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6 zodiac signs that make empty promises (according to astrology)

When you promise to do something, do you keep your word?

Or are you just trying to calm someone down so they stop bothering you?

It is easy to make a promise but much more difficult to keep, which is why so many people make empty promises that they cannot keep.

When you make a promise that you do not want to keep, you are not only lying but you are deliberately failing the person you made the promise to.

It’s much better to say that you can’t do something than to make promises you can’t keep.

If you make enough empty promises you will get a reputation for being untrustworthy.

If the promises you don’t keep are tiny, is it still a big deal?

Well, enough small promises not kept can add up to big consequences.

You can lose a job, customer, or even friends if you don’t keep your word!


Libra need to please everyone and want to make everyone happy.

They want to be seen as someone who can be trusted and trusted, so they make promises that they are unlikely to keep.

It would be much better for Libra to be honest and just admit that they don’t want to do something, but they are afraid that they might get into trouble.

They make promises so big that if they think about them for even a minute they know they can’t keep them.


When Aries makes a promise, they are sure they can keep it too.

But then things start moving, Aries is flooded, and suddenly that promise is at the bottom of their list.

Aries will agree on something without thinking about logistics, and organizing tasks is not one of their strengths.

They don’t want anyone to question their skills, so they’ll promise to do something that is ultimately too difficult to do without a lot of extra work.


When Gemini make a promise, they have every intention to keep it.

However, Gemini is constantly busy and can get overwhelmed with everything they have to do.

When you promise something, don’t think about whether you can actually keep it.

They find it difficult to focus on one task and they can bite off more than they can chew.

They’re scared of being disapproved and disappointed, so they make the promise only to sneak back out later.


If keeping a promise doesn’t make Sagittarius too distressed and make them look good doing it, maybe they can keep their word.

However, they are carefree about their promises, and they may forget about them right after they have made them.

Sagittarius are not malicious, they are just a little attached to themselves.

It’s not that they aren’t generous or honorable, they are just a lot more focused on their needs.

What you want to do with your time is more important than keeping a promise.


Pisces are so kind and they want to help anyone who needs their help.

The problem is that it is difficult for them to say no.

They agree to all sorts of things and make promises left and right.

But when the time comes, Pisces are too overwhelmed and too busy to keep even half of the promises they made.

Pisces are idealistic and want to see themselves as the type of person who keeps all the promises they make, but when it comes down to it, only a superman can keep all those promises.


Aquarius can make a promise just to get something they want.

They use promises as currency and there is no guarantee that they will keep their word.

They can be manipulative and are able to justify to themselves that it is for the good of the community.

Sometimes the Aquarians are more contradicting than anyone wants, especially when it comes to promises.

If they feel pressured to keep their promise, the more likely they will not keep it.

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