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Gifts from the gods to each sign of the zodiac

It was believed that Zeus, the king of all gods and goddesses, blessed every person with a gift, a special power that could help them in their lives.

So the king of Olympus blessed the zodiac signs – each one of them – with a special gift.

A gift that distinguishes one sign from the other.

It is believed that Zeus loves people so much that he always finds ways to help them on their way.

The myth behind every zodiac sign

There is a legend that builds up the history of all the signs of the zodiac. A fascinating myth either invented or assigned to each sign of the zodiac to portray the real qualities that enrich those born under it.

In this way the ancient Greeks told how the gods and goddesses gave each person a divine gift to help him in this life.

In a way, this is a blessing and a curse. One has to accept the gift, but also learn how to develop through it.

A gift can also act as a curse. A valuable lesson that teaches us that we should always try to learn more and live with dignity and respect for others. So let’s start with each character ..

Gift of the gods to Aries: honor

Myth of Aries:

Aries is associated with the legend of the Golden Aries fleece, a story that predates time.

According to ancient historians, Jason and the Argonauts traveled a long journey with a thousand difficulties to retrieve the fleece of the Golden Aries, which was hidden and kept in a mysterious land far away.

Jason never loses faith, and he always finds a way to succeed through teamwork while “sacrificing” himself for the greater good.

Zeus honors Jason by turning the Golden Fleece into a bright constellation as a reminder of his beliefs.

The gift of the gods to Aries is honor. Aries is guided by enthusiasm and sometimes “blind” belief.

A voice keeps telling them that everything will be fine. That’s not optimism. It is belief.

That is the ultimate trust in the gods and that is why they are honored by them.

You may not see the fruits of what you planted, but your creative nature won’t stop turning the soil into a green, fragrant garden.

Gift of the gods to Taurus: power

Myth of the Taurus:

The second of the zodiac signs, Taurus, is inspired by the legend of the hero Theseus.

He volunteered to be the one to be sacrificed to the gods.

Every year a young person from this city was chosen to be eaten by a terrifying monster called the Minotaur.

The boy or girl (imagine a teenager) was dragged into the maze where the monster lived.

In this dark labyrinth the boy / girl was always lost and the Minotaur will feast on his / her young flesh.

Theseus manages to kill the beast and also finds a way out of this labyrinth.

The gift of the gods to Taurus is power! No matter what the situation or who the opponents are, if they really want something, they will find a way to achieve it.

Their power comes from within, from their hearts, and that is something they must accept.

Love conquers all and their hearts thirst for love. They are blessed with unimaginable power by the gods.

Gift of the gods to twins: communication

Myth of the twins:

The third of the zodiac signs, Gemini, is inspired by the legend of Dioscuri, the two twin brothers who voluntarily joined Jason and the Argonauts to find the Golden Fleece.

They were very loving and together they made a great team. But Castor was killed and Pollux was heartbroken.

Zeus, who admired the love of these brothers, invited the living twin (Pollux) to live with him and the other gods on Mount Olympus.

Pollux respectfully denied, and then Zeus found a way to live together forever and made two bright stars out of them.

The gift of the gods to the Gemini is communication. Their amazing ability to gather and refine information is so sinister that not even the underworld can stop them from being successful.

You also have the amazing ability to become part of social groups and share valuable information with interesting people.

This is their greatest asset. They are the kings of information and communication.

God’s gift to Cancer: loyalty

Myth of Cancer:

The fourth of the zodiac signs, Cancer, is inspired by the legend of the hero Hercules.

The hero was called in to help people get rid of a terrible snake monster with many heads, Lernaia Hydra.

Hera, the almighty queen of the gods, was jealous when Zeus betrayed her at the birth of Hercules.

To help Hydra kill Hercules, Hera conjured up the King of Crabs (Cancer is the Crab).

Hercules managed to step on the crab and kill him. However, Hera decided to honor the King of Cancer and made a huge bright constellation out of him.

The gift of the gods to Cancer is loyalty. They are extremely loyal to their friends, family, and all that is sacred to them.

The typical Cancer tries their best to help as they do their best for all who love them.

This fidelity is blind at times, and they may end up being hurt, but they are always rewarded for their perseverance at some point.

Gift of the gods to Leo: pride

Myth of Leo:

The fifth of the zodiac signs, Leo, is inspired by the legend of the first labor of Hercules.

The capture and killing of the Nemean lion that terrorized people.

Hercules managed to defeat this powerful beast. He skinned the lion and put a cloak on it. This impenetrable fur kept Hercules safe from blades and arrows.

The gift of the gods to Leo is pride. The fur of the mighty lion beast is a symbol of their pride.

It cannot be penetrated by the arrows of unethical judgments or hideous words.

The cloak is a symbol of their royal origins. However, this is just a cloak.

Pride should come from within and not from something outside. They should realize that they are worthy, wise, and good.

God’s gift to the virgin: adaptability

Myth of the Virgin:

The sixth of the zodiac signs, Virgo, is inspired by the legend of Persephone.

She was the daughter of the great earth goddess Demeter. Hades, the mighty figure of the underworld, kidnapped Persephone and married her.

However, Demeter was so desperate that she asked Zeus to bring her back.

Zeus, Hades, and Demeter decided that Persephone would stay on earth for six months and the underworld for the remaining six months (from autumn to spring equinox).

The gift of the gods to the virgin is adaptability.

