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How to get back together with someone (according to their zodiac sign)

Having an ex is difficult, especially when you have social networks these days. You don’t want to become friends with him, but you don’t want to see him check into bars and concerts either.

Oh, and let’s not forget our mutual friends, the risk of running into him, and the thought that he might move on.

The only thing that makes having an ex even more difficult is the desire to get him back.

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Ah, yes, the puzzle of getting back together with an ex. How exactly do you do that?

According to movies and TV shows, there are roughly a million different ways to get the ex back.

It can be a romantic gesture, an intimate conversation, and asking for forgiveness. But what works for whom?

You are lucky that we have everything under control. We’ve broken down the different ways to get an ex back by their zodiac sign … because trying to get an Aries back is a very different process than trying to get a Pisces back.

Aries – Make them feel like they matter

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Aries is a strong fire sign so it is very difficult to change your mind. Whether it was ended by you or by them, if an Aries decided not to get back with you, convincing him otherwise will be a challenge.

It’s not impossible, however, and there are a few things to do. First of all, you should make your Aries feel important.

Because Aries are born leaders, they enjoy feeling important.

We all enjoy feeling important, but Aries enjoys feeling really, really important.

You should make a declaration of love to show them that they are the most important person to you.

This will give you a few big plus points with your Aries ex. If you’re trying to get an Aries back, you should also just be honest and straightforward.

Taurus – Show that you will never hurt them

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Getting a Taurus back is like a full time job! I’m not even kidding.

Taurus is an extremely devoted and stable sign. When they love, they love hard.

If you’ve ever broken up with a Taurus, it’s likely because you left them.

The Taurus sign rarely breaks up with people. You want to win the zodiac sign when it comes to relationships.

That being said, regaining a Taurus’ trust will be difficult if you’ve broken their trust.

Because Taurus love so much, they get hurt so much too. They become very suspicious, possessive, and jealous.

First, you need to be sure that when you get back together, you will survive this emotional storm of obsession and distrust. It’s going to be tough.

If you can get through it, just be patient. A Taurus just wants to see that you won’t hurt them again.

So, day by day, show him that you are in his life forever. Taurus loves love, so this patient, slow tactic will eventually break it. But, as we said, be ready for the emotional storm that Taurus is.

Gemini – Show them your adventurous side

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Twins are so very affectionate. They love to be social. In fact, their energy comes from the social sphere.

Since human connection is something they strive for, it is not difficult to regain the affection of loving Gemini, but it is difficult to fully regain a Gemini.

You see, this sign can never make up its mind. A Gemini is indecisive, nervous, and inconsistent.

You may think that you have made up with your twin, and then the next day your twin will tell you that he is not so sure about wanting to get back together.

A Gemini doesn’t want to feel tied up. You don’t want life to be a repetition.

Gemini is always up for an adventure, especially when that adventure is a relationship.

Cancer- Express your feelings

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Cancers are very much in tune with their emotions and they never hide their feelings.

You can’t help it – all the good emotions and all the bad emotions are right on the surface.

Because of this, a Cancer ex can be negative, moody, and pessimistic. In fact, a Cancer ex can be really mean.

If they are mad at you or hate you, you will know – you will even feel it. Hell, they might even just tell you that they hate you.

Because cancer is so in tune with these feelings, it can work in your favor as well.

Cancers are associated with their feelings and the feelings of others. You are quite personable.

To get back on his good side, all you have to do is express your feelings to your Cancer ex.

If you have strong feelings, he will feel them too, and hopefully he will understand them.

Emotionally express yourself to your Cancer ex and he won’t be able to help but forgive you.

Leo – buy them something special

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Watch out, watch out, watch out. Leos love attention more than almost any other sign.

They love it when all eyes are on them.

Because of this, a Leo will love a partner who treats them like a king or queen.

Of course, they don’t want to be pushed aside by a partner, just someone who makes them feel really important.

To get your Leo back you have to make them feel like they are very important.

Tell him that he is the most important person to you. A Leo also loves expensive things. However, an expensive gift would definitely help convince a Leo to give you another chance.

Thankfully, when you’re back with a Leo it can feel like you’ve never broken up.

A Leo is warm and funny. He has a happy personality that you will see when you get back together.

Virgo- Show that you are not at risk

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Virgos are so very practical. You have a very black and white sense of life.

You’re not the type to be overly indulgent or backward moving. Instead, you need to show that there is a future for both of them.

Showing them the possibility of a future together is the way you can win back your Virgo.

