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The new moon in Leo on June 18 is designed to help you get used to your new life

Summer is slowly coming to an end and that brings with it a great feeling that everything is about to change.

In the meantime, you just want to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the fact that there is still beach weather to enjoy.

It’s not just a matter of time of year: there is a new moon in Leo that also emits similar vibrations on August 18th.

So expect some, um, adjustments. (Because 2020 hasn’t brought enough of it yet.)

But there’s more to this new moon than just that. Here’s exactly what your zodiac sign can expect from the new moon in Leo:


Your new spiritual beliefs push you to let go of the needs for materialism.

However, your wallet and purse will be put to the test because there are some things you just can’t resist.

Be careful with your purchases and only buy things that are worth the temptation in the months ahead.


You’re not afraid to let others know how you are feeling about certain matters.

It is important that you speak up now, but please make sure you know all the specifics and details about the situations and people you are defending.

That will allow you to assert yourself from a place of power.


You want freedom from all the restrictions that stand in your way.

The caveat is that you are scared and unsure how to move into this altruistic lifestyle.

Surround yourself with those who will break the mood you want now and take small steps to change your life.


Your group of friends is pulling back, which may lead you to wonder why your troop is changing.

People develop and grow out of friendships. It doesn’t mean they are gone forever, but they are focused on other people and matters in the moment.

You will come back. Be patient.


In the beginning, you had one goal in your work and that led you in a different direction (completely different from what you had envisioned).

Go with the flow and see where your new career aspirations are taking you.

For all you know, it may take you the lesser-traveled path to greatness.


You spend your days defending the rights of others, which is amazing, by the way.

Giving more back to your local community and the world at large will help you become the great visionary you were born to be.

The world needs more people like you.


Sometimes you can be a little impatient with those who don’t agree with your ideology.

Learning to take a step back and not argue about your beliefs until you understand their point of view is crucial.

As far as you know, you may be fighting for the same political goals.


Just when you thought things had calmed down in your one-on-one relationships, they get crazier than ever.

If you can ride the waves and allow yourself to find calm within yourself, then the volatile nature of your relationship will no longer feel as energetically intense.

Try to go with the flow in your relationships.


Right now you tend to add alternative ways to improve your mood.

Taking a yoga class or meditating daily can help you relax (and that’s what you need).

It will also prove to be a form of self-care and calm your mind during these intense and uncertain times.


Your crazy feelings in love affairs bring you together with strange bedfellows.

You decide to go on a date or flirt outside of your normal “type”, opening yourself up to people who are refreshing, exciting, and fun.

Opening up to new opportunities and people can lead to long-term relationships.


You are unable to commit to anything at the moment (including love, work projects, and commitments) mainly because you feel that you need to be free in the moment.

You will be able to relax on your own and embrace all of the fabulousness that defines you by giving yourself extra attention.


They pick up all of your weaknesses and peculiarities. Use your radical ideas and beliefs to create an artistic masterpiece for the world.

Your intuition is key now as it will help you raise your mind and your artistic skills – be the real you and show the world your innate gifts.

The new moon in Leo on June 18 is designed to help you get used to your new life

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