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47 quotes that explain how Scorpios think about love

It doesn’t take much to be gripped by the deep and at the same time so attractive gaze of Scorpio.

Some may even never understand what it means to love these people and to be hurt by them.

Only those who ever had the courage to tread their dark path and the endless garden of the lost do it anyway.

They are permanently influenced by these eyes, and they never really feel the same again when they move on to someone else after them.

If you’ve ever loved a Scorpio then you know you see them in everything you feel and do.

You feel their energy and soul all around you and you suffer in grief knowing you could never have them.

Not because you weren’t good enough, but because Scorpios don’t belong to anyone but themselves.

Even if you are lucky enough to hold them, there is always a side to them that you cannot grasp, cannot understand.

It is the darkness that they only know about and that they don’t show to anyone in their entire lives.

This darkness houses all of their pain, pleasure and their realization that no one can understand how they feel.

It is easy to admire how much pain and yet lust for life they have.

How they make you feel so much at once by just looking at them, and how much their touch can move you.

Is there any point in life at all after they’re gone, I sometimes ask myself.

While things are never easy with Scorpio, they are sure to be the most difficult once they’re gone.

Because once they’re gone, they never really come back and everything fades away.

The only thing that remains is their gaze, which you always consciously look for in a crowd, but never find.

1. “Never doubt a Scorpio’s sincerity. You always speak from the heart. “

2. “Treat Scorpio like an option and he will leave you like a choice.”

3. “Scorpio is like the ocean, beautiful on the surface, but dive into the depths and you will find the beauty that most people never see.”

4. “I am the can in your veins, just fight your way through the pain.”

5. “Just because I want you in my life doesn’t mean I need you there.”

6. “Feelings that fade were never real.”

7. “I was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and anger.”

8. I will give you all of myself until there is nothing left.

9. “Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.”

10. “When someone is important to a Scorpio, they can be very self-sacrificing and sometimes bend backward to show their devotion, loyalty, and the depth of their relationship. However, once he is betrayed, the Scorpio changes quickly and permanently. “

11. “Everyone who comes after Scorpio is just a compromise. I can assure you of that. “

12. “Scorpios tend to be extreme in everything they do. You love intensely; but they also hate intensely. “

13. “Before you can even finish talking, a Scorpio has already figured out you.”

14. “Scorpios always seem to have a hard surface. However, they feel emotions more deeply than any other sign of the zodiac. “

15. “I feel like I was made to understand but not to be understood.”

16. “Scorpios never share their secrets. But guess what? You know yours. “

17. “Scorpios may want you, but they don’t need you”.

18. “Passion is more than love to a Scorpio. As soon as you prove yourself worthy of it ”.

19. Getting betrayed after opening their hearts is one of Scorpio’s greatest fears. Therefore, they will constantly test a lover to make sure he is worthy. ”

20. “Your eyes often glow with emotions that words can’t even begin to express”

21. “Call them crazy or whatever you want, but you won’t find a more loyal and passionate person than a Scorpio”.

22. “Scorpios are more likely to be introverts who act like extroverts”.

23. “It takes strength to show vulnerability.”

24. “Scorpios get burned and then get up stronger and wiser than ever”.

25. “You will be amazed at the determination and daring of the Scorpio.”

26. “Scorpios have eyes in the back of their minds and can smell insincerity for miles around.”

27. “Even if a Scorpio makes you feel like you are in charge, you really aren’t.”

28. “What I like most about people is weaknesses.”

29. “Scorpios are by nature very private and mysterious people who never fully reveal their deepest and darkest secrets.

30. “Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac and the most mysterious. He is very mysterious by nature, a loyal friend and a formidable enemy. “

31. “A Scorpio will carry his grudge to the afterlife if necessary to get revenge.”

32. “The words that best describe Scorpios are intense, intuitive, and passionate.”

33. “Influence is often only noticed when it later blossoms in the garden of someone else’s life. Our words and actions can end up near your home or they can be carried far and wide. “

34. “Scorpios are difficult to get to know, but impossible to forget”.

35. “A Scorpio never says much, but encompasses all meanings in simple sentences.”


Love quotes about Scorpio’s compatibility with other zodiac signs:

36. “Scorpio and Aries is a union full of lust, passion and electricity”.

37. “Scorpio and Taurus are opposites in the zodiac: They see through each other and can grow through hard love”.

38. “Scorpio and Gemini drive each other crazy, but love each other like crazy”.

39. “Scorpio and Cancer can understand each other intuitively, almost telepathically”.

40. “Scorpio and Leo can be very competitive, fierce, but always exciting”.

41. “Scorpio and Virgo: These two love to watch everything and be sarcastic”.

42. “Scorpio and Libra are a great relationship, provided they don’t argue about something all the time.”

43. “A Scorpio and Scorpio Couple: Either Heaven or Hell”.

44. ”Scorpio and Sagittarius: The Attraction Is Real, But They Are Often On The Warpath”.

45. “Scorpio and Capricorn are a mature and determined couple”.

46. ​​“Scorpio and Aquarius may be like extremes, but that can bring them closer together”.

47. “Scorpio in love is intense, hot and cold, and sometimes obsessive. Pisces in love is suggestible, escapist and sometimes a victim. ” 

47 quotes that explain how Scorpios think about love

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