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The moon in the zodiac signs

The moon in astrology controls emotions and psychological stimuli. In short, its position in the horoscope signs describes the way we express feelings, what touches us and what inspires us.

According to the sun sign and according to your daily horoscope, it is assumed that you know your sign because this type of horoscope is best known among people.

It is not certain that you know your moon sign because it is less well known, rarely anyone does. It is this sign that the moon was in when you were born.

Finding out what your moon sign is is advisable for a number of reasons. If the features of your sun sign don’t suit you, you can be almost certain that the moon sign will suit you as best as possible.

You can also get to know more features that are characteristic of your personality. The moon sign is responsible for your emotional side.

It determines how much and how you will love, what you hate, what can make you happy, sad, or even angry.

The moon sign is also the representation of all the emotions that the sun sign conveys to humans.

When your moon sign is the same as the sun sign, the properties of that sign are enhanced.

Everyone is aware of their personality, but not only fully of their possibilities. Much of what we do in life we ​​do under the influence of impulses, emotions, unconscious reactions.

This type of behavior is inherently fixed because the mind does not always allow time to protect itself from danger in order to respond to emergencies.

From the point of view of astrology, these spontaneous reactions to certain events precisely define the moon or lunar zodiac sign. The influence of the moon is almost impossible to control because it comes from the subconscious.

In order to find out what position the moon was in during your birth, it is necessary to enter your information into a natal chart app.

Based on this information, the moon will appear in a specific zodiac sign that symbolizes our inner child and a powerful influence that controls our emotions.

1. Aries

People who have their moon in Aries have a strong need to be independent. They do not like to rely on others and usually work harder than anyone they come in contact with, so they are usually not easy to understand by others.

They are good and honest people, but they are very idealistic so that even the simplest mistake could be perceived by friends and family as distrust and disrespect towards them.

They are honest and direct, they see through feigned intentions, and they don’t take pleasure in people who are hypocrites.

These people also have the ability to transform, and they have the power to absolutely change their lives from within.

2nd bull

The people who have their Taurus in the moon are more conservative than their fellow suns. They are also family-oriented people who are every predisposed to love and a happy marriage.

In general, they like to own things, as do people. They love to enjoy everything material as well as the affection of other people.

They have great intuition and sometimes they can even predict events through dreams and receive warnings through symbols such as feathers or butterflies that they find while doing everyday tasks.

They are not very susceptible to hard work and they usually find an easy way to make money and live a comfortable life, and they often do.

3. Twins

People who have their moon in Gemini are quite happy people who love the company of others and long conversations.

They have deep emotions and are very cognizant of things, but they have the ability to hide any distress that may frighten them.

they are constantly striving to learn new skills and they are slowly but surely improving every day.

As much as they like the crowd, they dislike conflict and will leave them in a stressful situation that could eventually drain them of energy.

4. Cancer

People who have their moon in Cancer are guided by their emotions, and they will do certain things when they feel they are right, even if they are irrational.

They have smooth communication with other people and treat everyone with kindness, even those they don’t really like.

they are adept at whatever new they try and they always end up getting enviable results for something, even when their confidence is not the best.

They are also not prone to judgment and can openly bring up any kind of discussion topic.

5. Leo

People who have their moon in Leo are successful and are admired and revered by their group of friends.

They are excellent at everything they do, but they are humble when it comes to those accomplishments.

Your partner has to be individual and give them that special something that they need, otherwise they will not feel connected and love will not come about.

they value small details about others and live in the moment, and when they step into the room others can feel their amazing positivity too.

6. Virgo

People who have their moon in Virgo are extremely academic and give up much of their freedom to learn and succeed.

they only trust a small group of friends, and they don’t really enjoy being part of a large crowd and giving up their privacy.

Sometimes they are prone to mood swings and self-pity, but that’s because they are unaware of how wonderful they are as people.

Their humanity is very strong and they most often express it to their family, partner and animals.

7. Libra

the people who have their moon in Libra are very popular with their friends and other people in general.

At times they may seem selfish even when enjoying such a luxurious status, but the reality is that they are very insecure about the things that are happening to them and their lives and they are constantly trying to judge situations.

They are very careful when expressing their feelings and it can take years to fully trust someone.

But after someone gains their trust and appreciation, they will be the most loyal friends imaginable.

8. Scorpio

People who have Scorpio in the moon are very private and no one can really understand what they are thinking.

They do not express their feelings easily, and they are very good at reading others. When you see a person, you feel his soul and notice little things about him that hide great secrets.

They do not crave validation from others and are most comfortable alone, which can still make them lonely at times, which makes them long for human contact.

They do their best in everything they do, and they are able, with the help of their raw willpower and discipline, to become the best at something.

9. Sagittarius

People who have their moon as Sagittarius have aristocratic tendencies that show in their behavior and an unusual, almost regal appearance that demands respect.

These people are meek, elegant, and idealistic, they do not tolerate nonsense or ignorance, and sometimes they do not seem to fit into a rude and wild environment.

They are never addressed, but always observed, so that they may seem bored with the world and others.

But people who make the effort to get to know them better are rewarded with all their love and affection, and all they think about friendship and romance is something fairytale.

10. Capricorn

People who have their Moon in Capricorn are very honest when giving their opinion, and they don’t like to lie to others just to make them feel better.

These people are very confident and active, and they don’t like complaining and being pitied by others.

They give very good advice, and they see things for what they really are, not the way they want them to be.

They are very independent and they expect their children to learn this valuable skill one day too.

11. Aquarius

People who have Aquarius in the moon observe and admire things from a distance.

They are very respectful and proud people and are quick to leave when they feel that their presence is not appreciated.

Also, they are not resentful and they are easy to forgive, since no one can really take control of their feelings and the peace in their life anyway.

These people are also very friendly and enjoy communicating with other profound people, but unfortunately not many understand their intense and complex thought process.

12. Fish

People who have their moon in Pisces have vivid and persistent dreams about the future and the past.

Everything they experience and do is reflected in their dreams and they serve as their spiritual guide.

They also value deep and sincere connections and will never fail the people they consider an integral part of their lives.

They can also be prone to negative emotions at times, and they alone carry that burden, as sadness is also an integral part of them that makes them grow.

The moon in the zodiac signs

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