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5 zodiac signs that clap and gossip the most

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Almost all women love to gossip, but each of us does it in our own way.

Some gossips have enough conversations with their best friends, others have to share the latest news with the whole world.

It turns out that our love of gossip depends on the star configuration under which we were born.

5. Aquarius

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Aquarius is hardly interested in discussing series and new lovers.

These charming and intellectual gossips prefer to communicate on more important subjects.

They like to gossip about the political situation in the country or about the latest advances in science and technology, and also like to discuss interesting articles and useful TV shows.

Women born under the sign of Aquarius are also crazy about children.

So if you’ve already brought up this topic, you can gossip with them until morning.

These women are very sensitive to foreign expressions and interference in their private lives.

You need to learn to ignore the gossip of others while taking inspiration from Capricorn!

As an air sign, Aquarius enjoys the exchange of information and ideas.

Every now and then they may get wind of something interesting about another and give in to gossip, but it is often not malicious or out of malice. It could just be a topic of conversation.

4. Libra

It’s hard to gossip early in the morning with a friend, Libra.

These beauties usually sleep until dinner, turning off not only the cellphone but also the doorbell.

But at any other time of the day, the Libra woman is ready to have any conversation.

Not only will she listen carefully to you, but she will also tell you something very interesting.

The most suitable friend for Gossip Libra is a Taurus because they have a variety of common interests and topics of discussion.

Plus, after working their way up to the first roosters, both of them will sleep blissfully until dinner because the Taurus woman is a sleep mouse too!

Libra is a sign dedicated to relationships and they find people to be interesting topics to talk about.

They also care about justice, and they are the first to notice when someone has wronged another.

You can gossip about the bad behavior of others, especially when it involves someone close to you; but Libra does not like to hurt or disappoint others.

Often the gossip of the scales is followed by a balanced perspective.

For example, you could point out a person’s selfish act and then explain all of the reasons why they are not a terrible person.

They can also feel bad about the gossip, and they could try to negate all of the negative things they said by pointing out the positive.

Libra can also be a social butterfly, and in general they enjoy talking to others.

3. Sagittarius

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The Sagittarius woman is intellectual and very sociable.

She has a lot of friends so she always has someone to clap with.

But if you want to discuss something insignificant with her, you are wasting your time.

Favorite subjects of this sign are exotic travel, mystical phenomena and extraordinary men.

Leo girlfriend is not only an excellent companion for Sagittarius, but also a real source of outrageous ideas.

Sagittarius may not think that if they do, they will clap!

In fact, they pride themselves on being interested in the big picture, not the details of other people’s lives.

However, from time to time you may find yourself in the middle of a juicy story about someone else.

In this case, Sagittarius is interested in finding the truth.

2. Twins

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Women born under the sign of Gemini love gossip so much that they can turn any fly into an elephant.

True, they prefer to remain silent about their relatives and answer questions on family matters only in the most general of words.

By the way, the twins take care of a lot of interesting things.

In particular, various fashion trends and everything related to their work.

Gemini women are always happy to communicate with their virgins, as they are always ready to discuss topics such as proper nutrition and personal hygiene, and also to give very good advice.

Geminis like to be informed and feel compelled to share information.

For them, gossip is not so much about speaking negatively about someone as it is about sharing what’s on your mind.

Gemini can also enjoy reading gossip magazines or keeping up to date with celebrities.

They fascinate people, but so do stories.

They are natural storytellers, and you may find twins in every opportunity they get, writing, reading, or chatting.

It is important for a Gemini to be seen as someone who knows their stuff.

You are the on-site reporter or the genius of social media.

Gossip make Gemini a place to go for the latest, most up-to-date information.

1. Aries

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If you wish and if you have free time, Aries woman can literally get any information out of you.

She just won’t get away from you until she has got her serving of top-notch gossip in full.

She definitely needs to know the latest news about all of her friends.

But strangers are practically of no interest to the Aries woman, except for those whom she does not tolerate.

If you are lucky enough to be born of an Aries mother, be prepared that you will not be able to hide your personal life from her.

A representative of this sign is ready to tell any newcomer about the life of their relatives and friends. But her most loyal listener is a Cancer friend.

Aries can be quite ambitious, and they can gossip about others if they feel insecure in any way (although Aries might never admit that they feel insecure).

Aries is a fire sign, and when you think about fire, it starts to burn.

A small spark can set a forest on fire. To Aries, words are like these, and when they feel passionate about something, they want to share it.

However, sometimes they fail to filter their thoughts. They’re likely to gossip when they’re mad at someone or when they’re triggered in some way.

They may share the same story over and over until they finally let go of it.

Fortunately, Aries doesn’t usually hold onto emotional burdens or grudges.

If Aries tells you some gossip, don’t take it for the absolute truth. Aries can change their minds.

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5 zodiac signs that clap and gossip the most

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