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Three levels of each zodiac sign

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You see, the usual zodiac symbols actually describe the first step, the first stage of your evolution.

What few know is that this is just the beginning. You keep evolving.

As life progresses, these levels change.

Although you still have your previous level in your heart, you gradually lose touch with it.

So if you inevitably attract new stimuli, you change yourself.

The only question is in which direction? These are the stages of the zodiac signs. This is what you should expect.

Levels of Aries: Aries, Shepherd, Sun Reborn

The Aries

This is the symbol that everyone knows about this zodiac sign.

Therefore, people born under his influence are passionate conquerors and nature fighters.

The ram is a sacred symbol for many sun deities. He shows the potential. A hidden fire inside that burns constantly.

However, as they grow up they realize they are having too many fights.

And worse, not all battles are victorious. They have suffered many losses and have been ruthless and irresponsible.

Hence, at some point in their life they will see loss. Therefore they will …

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The shepherd

When they first grasp the truth, they see how pointless it is to get involved in angry arguments.

Your consciousness expands. You see what a shepherd sees. A never ending fight called life.

Then you become yourself. A turning point in your life. But it’s not an easy one.

You see, a shepherd is lonely, isolated. He’s a hermit. This is where Aries needs time.

Time to reach their true potential lies in their passion, not their anger. Then they turn their fire into …

The reborn sun

Aries is the first symbol of the zodiac sign. And why? Because then nature rises again after the death of winter.

In ancient Egypt, this is the symbol of Aries. The reborn sun, symbolizing the death or deaths that an individual must go through in order to realize their true potential.

Once you let go of pain, sadness, and anger, you will be reborn with this final stage of Aries.

Levels of Taurus: Taurus, Minotaur, Demigod


This zodiac sign is symbolized by a Taurus. But what is the occult meaning of this symbol?

As you have often read in our witch school, the bull is a sacred animal in many ancient religions (Egyptian, Indian, Greek).

Hence the bull symbolized the potentials of nature. Spring is here and its intensity. Nothing can stop him.

There is only one way and that is forward; just like a Taurus sees his world.

However, being unable to see other opportunities, they often crash onto walls.

These are the obstacles a Taurus is programmed to break through and not overcome.

Gradually they realize that they cannot enforce their dominance over other people. Then they will…

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A minotaur

This legendary animal, half-human with a bull’s head, is a personification of our instinctive passions that we sometimes find incompatible with human nature.

Shame is a deadly enemy. Hence, the Minotaur, haunted by shame and remorse, is more persistent.

Then they are lost in the maze. Let me remind you that this legendary creature lay in the dark chambers of a maze and guarded it.

Hence, at this point in their life, they are angry, more persistent than ever, but they are lost in the darkness.

That’s when Taurus loses hope, until they realize that they are lost in the dark because they chose to!

This is the moment when all this power enlightens your mind, breaks the labyrinth and you become …


This is not a frosting. You really become divine. Once you sense how powerful your mind is, channel it and create miracles.

At this point in their life, Taurus perceives its power and breaks free from the limits of the physical realm.

Yet they still work wonders on earth, enjoying contentment and beauty without feeling guilty.

Levels of Gemini: Gemini, Ship, Stars


The first step in Gemini’s life is imbued with curiosity and love for new experiences.

Hence, they look for new stimuli, and as they grow up they engage in various activities (often successfully), apply various theories, and work in many areas as if they felt that there was not enough time.

At some point, however, they realize that there is an empty space in their heart. That comes after a loss, at a young age. Therefore, they become …

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As the twin myth tells us, the twin brothers joined in the magical search for an amazing treasure.

Hence, this symbolizes the stage of Gemini when they are bored with their way of life and seek the greater truth.

However, this search can be lonely and disappointing at some point. Hence, most of the twins return to the first stage – twins.

However, if you let go of this disappointment, you will …


This is the final stage of this zodiac sign.

As soon as they realize that their inner curiosity for knowledge is simply lust for life, they accept failures and disappointments, they let go of the pain and move forward, expanding their consciousness and becoming a true source of light.

They become stars!

Stages of Cancer: Cancer, Hydra, Peacock


This is the symbol that everyone knows. A creature of the sea that symbolizes the “watery” nature of this zodiac sign.