Persephone, the beautiful wife of King Hades and queen of the underworld, has been on earth for half a year and the other half in the underworld.

This shows the Virgo’s adaptability. You can even take them to the underworld and still find a way to live as queens.

Of course it’s not easy, but you will get it! However, they should always remember who they are and not lose sight of their higher destiny.

Gift of the gods to Libra: justice

Myth of the Libra:

The seventh of the zodiac signs, Libra, is inspired by the wise goddess of justice, Themis (or her daughter, Deich, who was one of the three graces, the embodiment of good judgment).

The scale is a golden – highly precise – scale that has measured the graces and sins of people. The scales symbolize karma, which is always the balanced result of each of our actions.

The gift of the gods to Libra is justice. All born under the sign of Libra have an instinctive tendency to justly judge all but themselves.

They are very strict with themselves, with no regard for them. That is probably why they are such good judges to others.

This amazing ability gives them everything they need to understand the way society works and move as far as possible towards ultimate success.

Gift of the gods to Scorpio: passion

Myth of Scorpio:

The eighth of the zodiac signs, Scorpio, is inspired by the legend of the most skilled hunter named Orion.

He accidentally grabbed the sigh of 7 beautiful nymphs – daughters of Atlas and Pleione, the Pleiades.

He was fascinated by their beauty and began to run after them. Then they asked Gaia (the primordial goddess of the earth) to help them.

Gaia was quick to respond as she was angry that this great hunter continued to hunt her beautiful animals.

She sent a large, poisonous scorpion that immediately stung him and killed Orion. They all become bright stars, Orion, Scorpio and the Pleiades.

The gift of the gods to Scorpio is passion. The sign is blessed with an amazing touch with their instinctive selves and that gives them the power to “hunt” and pursue whatever they want.

Scorpio, on the other hand, reminds us that our instincts can help us, but that they can also poison and kill us.

Gift of the gods to Sagittarius: luck

Sagittarius Myth:

The ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius, is inspired by the wonderful legend of the King of the Centaurs, wonderful and strong creatures – half human / half horse.

This particular centaur was a son of Poseidon. He was also tutored in the arts of sciences, arts, and magic by Apollo and Artemis.

He even had great students like Hercules and Jason. But one day he was accidentally hit with a poisonous arrow by Hercules.
As a demigod, he was immortal.

The gift of the gods to Sagittarius is luck. It is believed that this sign is blessed by Zeus himself by giving them everything they need when they need it.

It may look weird – because that great centaur dies in the end – but the Greeks didn’t believe death was a bad thing, just the inevitable twist in the journey.

Also, this great centaur, Chiron, was blessed to have Poseidon as his father and Apollo with Artemis as his teacher.

Happiness accompanies this sign all the way.

Gift of the gods to Capricorn: Success

Myth of the Capricorn:

As the tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is inspired by a lovely and faithful sea goddess, the goat nymph Amaltheia.

She was commissioned by the goddess Rhea – the mother of Zeus – to cherish and care for the king of the gods.

Rhea believed that her fearsome husband Kronos (Saturn) was going to kill little Zeus, so she hid him from public view.

Amaltheia nourished Zeus with her rich milk and gave him lavender honey to eat.

When Zeus became king of the gods, he made Amaltheia a bright constellation to remind everyone that sometimes you have to make sacrifices to evolve.

The gift of the gods to Capricorn is success and abundance. However, this is not easy.

We have to work and do our best to be successful – at least that’s how Capricorns see it.

They believe that true success depends on hard work and sacrifice. What if you don’t have to work that hard?

Perhaps you can combine business with pleasure.

Don’t lose yourself only to discover one day that you have become a bright star. Remember! The journey is more important than the destination!

Gift of the gods to Aquarius: uniqueness

Aquarius Myth:

The eleventh of the zodiac signs, Aquarius, is inspired by the handsome young prince named Ganymedes.

He was so beautiful that even Zeus, the mighty king of the gods, could not resist his beauty and grace.

He sent his beloved eagle to fetch it and take it to Olympus, where the Olympians lived.

Zeus was very fond of Ganymedes, so he gave him the divine task of pouring the goblet of Zeus and the other gods, the drink of eternal youth – nectar.

The gift of the gods to Aquarius is this amazing uniqueness.

In addition, their peculiarity is so interesting, as if they did not belong to the earth.

Ganymedes, the cupbearer, is so unique that he became a possible lover of Zeus without complaining to Hera).

However, this uniqueness can sometimes cause them difficulties or isolate them, as they rarely feel that they belong to this earth.

Gift of the gods to fish: imagination

Myth of the fish:

The twelfth zodiac sign, Pisces, is inspired by the scary story of a giant demon named Typhoon.

While this monster chased after the Olympians, they instinctively turned into animals to save themselves until Zeus, the king of gods, defeated him.

When the typhoon chased Aphrodite (goddess of love, passion and beauty) and her son Eros (god of love and passion), they turned into two fish and swam in different directions.

The gift of the gods to fish is fantasy. Just as Aphrodite and her son Eros thought they would become Pisces – and they succeeded – so all who are born under the sign of Pisces can reach for their dreams.

They have an amazing ability to create illusions – that’s why they are so adorable!

However, there is a difference between fantasy and visualization.

While the first can be self-destructive, the second can be really creative.

Both powers are in them. Sometimes their vision can help them achieve their goals while sometimes their imagination leads them into traps!

Gifts from the gods to each sign of the zodiac

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