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Celtic horoscope: according to the alphabet of the trees

The Druids were Celtic priests and the elite of Celtic society. Celtic mythology portrays them as true guardians of knowledge and a pillar of Celtic society.

They had knowledge of astronomy, astrology, plant physiognomy, animal and human anatomy and natural magic. They got their name from their sacred tree, the oak (Druir).

They opposed the construction of temples and had their shrines under the branches of the oak.

In their rituals they used the secret Druid script Ogham, which was probably named after the Celtic sun and poetry god Ogmios.

The Ogham script is the earliest alphabet used to write the archaic form of the Old Irish language.

Ogham inscriptions consist of one to five horizontal or oblique lines protruding from a thicker baseline, like branches protruding from a tree.

Each letter got its name from a plant, so that the entire alphabet is also called Beith-Luis-Nin, which means something like birch-elm-ash.

The Ogham script is also called the alphabet of trees because each letter corresponds to a tree and the meaning associated with it.

The ancient Celts ascribed the properties of trees to humans from birth. Therefore, the horoscope with the alphabet of trees was applied in such a way that people born in the first six months received one of the twenty-one signs, and then those signs were repeated for the next six months.

Use your date of birth to find out which tree is protecting you:

Silver fir (January 2nd – 11th and July 5th – 14th)

Elm   (January 12-24 and July 15-25)

Cypress  (25/01 – 03/02 and 26/07 – 04/08)

Poplar  (February 4th – 8th, May 1st – 14th and August 5th – 13th)

Cedar  (February 9-18 and August 14-23)

Pine (February 19th – 29th and August 24th – September 2nd)

Weide (March 1st – 10th and September 3rd – 12th)

Linde  (March 11-20 and September 13-22)

Oak  (21.03.)

Hazelnut  (March 22nd – 31st and September 24th – October 3rd)

Speierling (01.-. 10/04 and 10/13 04.-.)

Maple  (11-20 April and 14-23 October)

 Walnut (21st – 30th April and 24th October – 11th November)

Chestnut (May 15-24 and November 12-21)

Ash  (25.05. – 03.06. And 22.11. – 01.12.)

Hornbeam (June 4th – 13th and December 2nd – 11th)

Fig (14-23 June and 12-21 December)

Birch (24.06.)

Apple tree (June 25th – July 4th and December 23rd – January 1st)

Olive tree (23.09.)

Beech (22.12.)

It is interesting that some trees mark the day of the spring and autumn equinox (equinox) – oak and olive, and short summer and winter days (solstice) – birch and beech.

Pine: specialty

(February 19th – 29th and August 24th – September 2nd)

Individuals born under this sign love perfection and order, and often put duty before pleasure.

These traits, along with an awareness of physical strength, are the reason these people cultivate a deep disdain for compromise, rather than caring about the suffering of those around them.

They are intelligent, but mostly relentless people who lead their businesses, their love, their careers to failure without consent.

In such a turbulent life, the jaw creates only a small passage for love: the fire of passion engulfs the jaw and arouses in them feelings that are very strong.

The penchant for perfectionism present in pines can be corrected thanks to the feelings that accumulate over the years.

Pines are very durable, they know how to make life comfortable, very active, they fall in love quickly, but they are also quick to lose interest, quickly give up, change a lot until they find the ideal partner they trust.

In conclusion, ancient astronomers would say that you love a harmonious life and pleasant company, and that you are very resilient.

You know almost intuitively how to make your life pleasant and interesting; You are very active and uninformed; You are a good, loyal and trusting companion; You fall in love very quickly, but just as quickly you lose interest and give up easily.

Birch: inspiration

(June 24th)

Those born under the sign of the birch tree, under the influence of the sun at its zenith, inherit an open and creative instinct.

They appreciate the joys of family and home, they are cultured but at the same time tireless travelers.

Birch trees evoke respect and can be of great help to the environment due to their deep intelligence.

They love puzzles, tasks, difficulties, and thanks to their ability to accept every little thing in life, they are always able to accept all the rudeness of everyday life.