Because of their strong emotions, they do not always “move” in a logical manner, just as cancer does not move in a straight line.

Since the sea is never the same, the heart of Cancer changes depending on the stimuli that surround it.

However, there are times when Cancer’s powerful exterior (devotion and loyalty) is shattered by cruelty and betrayal. Then they become …

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As you may recall, the hydra are creatures of the sea that symbolize the blind rage (of the sea and) of Cancer.

If you cut off the hydra’s head, two more will sprout out.

Unfortunately, this shows that when they feel broken they can do terrible things.

Trying to stop them is like trying to stop a giant wave of the ocean. It is useless.

This is a very common stage of cancer. They change as soon as they realize that just as the sea is huge, so are people.

Some are mean and hurtful, others are sincere and loyal. Then their faith is restored and they will …


This is the sacred symbol of the Great Mother, Hera, Queen of the Gods.

At this stage, they all worship.

Although they are not deliberately flaunting, their actions speak for themselves. They are the embodied grace and blessing.

Levels of Leo: Leo, Warrior, King


First, a typical lion is born to feel like the king of the jungle. As if their world was theirs, inherited from the divine powers.

The Leo is strong, loyal, and passionate. However, at some point in their life their authority is called into question and then everything goes wrong.

Anger fills their hearts when they feel that someone can outdo them. Then they will…

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At this point, all of your energy is focused on showing yourself worthy. But worthy of what? What are they fighting for?

For many years of their lives they are noble fighters in a war they did not choose.

They get lost in elusive goals and use their energy on stupid tasks and arguments.

In truth, they are afraid of time. Time is a threat to them because their beauty and splendor could fade.

They become haughty and vain. But when they realize that the power comes from their bright mind, they become …


At this point they know that to be a lion is to be a king in the jungle.

But they are so much more. At this point they realize their royal selves.

An ageless spirit, a never ending reign of their light. At that point they are full of love and understanding.

Levels of the virgin: virgin, dark virgin, queen


During her very first step in life, Virgo is the young Persephone, a Virgo goddess who plays and experiences her potential.

Innocent, brilliant and graceful, the Virgin searches for the truth as she discovers herself in this realm.

But at some point in her life, when Persephone was kidnapped, the virgin is forced to travel to the underworld ..

Dark virgin

At this point, the Virgo is scared and sad. Even if you may not see it, they still hide a great sadness in their hearts.

But what is this about? Most of the time, their sadness is rationalized by their need to put their minds in order.

At this time of their life they are lost in the darkness of their underworld.

Many Virgos spend a long time with depression. However, if they manage to forgive and accept the world for what it is, then, just like Persephone, the god of the underworld, she will marry Hades, and she will …

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At this stage the Virgo is capable of anything. They accept the truth of the world that there is both light and darkness, and they rule both because of their crystal clear mind. Hence they are whole.

Levels of Libra: Libra, Blindfold, Sword


The first step of the scales is the scales of Themis, the goddess of justice.

She is always trying to see all the options, hear all the opinions, and take all possible advice.

Therefore, they seem to be dependent on others and indecisive.

What others see as lack of courage is actually a very effective practice in trying to evaluate all options and to be fair and just.

However, since they cannot easily do this in their lives, they will …


Angry and disappointed, they no longer want to be fair because their energies are exhausted.

Hence, they make unnatural decisions. This makes them feel bad about themselves. Hence the blindfold (the themis).

Virtue is no longer their guide. Once they understand that everyone makes mistakes but it is important to follow their instincts and heart, they will …


The sword (the Themis) is the personification of right decisions and power.

At this point nothing can stop her and her mind is focused on her will. What you think becomes reality!

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Levels of Scorpio: Scorpio, Eagle, Phoenix


Scorpios are the first step in their lives.

As born survivors, they passionately incorporate their instincts and passions to achieve what they want.

In their search for success and satisfaction, they often succeed, but sometimes they don’t.

When this happens, they descend in the dark like scorpions hide under stones.

At that point, some of them could stay forever. Others recognize their pointless pursuit and they will …


When this happens, Scorpios will realize that they no longer need to hide, but that they need to see the big picture and seek different types of success and satisfaction.