A Virgo is also very analytical by nature. She will think about the basic facts of the relationship and not let her emotions dominate her.

Instead of appealing to their emotional side, get the facts in your corner.

You should show that you are not taking a risk, but rather making a wise, logical decision.

We’re not saying you should do a power point presentation, but you should think with your head instead of your heart when trying to win back a Virgo.

Libra- have a civilized conversation

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If you want to get back together with a Libra, you’re in luck because a Libra is one of the easiest signs to get reconciled with.

A Libra is fair and social. Her goal is always to achieve harmony among others so that she will be open to re-establishing harmony in your relationship.

So accessible to Libra is that they are ready to sit down and listen to your side of the story.

Even better, once you tell them your side, a Libra will be fair and thoughtful.

She will take into account your report and your feelings, and may even agree with you.

The only difficulty you might find is that they will try to avoid you.

A Libra will do their best to avoid a confrontation, so you need to reassure your Libra ex that you don’t want to confront her, but that you would rather have a civilized conversation.

But honestly, if you want to get back on track with a Libra, you don’t need a lot of help.

Scorpio – Get Emotional With Them

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A Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs. The Scorpio enjoys affection and love and great passion.

If you kiss him enough, he might even forget that you’ve ever broken up.

This is exactly how you get back together with a Scorpio – you embrace your passion.

Scorpios live their lives for the passion, so you need to remind your Scorpio ex that you had a great, great passion.

Scorpios are even ready to take the risk of getting hurt again when it comes to a great love.

A Scorpio will risk everything for such a great love. You don’t necessarily have to rely on the logical side of Scorpio, but rather on the purely emotional side.

However, you should watch out for secrets. Scorpios are very mysterious so they may hide their feelings from you when you are back together.

Sagittarius – Make Her Laugh

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With Sagittarius, it can be hard to get back together because when they move on, they don’t look back.

You’re not the type to really think about your past relationships.

When it’s over, they want to keep moving forward. Such is Sagittarius because of his aversion to compulsions.

They don’t like being tied to things, including the past.

To win back a Sagittarius one has to forget the past and paint a perfect picture of the relationship.

Sagittarius are idealists by nature, so it is advisable to wear their rose-colored glasses. Of course, no relationship is idealistic or perfect, but that’s fine.

Sagittarius always only imagine the best and are satisfied with reality.

You should also tap into their sense of humor. A Sagittarius is humorous and always looking for the humor in others.

Make him laugh and you’ll be in his arms again in no time.

Capricorn – Be prepared for a serious attitude

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Capricorns are known for their self-control. They are the kind of signs that actually stick to a routine of getting up at 6 a.m. for yoga and never getting too drunk in public.

This kind of self-control is also reflected in their relationships. If they made up their minds not to get back together with you, a Capricorn will have so much self-control that it would be difficult to win them over again. Difficult but not impossible.

Talking about a future together – with marriage, a house, and children – is the path to go with the self-controlled Capricorn.

All you need to know is that Capricorn can be condescending and derisive. Be ready for a serious demeanor when you get back together.

Aquarius – Have an intelligent conversation

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The Aquarius sign is very progressive and very open-minded.

Because of this, they will be able to listen to your thoughts and process them. They won’t go on the defensive or blame you, but rather be interested in hearing your side of the relationship.

An Aquarius can accept what you have to say about your side of the failed relationship.

Even more good news: An Aquarius doesn’t care what other people think either, so that won’t be a barrier when you get back together.

You won’t care that others are judging the two of you because you tried again.

When you’re trying to get back together with an Aquarius, you want to make it intellectual rather than emotional.

An Aquarius hates emotional conversation. The last thing he wants is to listen to you cry for an hour.

Instead, make the conversation more intellectual and philosophical. They love intelligent conversation so they are really going to like this.

Pisces – Make sure you clear all of your questions first.

A Pisces is always very compassionate and gentle. You have an old, wise soul.

Rather than being immature when they break up, a Pisces is likely to be more mature and take responsibility for their part in the breakdown of the relationship.

However, since this sign is emotional, they are likely to give in in their sadness

They can feel gloomy and upset about the breakup, which can make it difficult for them to get back together with them.

You should comfort them and allow them to be as sad as they want.

The most important thing to think about when trying to get back together with a Pisces is to promise them that past mistakes will not re-emerge in the relationship.

The Pisces hate it when the past comes back and haunts them. So before you get back together with a fish, make sure to solve all of your problems first.

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How to get back together with someone (according to their zodiac sign)

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