapers need to be changed efficiently.

His darling will have tea and dinner at noon at a predetermined hour and be in bed at 7.30pm.

Capricorn is a classic father who doesn’t like to hear nightly screams, outbursts of anger in the supermarket, or anything that drips on his nose.

He doesn’t like bad school reports; Opposition is spurned.

Future careers are planned at the dining table. Rudeness is forbidden, although Capricorn fathers can be rude to traffic cops and anyone in uniform.

Capricorns are not into contradictions, alternative lifestyles, and poorly dressed teenagers.

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Aquarius – father

An Aquarian father, like a Gemini father, will be interested in tree houses and fairy tales.

But after he builds the tree house, they will both sleep in it.

The Aquarian father will teach her how to make strange machines like automatic nail cutters or spider traps.

In kindergarten, she can tie her shoelaces before anyone else.

Your dad will discuss quantum physics and astral travel with you when you are five years old.

You will love your Aquarius father’s new hairstyle, sometimes green and pointy, sometimes long and purple.

All of your schoolmates will envy your dad, especially when he picks you up with his trailer.

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Pisces father

Pisces daddy is so dreamy. He has a plan for his child’s life and will tell him about it when he is mature enough, that is, when he is two years old.

Pisces daddies have a deep empathy for young babies. If you cry, he will cry.

He will feel when it wants its rattle in front of it. He will know it needs to be fed at night, and he will have the bottle already sitting over his rosebud lips by the moment it screams.

He will take his daughter to holy places, he will tell her all about universal laws and read Shakespeare’s Hamlet to her. You know, “To be or not to be?” – always a Pisces father’s dilemma.

Pisces father will understand your youthful feelings as if they were his own. Fish daddies are sensitive.

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Father-daughter relationships (by zodiac sign)

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