Sometimes, especially when they are young, they feel a little uncomfortable about being over-used, but as they mature they control their behavior, especially when they encounter apples.

The birch is happy to be alive, is attractive, elegant, amiable, does not like anything that is exaggerated, does not tolerate vulgarity, loves life in nature and peace, is quite conceited, not ambitious enough, understands it, a calm, contented one Create atmosphere.

You are born to live in harmony and unity, far from stressful situations. You don’t like the whirlpools of life, and chaos and insecurity make you extremely restless and insecure.

Elm : nobility

 (January 12-24 and July 15-25)

A person born under the sign of the elm arouses admiration and wins the sympathy of all who are close to him. However, their moral attitude prevents them from taking full advantage of this affection.

Your honesty and generosity are great at calming the confusion of people who are far more introspective. The elm has great faith in human nature and is therefore always looking for justice.

But all too often he is disappointed with a bad experience. In adulthood, people born under this sign run the risk of losing their fine dreamer quality under the burden of the negative side of life.

The elm likes to be a leader but not belonging to someone, he is noble and generous with a great sense of humor. The prosperity of the fig, olive and elm is often feared. But one should approach them with confidence.

Nature has rewarded you with good looks, you dress tastefully and elegantly, you always say aloud what does not suit you; They tend not to forgive omissions and mistakes made by other people; You are happy, you are loyal and sincere in love and in marriage.

Beech: creativity


Those born under the sign of the beech are excellent speakers and also have a large storage capacity.

They are always exciting and interesting, and so it is good that their interest is linked to the art of speaking.

They are able to use their intelligence economically and practically, but they also rarely opt for metaphysical and idealistic research; they are not only related to the activities of the group to which they belong.

The beech has decidedly good taste, takes care of its appearance, is a materialist, organizes its life and career well, does not take unnecessary risks, is a great life partner.

You are born with a subtle and refined sense of beauty and taste.

No matter how beautiful and elegant you look, you are always concerned about your appearance.

You are a materialist by nature, so you know how to organize your life well.

Your career is always the focus, you are economical and successful when you hold a management position.

Cedar: security

(February 9-18 and August 14-23)

Those born under this sign often lead unusual and magical lives and are etched in the memories of those who live next to them.

You never forget the first discoveries, the first adventures, the first breakthroughs, the first violations. Those born under this sign like to excel in society and often spend their energy getting noticed by someone.

They are sworn enemies of boredom. They are intelligent and a little overtired, but they must be careful not to put themselves under the influence of others, especially not to meddle in “games” they do not understand.

They are usually very beautiful, they know how to dress, they love luxury, they are not shy, they tend to look down on others, they are self-confident and able to make quick decisions.

Fortunately, good things often happen to them, so their insanity almost never ends in a negative way.

Many consider you an attractive and sociable person; They love everything that is beautiful and luxurious; many will say that you have a tendency to look down on others; You are confident and determined, impatient and open; You enjoy influencing others and sharing friendly advice with them; You are talented and able to make quick (sometimes hasty) decisions.

Cypress: loyalty 

(25.01. – 03.02. And 26.07. – 04.08.)

A person born under this sign is strong and firm.

You go through life courageously but avoid loneliness. You are always looking for new knowledge and insights.

Those born under this sign age discreetly without undue agony. The cypress is tolerant, but often neglects its own affairs and selflessly devotes itself to others.

Warm and simple, cypress people are able to communicate honestly with others.

Ancient astrologers claim that these people take everything life gives them; they are usually content and optimistic, often greedy for money and recognition; they hate solitude and life in the shadows; they are passionate lovers who never have enough; faithful in marriage and you are vain and carefree.

For these people friendship is everything, and they also have the ability to put people in a good mood and they have a need for good company. To the satisfaction of everyone present.

Hornbeam: good taste

(June 4th – 13th and December 2nd – 11th)

These people love to party, they like receiving gifts, being invited, but unfortunately in the end they turn out to be a little superficial and self-centered.

During their youth, they tend not to be confidential or communicative, but over time their need for communication and closeness develops.

