Manifest desired partner: Use the law of attraction

Manifesting your dream partner is actually possible with the law of attraction.

This law of attraction is a powerful tool that can help us attract everything we deserve to our lives.

“But what is the law of attraction and how does it work?”

Hundreds of years ago the law of attraction was taught to people by the wise Buddha.

Followed by the words:

“What you think is you. What you are, you radiate. What you radiate, you attract ”.

So the law of attraction has become an understanding that what you give the world is what you become.

So whether you send love, hate or happiness out into the world, they all always come back to you as karma.

When we become aware of the possibilities that life offers us, we also realize that we can shape our future.

We can become the person we dream of, get the job we want, the life we ​​dream of, but also the love we believe we deserve.

Because if you can dream something, you can also manifest it, and that is not limited if you want to manifest your dream partner.

Manifesting Your Desired Partner: Why You Should Use the Law of Attraction 

Do you sometimes feel that everyone else has already figured out how to really love?

While, on the other hand, you are not even sure how to act when you are dating someone.

You may even be confused because you don’t seem to like anyone, but you are clearly feeling the energy of your soulmate.

Well one thing is for sure, your soulmate is out there, but you have to work to manifest that love.

After a few bad dates and failed relationships, you have to look at your actions because we may be sending the wrong signals to the universe.

Everything around you, including your thoughts, is energy.

Therefore, like energies attract each other, like a general principle of the law of attraction.

If you want to manifest your dream partner, you have to keep this principle in mind, because your energy was the reason why past relationships failed.

Remember your last failed relationship and the worries and fears that accompanied it

In order to change your reality, you need to work on your emotions and thoughts and you will be able to manifest your dream partner.

Why you can’t find your great love

When manifesting your desired partner, you must accept that you are able to be in a loving relationship, despite your current circumstances. 

More importantly, you accept and believe that your current reality does not determine your future.

The things you are experiencing now are a reflection of your past thoughts and feelings.

That means you can create a new set of emotions and feelings that correspond to the things you want.

You have to keep this as a habit in order to keep adjusting your feelings to your desired reality.

Your dream partner also lives in this desired reality and is actually able to manifest itself.

All of this does not mean that you are in a bad place right now, but that you have the power to change your reality.

How you manifest yourself in the partner of choice, sabotage

Every love story is different and just because you haven’t found your dream partner yet, you don’t lose hope.

In manifesting a desired partner, the universe will act at the ideal time.

Therefore, you will not know when you will finally meet your dream partner, but you will know who he or she is once you meet them.

Still, this does not mean that you have no control over the manifestation of your desired partner.

You need to pay attention to your actions and watch what can prevent you from manifesting love.

There are also 3 common factors that prevent you from getting the love you deserve and creating a new reality for yourself:

You subconsciously distance yourself from love

After getting hurt and disappointed, you may try to protect yourself from it in the future.

Unfortunately, this self-defense mechanism also distances you from the potential to receive love.

The right person isn’t going to treat you like someone who wasn’t meant to be in your life, so their actions may as well stay in the past.

You live in the past

It is almost impossible to attract love and progress when you are living in the past.

You need to get over any person who hasn’t given you the love you deserve, forgive them, and move on.

Even if your old partner is difficult to let go of, you must be in order to receive love.

Perhaps these people even convinced you that you don’t deserve love, so it is important to let go of that thought.

You lost hope in love

After many unhappy and empty relationships, you may have lost hope that the love you deserve is out there.

When you are facing this type of problem, it is also important not to settle for any type of relationship just for the sake of not being alone.

The love you need and deserve is out there, you just have to let go of your fears and manifest them.

Manifest desired partner: Attract the love you deserve 

If you are wondering how to manifest love, the answer is that you need to start looking for love with real intent.

This means that you need to learn to align yourself with a vibrational frequency that love can attract, rather than further disappointments.

You also need to develop a lively, lucid sense of what you are actually trying to attract when trying to manifest love.

Many of us never refine our idea of ​​what we are looking for in love and what kind of person.

This is crucial because manifestations are dreams and thoughts that become reality.

The universe cannot help us find love unless we really know what we want.

So in order to attract our dream partner, we need to have a clear vision of him in order to draw him into our reality.

1. Imagine the characteristics of your dream partner

Before you manifest anything, you need to let the universe know what you want.

Think about the dream partner you want to manifest and write down their characteristics on a piece of paper.

In this process, it is also important to be aware of a few things:

  • You have to believe yourself that you deserve this person
  • Know that this person exists and that you just have to manifest them in your life
  • Imagine that the two of you can meet as vividly as you want and ignore others who are telling you to be realistic
  • Know that the universe wants you to be happy
  • You need to be aware that you deserve love and that you are enough
  • Listen to the inner voice telling you to act

As you write down the qualities you want in him, think about whether you have them yourself.

If you don’t have these desired traits yourself, they are something to work on until the two of you meet.

Even while introducing yourself to this dream partner, do not think too much about his or her appearance, as beautiful people often bring very big problems with them.

The outside is also a fairly superficial trait to consider and in your list you should focus more on the inside of the person.

Ask yourself the following about your needs and wishes when looking for your dream partner:

  • With which 5 words would you describe this dream partner?
  • Which personality traits do you find attractive in another person?
  • How would you like to be treated by a partner? And what are the things that you just would never tolerate?
  • What are your deepest, most hidden longings that you want him to fulfill?
  • What is your goal in life? And how can this dream partner help you to achieve it?

2. Be aware that you deserve your dream partner

When you truly know you deserve what you want, you will get it.

Think about it, have there been times when you found yourself not lovable, not beautiful enough, or not smart enough to love someone?

These are the negative thoughts that keep you from receiving love because you are telling yourself that you don’t deserve it.