Hence, at this point in their life, they realize that they can seek both satisfaction and success elsewhere in life.

As eagles, they fly higher and higher. Do you know who flies as high as an eagle? Nobody!

Then they realize how lonely they get. Failure is part of being human, and neglecting your human nature is not a wise choice. Therefore they will …


At this point in her life, her mind shines like never before. By accepting and letting go of hurtful memories, they realize their true potential.

The phoenix is ​​eternal and made of the material from which the gods are made.

Hence, they realize how powerful they really are. Nothing can stop them now!

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Levels of Sagittarius: Sagittarius, Arrow, Centaur


As the first step in their life, they feel that the sky is the limit.

As sons and daughters of Jupiter, they feel that a divine hand guides them.

As shooters, they aim over and over again. You are optimistic.

But when they eventually fail, they sometimes lose their sense of balance. You can get hurt like a …


Even though they are still aiming, they have become so focused on their aim that they neglect to see the big picture.

What you need to understand is that success doesn’t always mean winning.

Hence what they once believed they could conquer may now be useless. Then they need to expand their awareness and review their goals.

As they thirst for freedom, they realize that they have locked themselves in! When they bravely see the truth, they will …


This legendary creature is the personification of freedom, will, wisdom and human strength.

Hence, at this point a Sagittarius becomes a truly wise and successful person, a teacher for all of us.

By exceeding human capabilities, the centaur conquers his goals with ease and style!

Levels of Capricorn: Capricorn, Cave, Horn of Plenty


The first and most famous symbol is the Capricorn.

An earthly creature who may not be as great as the lion, but humans depend on him for many, many reasons.

This is just like a typical Capricorn. People depend on them, and they are trustworthy and hardworking.

However, as they grow up, they feel that people may use and abuse them. Then they will…

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At this point in their life, they try to isolate themselves from toxic people and relationships.

However, they part not only with mundane, but also healthy relationships.

As Amalthia, the goat nymph that Zeus raised in a cave, ibexes usually seek this isolation because they feel endangered.

On their way up, they lose touch with people they once loved.

Fortunately, some of them recognize this and they will …


The symbol of Amalthia is the cornucopia, the horn of plenty.

At this point in their life they realize that true wealth arises from abundance as a state of mind.

Hence, they get really rich in all possible ways by enjoying both material and spiritual goods!

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Aquarius stages: cupbearer, eagle, angel


The first step in their life is when they feel alienated from others by their true selves.

Hence, they get eccentric and try to convey their differences in a plain, sad and boring world.

The cupbearer is dragged up to Mount Olympus, which is alien to all. But as soon as an Aquarius accepts the world, he becomes a symbol of Zeus …


At this point in their life they have to experience the whole world. Therefore they (want to) travel everywhere, see more, feel more, understand more.

Since this is noble, but at some point also impossible, they may feel lonely and separated from everyone.

A lonely eagle soaring high. Then they have to realize that they cannot feel the same as others because they are in fact a …


Some of them realize their true angelic natures and embrace them.

These are the enlightened creatures who walk among us and bring light into the darkest places on earth.

Healers, helpers, divine instruments. They are both successful and truly happy because they have found their rightful place on earth.

Levels of fish: fish, darkness, ocean


In the first step of their lives they feel like a fish in the vast ocean.

Influenced by the constantly moving waves, they live in their matrix of emotions (sea) and energies around them.

As true empaths, they are influenced by enlightened souls, but also by evil beings.

Therefore, sometimes they get lost in disappointing thoughts and sadness sets in. Then they will…

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Pisces often feel betrayed and lost, and they don’t know what to do.

In order not to hurt others, try to forget them so that they no longer feel pain.

When the fish descend into the darkest depths of the sea, they wait there for a miracle to occur.

Then sometimes they realize that the miracle is already there. Since their minds are unearthly bright, they gracefully accept their true nature and become …


This is when they embrace the matrix as part of themselves and become the primordial god of the ocean.

Hence, at this point they know that the power comes from their heart and that whatever they want can happen instantly as they are part of something greater and wiser. You are the vast and rich ocean!

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Three levels of each zodiac sign

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