This need serves to satisfy all of the senses. They are very hardworking people who also have a lot of ambition, born in this sign, although at first glance they seem to behave impulsively, over time they can find a certain balance in their everyday life.

For people born under this sign, honesty is also a core value, their trust in people is endless, and if they do not act impulsively, they are very popular in society.

They are very rational and leave the impression of reserved and cold beauty. You are full of energy and always pay attention to your appearance and condition.

You have fine taste, are not selfish, and think that you must do everything possible to make your life as comfortable as possible.

Oak: bravery

(March 21st)

Those born under the sign of the oak are an inspiration that we respect and that make us think.

The best gifts the oaks received were their strength and perseverance. You like to share everything with others, both fun and commitments.

Since they are very loyal and stick to the given word, it is no wonder that they are often authorities and strong people, they do not always manage to live their independence in peace.

Sometimes it happens that they are more depressed because of the betrayal of trust than because of lovesickness.

Those born under the sign of the oak mature with age, learn gentleness and understanding both towards others and towards themselves.

Oak trees are strong and independent, sensitive, they don’t like change, their feet are always firmly on the ground, they stick to the facts, and they just don’t think, they act.

You are not resourceful and always stick to concrete facts; they are simple and concrete; they do not philosophize, they act.

Apple tree: love

(June 25th – July 4th and December 23rd – January 1st)

People born under the sign of the apple send a message of peace and calm to everyone around them, which they themselves often benefit from.

The search for pleasure and the joy of life are some of the most important properties that the apple bears.

People born under the sign of the apple are closely associated with eroticism and the art of love.

The best quality of the sign is generosity without calculations and strategies.

The apple is charismatic, personable and attractive, likes to flirt, is adventurous, sensual, always in love, wants to love and be loved, loyal, gentle, very generous, is a carefree philosopher with the power of good representation.

Although the thirst for knowledge is the basis of all endeavors, people born under the sign of the apple are sometimes in danger that it is this thirst that leads their soul towards sadness and apathy.

The more they know about the problems in the world, the more they want to stay isolated and they start to feel bad about indulging in the joys in life.

Your emotional side tells you that you are reliable partners and loyal lovers. Although your brain often does not rule your heart, you take love and marriage very seriously and are not prone to unsafe love adventures.

Esche: ambition

(May 25th – June 3rd and November 22nd – December 1st)

Those born under the sign of this tree, calm as they already are, manage to be pleasant and irritating at the same time.

They often want to be seen as indispensable, and that has to do with the ancient belief that the ash tree was the symbol of immortality.

The true representatives of this sign will become positive once they have achieved what they had in mind. They believe in hard work and do not allow themselves to be attracted by “miracles”.

You are a great promoter of justice, but you also sometimes deceive that part of your character is used to solve everyday problems.

Born under this tree, they believe that good governance is something very important and they like to talk about politics.

These people are unusually attractive, they look forward to life, they are impulsive and desirable, they don’t care about criticism, they are intelligent, ambitious, they like to play with fate, they are loyal lovers, and they take relationships seriously.

Maple: independence

(11-20 April and 14-23 October)

Those born under the sign of the maple are immune to all storms and leave the impression of being strong people, but while leading such grandiose lives they sometimes take risks and get off the path of nobility.

For the maple, family life can often be limiting. The ideal professions are of the spiritual type, they achieve devotion and clarity of spirit as monks, judges, doctors, orators.

The maple, who seeks the easiest way to success in worldly life, does not notice that he leads a mostly lonely life.

The passion for research often leads him to narcissism, and it is only in his mature age that he calms down.

The maple is a selfless person who has great expressiveness, he is shy and a little reserved, proud, eager for new experiences, sometimes nervous.

He also usually has a complicated love life because he likes to influence others.

Silver fir: mystery

(January 2nd – 11th and July 5th – 14th)

The main purpose of the life of people born under this sign is research and confession of truth and ideals.

People who were born under the sign of this tree are vital and are great fighters who never give up, no matter in which field they fought – their wish is victory.

They make a loyal and loyal lover, and sometimes they are too greedy and stifle the person who faces them. They are fair, but also very sensitive.

