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Which Disney princess are you based on your zodiac sign?

The Disney world is full of princesses from different cultures and backgrounds.

Each princess has her own unique personality and also features that set her apart from others.

Many of us have probably seen Disney Princesses films and loved their stories and the wonderful animation.

Disney movies in general were a part of our childhood and will continue to inspire future generations.

In each of you there is a princess who is brave, determined, spontaneous and full of love.

Disney Princesses are a combination of beauty, intelligence and courage. But only one carries traits that are close to you and that are similar to your personality.

It will be easy for you to determine this based on your zodiac sign.

Because just like them, you are the protagonist of your own story and your goal should be to make your dreams come true.

1. Aries – Ariel

If you were born under the Aries zodiac sign then you are just like Princess Ariel, full of courage and determination.

Nobody can stop you from doing things your way and from becoming the person you want to be.

Just like Ariel, you don’t really care what others think of your decisions and the goals you have set for yourself.

Nobody can change your mind and especially not order you around.

You go your own way and are completely independent, especially when you long to change your surroundings.

2. Taurus – Jasmine

Just like Princess Jasmine, people born under the zodiac sign Taurus are full of love.

They would do anything for the person they love and are impressed with small gestures of love.

Which doesn’t mean they don’t like it when someone sweeps them off their feet either.

Like Princess Jasmin, people born under the zodiac sign Taurus also have the most beautiful hair and eyes.

They are unique beauties who impress with their beauty as well as with their intellect.

3. Twins – Cinderella

Cinderella is definitely synonymous with the zodiac sign Gemini.

Like them, she has a kind of double personality, because one night she is a wonderful princess, but during the day she is a completely normal lady.

The zodiac sign Gemini represents their whole story in a wonderful way, because they too can change from one person to another in a matter of seconds.

Gemini also have this grace and loving way of expressing themselves, like Cinderella.

They’re both majestic too, no matter how hard others try to bring them down.

4. Cancer – Belle

Princess Belle is an excellent portrayal of the Cancer zodiac sign and its virtues.

Just like her, she is soft-hearted, gentle, and very clever.

She is always looking for the good in people and only finds beauty in good souls in material and unimportant things.

Belle would never be impressed by someone with an impure heart, and just like a Cancer, she always recognizes true love.

Like the zodiac sign Cancer, she is beautiful inside and out, and definitely the good we need more of in this world.

5. Leo – Pocahontas

Like the zodiac sign Leo, Pocahontas is headstrong, strong, and determined.

She doesn’t let anyone control her and say that the way she lives her life is wrong.

Just like the zodiac sign Leo, she is true to her whole being and full of pride, no matter how much pain she experiences.

With her bravery, she is able to impress even the most daring people.

But actually it teaches them that they are nothing but cowards compared to a golden soul like it is.

6. Virgin – Mulan

Mulan is definitely not a princess, but rather a heroine of her own story, like the zodiac sign Virgo.

She is strong, independent and persistent and stays calm even in the worst of needs.

In every way she is also a wonderful soul who differs from everyone else in her ambition and simplicity.

Her pride and warmth are unique and she would do anything for those she loves.

Besides, just as Mulan was able to save all of China, the zodiac sign Virgo is also able to achieve any goal with ambition.

7. Libra – Aurora

Just like the Libra zodiac sign, Aurora is lovely and elegant.

She also has an incredible way of connecting with other people, a tendency that the social scales also have.

Like them, she is loved by everyone, sometimes so much that she becomes the whole focus of attention.

This sometimes arouses envy in others, so many Libra have to be careful who they trust.

Still, no one is able to crush a Libra as hard times have taught them to stay strong.

8. Scorpio – Anne

Princess Anne possesses such a loyalty that is unique to a Scorpio.

Even when those she loves are going through a difficult time, she does not leave her side.

She does not fail those who are overwhelmed by their fears and worries, and in many ways she also understands the true nature of people.

Like a Scorpio, she is able to see through lies and reveal really good people.

Even if the whole kingdom is against you, a Scorpio will still be by your side.

9. Sagittarius – Merida

Due to the character of Merida, we definitely see a lot of resemblance to the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

There is a king, a queen and a princess, there is a villain in the form of a dangerous beast, but this princess is different.

She as the main character deviates from the norm, although she is a beautiful princess in a beautiful castle.

A strong character has been created who fights for his freedom without fear of anything, including the magic that is almost destroying her family.

Merida is the type of woman who deals with martial skills, who rejects everything in the image of a typical princess, which makes her very similar to the fiery Sagittarius.

10. Capricorn – Tiana

Like the zodiac sign Capricorn, Tiana is hardworking and has never received anything in her life.

Everything she has has been accomplished with hard work and determination, and a Capricorn is no different in this.

She is also very similar to this zodiac sign in love, because she is not easy to impress.

She does not believe that a handsome prince will save her and make her life easier, but is looking for someone who is her equal.

Fortunately, just like the Capricorn zodiac sign, she will be able to develop a close relationship with her partner while all of her dreams come true.

11. Aquarius – Rapunzel

Rapunzel is an adventurous and creative princess who corresponds to the Aquarius zodiac sign.

She loves to experience and discover new things and doesn’t like being tied to one place.

For them there is nothing worse than staying inside and letting the monotony of life take over them.

There is so much potential in this existence that, like Aquarius, she couldn’t bear to waste that potential by staying home all day.

Like the zodiac sign Aquarius, she is also full of positivity and likes to take her friends on unforgettable adventures.

12. Pisces – Snow White

Snow White has many of the traits of the dreamy zodiac sign Pisces.

She is a gentle and sweet person who is full of innocence and curiosity.

When things get too dramatic for her too, she takes refuge in her own dream world full of wonderful things.

Sometimes, like the Pisces zodiac sign, she is unfortunately the victim of people who are not as pure of heart as her.

While she is a gentle dreamer, Pisces, like her, should be careful about whom to trust.

Which Disney princess are you based on your zodiac sign?

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