There is nothing wrong with you if you are not in a relationship in the moment, and in order to manifest the person you deserve, you need to break free of that resistance.

Your resistance to love is that you think that without that perfect person you are worthless and that you need them to fix yourself!

You are enough and you deserve the person you want, otherwise your fears will only manifest in the reality that you do not want to live in. 

A long time ago I only went on dates with men who took advantage of me and made me feel ugly, worthless, and unworthy of love.

I really felt like this, but worst of all, I felt like this before they came into my life.

The things that I had in my head became my reality and these people were the manifestation of what I thought of myself.

How I manifested the love I deserve

After many failed relationships and repeating patterns when dating certain men, I realized that things need to change.

Before I could manifest my dream partner, I had to realize that I deserve to be loved.

As strange as it seems, this was the last message I sent to a person who hurt, humiliated, and abused me and they left:

“You will never hear from me again because I deserve to be loved just like everyone else”.

Writing this sentence was so painful, not because I already lost that person, but mostly because I felt like I didn’t deserve anything.

Nevertheless, I read this sentence again and thought back to everything he did to me, how he treated me and found me:

“I do not deserve this, I am worthy of love”.

That was when everything changed forever for me, I forgave them and cut them out of my life forever.

I never called that person again, I never wished to meet them again, and every time I thought of them I was just reminded that I deserve love.

So I began to gently treat my body as if it were my own child, my creation.

I gave myself patience, forgiveness, love and finally value after so many years.

I realized that my past didn’t define me and I began to create a new reality for myself.

In this reality I am beautiful, capable, kind, funny, loved, even admired, but most importantly, happy .

I got to a point where I had the traits of the person I wanted to manifest.

Truly, my dream partner manifested for me so naturally, at the right time, without a doubt.

3. If you can dream it, you can manifest it

If your intuition tells you that your dream partner is out there but you haven’t met him yet, believe in his or her existence.

Don’t listen to people around you who tell you that such a man doesn’t exist or that you need to be more realistic.

Saying something like this just means that you haven’t found your dream partner yet, but you are on a different path.

You want to manifest your dream partner, and for this you free yourself from doubts.

A good starting point is also to surround yourself with people who have attracted their dream partner in order to use their energy as inspiration.

People who have found their dream partner will definitely encourage you to find your own and manifest it.

Even if you are reading this article now, it is no accident and it means that you should believe that you can definitely find the person you dream of.

I encourage you to let go of the past, open yourself to love and believe that you will soon meet your dream partner whose love you more than deserve.

You deserve to be loved, and if you lived as humbly as I did, that might not be your natural way of thinking.

But starting today, repeat at least once a day, “I deserve to be loved” until it becomes part of your reality.

4. Keep a dream journal

Writing in your diary is a powerful exercise if you want to manifest your dream partner.

Once you start doing this, you will soon find that the things you wrote about become a reality.

All of the things that I wrote down in my journal are now part of my reality, and for a reason.

It is not possible to be immune to the gifts the universe wants to give us, it is only up to us to ask for them.

In return, however, we need to change our actions and mindsets in order to become a better and more mindful person.

To begin this exercise, put a nice diary by your bed and write in it as soon as you wake up.

Always keep the diary in your pocket in case certain things occur to you that you would like to manifest in love.

Therefore, write 5-10 times a day in your diary, especially after you wake up and before you go to bed.

Write down what your perfect day looks like with your perfect partner whom you want to manifest.

That you woke up next to him, had a great breakfast, went to a park with him and that he gave you a romantic kiss before bed.

Play around with this fantasy and it will become a reality.

5. Practice gratitude and affirmations

One of the most powerful things you can do to manifest your dream partner is to pretend they are already part of your reality.

So every day when you wake up you need to repeat 5 positive affirmations like:

  1. I am very grateful for my loving partner
  2. I am worthy of love
  3. I am a complete and interesting person even without them
  4. Still, I’m grateful to have her in my life
  5. The love of my dream partner is the love I deserve

So this energy speeds up the process of bringing the love you desire into your life.

Repeating these sentences and practicing gratitude for the things you have not yet received also increases your vibrations.

It is important to keep your vibes high when manifesting your desired partner because as a result, he will be more what you imagined.

While a low vibration will manifest to you a person who is not really the love of your life.

So it is very important to be:

  • Grateful
  • Mindful
  • Satisfied with yourself
  • Freed from envy and hatred
  • Full of joy and positivity

As soon as we send these emotions into the universe, we get them back.

Not only in the form of desired events, but also in the form of our dream partner.

6. Listen to the voice that guides you

When I saw my soul mate on a dating site, I was about 5 minutes away from deleting them.

I’d never used a dating site before but tried it for fun after a friend told me about a funny guy she met on a site.

Of course, they didn’t get together in the end, but that she told me about it that day is no coincidence.

Then when we met in real life, he also told me that he signed up for the site just for fun and that he felt really weird when he saw my picture.

He’s the type of guy who thinks twice before doing anything, but he recklessly decided to come to my town to meet me after talking to me.

Just as I carelessly decided to meet someone completely stranger to me, with whom I felt very familiar.

What happened later cannot be a coincidence, I felt so connected to him as if I had known him all my life.

He also told me that he had the feeling that he knew me from another life.

Not that it all sounds strange, because we’ve both been single for most of our lives, with lots of failed relationships and cold natures that would never allow us to act entirely romantically.

But we both did it because we realized that these things happen for a reason.

When we both decided to listen to the inner voice that guided us, we found each other.

Our inner voice tells us things without telling us why, but we should always follow it.

Because when we do that, new wonderful things will open up to us, and ultimately it will lead us to the love we deserve.

Manifest desired partner: Use the law of attraction

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