The positivity of chestnut and birch can give great strength to a person born under this sign.

This power is necessary for improvement and progress. As they reach a more mature age, they become a more pleasant person who is by no means spoiled or likely to complain of problems.

You often become an expert on fantasies and the abstract world.

Chestnut: Sincerity

(May 15-24 and November 12-21)

People born under the sign of the chestnut have a habit of arguing with the outside world and its rules, usually trying to be strong and make a big impression in order to develop their own “me” that is Is the result of their true and disciplined side of character.

In their first years of life, the chestnuts are quite content in their own skin and do not complain about anything.

Since chestnuts are great moralists and critics, they feel the need to look for the tenderness in other people that sets them apart from others.

The chestnut does not like pressure, it is fair, and enjoys life, is a born diplomat, but in society it is sensitive, often insecure, sometimes conceited, feels misunderstood, loves only once and has difficulty finding a partner .

Their strong personality changes for the better and is constantly improving in the company of simple souls (like pine or birch) with whom they can develop a constructive relationship. This relationship is also based on sincerity and generosity.

Linde: Doubt

(March 11-20 and September 13-22)

These people devote most of their lives to friendship and compassion for others.

This is a sign that they have a strong connection with dreams. They are necessary for the environment and often do good things for nature like planting flowers and feeding animals.

When their friends need help, they are always there to help. People who were born under the sign of this tree are often looking for success in society and want to be admired by others.

You need calm but imaginative partners who are rich in fantastic ideas because they are endowed with practical and rational intelligence.

As a rule, they get along very well with children, and they want to have a family with all their hearts.

They don’t like arguments, they don’t like stress, they don’t like boredom, they have a lot of talent, they are very jealous, but also loyal, they are also gentle and devoted.

Hazelnut: Outstanding

(22nd – 31st March and 24th September – 3rd October)

Those born under this sign have mild and delicate features and harmonious bodies and do not stand out particularly in a group of people.

This look and the mild camouflage hide the real, somewhat haughty energy of the hazelnut.

The hazelnut can be taken as an example of patience and perseverance and knows how to cultivate its abilities endlessly in inconspicuousness.

This often favors other people who approach them in search of love and loveliness, thus disturbing the hazelnuts with their energy.

It could also be dangerous to cooperate with or fall in love with a person born under the sign of Hazelnut.

The hazelnut is charming, humble, full of understanding, an active fighter for social justice, a favorite in society, a complicated lover, and she has a real idea of ​​justice.

Hazelnuts know how to fantasize, especially to think about the years that have passed, especially after they turned forty years old.

You are said to be outstanding in many ways: charming, humble, understanding, loving, empathetic, honest, righteous; You are not angry and you are always ready to help; They also know how to please and impress someone you meet.

Olive tree: wisdom


People born under the sign of the olive tree are a symbol of peace, strength, purification, but with an innate extravagance.

Sometimes the olive tree is unable to have an opinion of its own and that makes it undecided in some life situations, all of which lead to its behavior being very conventional.

In order to satisfy the need for honest and fair people, those born under the sign of the olive tree must be surrounded by signs of high intelligence in order to learn from them and become wise.

Those born under the sign of the olive tree are usually in good health and long-lived.

They love the sun and the heat, are sensible, avoid aggression and violence, are tolerant, happy and calm, have a strong sense of justice, are sensitive, not jealous, like quotes and enjoy being in the company of educated people.

Astrologers would say that you are a very valuable and noble person.

They love light and sun, warmth and harmony; You are tolerant and reasonable, cheerful and calm, you have a fine sense of justice; You are full of understanding and solidarity; They do everything possible to avoid aggression and violence.

 Walnut: passion

(21st – 30th April and 24th October – 11th November)

Those born under the sign of the walnut are omnipresent, but they are also good friends and the wisest protectors.

But after others enjoy their protection and tranquility, it is dangerous to linger under their leaves.

Since walnuts tend to be dark and picky, on the one hand they are attracted to the careers they try to pursue with the help of strategy, on the other hand they also like to give themselves completely to their lonely character, which sometimes leads to a profession that they love Society divides.

