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5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Stay Single Forever

The following five zodiac signs will most likely remain alone forever because of some of their characteristics.

Amazingly, it may surprise you that they share most of these properties in common.


Capricorns are not easily impressed by people or things and can come across as indifferent and arrogant the first time they meet.

It will of course take so long for them to get to know you, but it can still be very repulsive to some people and may even drive them away.

A Capricorn partner will often come across as self-centered, overly independent, and bossy.

He cares the most about himself and rarely accepts that he is wrong, and in a relationship it can be a big problem if the partner always thinks he is right and never lets you do anything for him.

Not only Aquarius have a flair for perfection, but Capricorns as well, but in their case it shows in their constant criticism.

Nobody may feel that they can’t do justice to the image their partner has of them, and after a while it starts to get boring.

Not many people can stay with an overly critical partner, and so Capricorns will most likely end up alone.

Capricorns also share the same aversion to expressing emotions with Aquarius.

Capricorns would find it difficult to admit that they have feelings for their partner, and that can damage their relationship.

However, if you can endure the whims of a Capricorn, you would find a loyal and faithful partner who would be worth all your sacrifice.


Emotionally speaking, Aquarius is one of the worst zodiac signs yet.

Their inability to process and express deep emotions makes it difficult for their partners to enjoy a relationship with them.

In addition to their unemotional demeanor, there is their preference for cover. An Aquarius would hide every little feeling they have behind walls so as not to make them vulnerable.

And it can be exhausting to fight for every sparkle of emotion in your partner.

An Aquarius is also sensitive to obligations and that makes a serious relationship with them impossible.

They prefer to be free and date many people than to settle for one person.

This may of course be because they have a very short attention span.

An Aquarius chooses their partners with care and according to high standards in order to meet their need to always achieve perfection.

To be fair, if you ever broke the facade of an Aquarius, you would gain more love and loyalty than you will get from any other person.


Virgos are the protectors of the zodiac signs. They are always ready to help and they really enjoy it.

While this is an admirable quality, it can make their partners feel unwanted and in need of help, and soon enough they will no longer be able to stay on this rollercoaster of emotions.

They also feel very strongly, and their intensity can make their partners feel oppressed and uncomfortable.

Like Aquarius and Capricorns, Virgos are perfectionists. They maintain very high standards for themselves and for their partners, and that can be the catalyst that destroys the relationship.

In line with her perfectionist attitude is her obsessive need for cleanliness and order.

A Virgo partner will not tolerate clutter in any way. It drives them crazy and a little uncomfortable to be with them.


Aries are known to be very impulsive people, and while this trait helps them live happy lives, it can be unsettling in a relationship.

Your partners never know what they are capable of or what they will do next.

Aries are impatient and don’t have much time to spend with people who are not pursuing their goals or plans, including themselves.

Sometimes they can seem bossy because they know what they want and when they want it.

They find it difficult to let their partners dictate the pace of their relationships because they are too impatient to take things slowly.

They are also very arrogant and stubborn; they prefer to listen only to themselves, and in a relationship this can be very tiring and can end the relationship quickly.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than having a partner who is very argumentative, and Aries are very much.

He can chase the partner away and make being with him a Herculean task.

Aries are very passionate people who strive for what they want with everything they have, but it can be a bit too much if they get involved in those things that they are not ready for yet.

Her thirst for adventure makes staying with a partner a chore.

You love variety and most likely will not be satisfied easily.

Because of this, they will settle down. In the end, they will most likely be alone.


Taurus are very contentious. They love to argue with their partners and are never entirely satisfied if they don’t win.

This can be emotionally draining for their partners and lead to a split between them if they are just arguing.

They are also known to be very possessive and jealous.

It can be very engaging at first, but soon it can become very stressful for their partners who may feel that they are not being treated properly.

In addition to their possessive nature, they are also very in a bad mood when they lose it, which can be scary and uncomfortable for their partners and could ultimately tear them apart.

Taurus are surprisingly needy despite their very independent nature, and it can be cool at the beginning of a relationship, but it gets pretty uncomfortable afterward.

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