It is necessary to make a connection between this dualism, which is extremely dangerous when only one side is expressed.

To avoid the constant danger of being locked in their world. Far from reality, people born under the sign of the walnut have the opportunity to use their mental awareness, which is their kind of gift.

The walnut is strange and full of contradictions, often selfish and aggressive, educated, reacts unexpectedly, spontaneously, difficult and strange, others rarely like it, but they are often amazed with it.

The walnut is also a good strategist, very jealous and passionate, she does not compromise. Walnuts are recommended to be guided by oaks and ash trees in order to live life without too much effort or coercion.

Astrologers would say of you that you are independent, spontaneous, strange and full of contradictions, often selfish, but also generous and supportive; aggressive and educated.

Service tree: sensuality

(April 1st – 10th and October 4th – 13th)

Those born under this sign often have an intense emotional life, full of romance and love, adventure, reckless movements, a life that they lead with joy and ease.

In love they are like butterflies, although full of energy, but as friends they are reliable and sought-after.

Often they need to control their life force, because it could lead them astray and turn into aggression, which is expressed in the dissatisfaction and boredom of life, all to hide a feeling of guilt.

It will be necessary and compulsive for those born during this time to become an important person who leaves a mark, invents or creates something new.

They are charming and cheerful, they do their best, and at the same time they are not selfish, they like to be noticed, they like life, the movement, the restlessness, even the crisis.

You are of good taste, artist, passionate, do not give up. They try to sharpen their own feelings and experience everyday beauties as a very painful punishment; they are sensitive and empathic, honest and open, but restless and intuitive.

Feige: emotions

(14-23 June and 12-21 December)

From birth, this sign cherishes the joys of family life. You are spontaneously sociable and generous.

Unfortunately, she often tends to engage in discussions and problem-solving in an authoritative and tyrannical manner, often drawing precise and moral conclusions in the process.

In order to tone down their authoritarian behavior, it is important that fig trees have the trust and support of their families.

The fig tree is a very strong person, headstrong, independent, does not allow opposition or quarrels, loves life and the family, children and animals, is full of humor, is intelligent.

In order to curb their arrogance, they must be in the company of decent but firm and safe pines and birches, who can succeed in forcing fig trees to show their good sides.

Since you were born during this time, nature has rewarded you with extraordinary qualities: you are very strong, headstrong, independent, curious, intelligent and happy.

Poplar: uncertainty

(February 4th – 8th, May 1st – 14th and August 5th – 13th)

These people look very fashionable, but they are not confident enough so they need constant support.

They are often alone, but they are good organizers. They are prone to philosophizing and they are reliable in any situation.

These are thoughtful people who often enjoy thinking about the beauties of nature, although sometimes their exaggerated criticism does not allow them to fully enjoy the joys in life.

Those born under the sign of this tree are mostly people who have inherited an awareness of the futility of existence.

That is their main propensity for pessimism. Apples and oaks that are full of energy can break this tendency to lock themselves in.

They are generally people of trust and know how to express their kindness and sense of responsibility that they truly feel.

You should avoid crying when something bad happens, and you will find your thirst for knowledge useful in achieving your goals.

Willow: melancholy

(March 1st – 10th and September 3rd – 12th)

Those born under this sign will inherit nostalgia and strong feelings of sadness.

People born under this sign are quite selfish and can be great artists if they had the ability to write or direct an ironic drama.

Under the strong influence of the passage of time, willows have suffered from anxiety from early childhood either temporarily or forever.

The superstitious fear of death often makes Willow an unfaithful partner.

In an effort to justify its tendency to grieve, the willow surrounds itself in its daily life with sad events that have a very negative effect on the lives of other people close to it.

The willow is attractive, very spiritual, dreamy, tireless, complicated, honest, difficult to live with, has a good intuition, suffers from love and only sometimes finds a partner who gives it support.

But the willow is still able to give very tender and emotional love. Beeches or olive trees that are not subjected to the melodramatic influences of willows are the right people to feel and receive this love.

Celtic horoscope: according to the alphabet of the trees

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