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These psychic powers that each astrological sign possesses

We all suspect the existence of innate psychic abilities within us. Some signs, like Aries, are known to be in the right place at the right time while others, like Libras seem to know others better than they know themselves. Weird! Find out how you, too, are connected with the universe!


In the right place at the right time

Your psychic ability is to have flair. For example, while you are walking aimlessly, you find yourself in a party and discover an artist practicing his talents in front of his family and a few friends, this one will sell the following year, tickets of concert for several million euros. You are a talent magnet!


Detect the Invisible Frontier

Taureans have this ability to go beyond the limits of the understandable. You manage to avoid tension by never going beyond this invisible line established by everyone and distinguishing the acceptable from the unacceptable. You with the ability to immediately sense someone trying to push past your own barriers, and you are fearless when it comes to confronting them before they get too far.


Find the Words

Gemini are highly connected to their five senses, with so much power in fact, that they hardly need a sixth sense. Gemini are born speakers and know how to find the right words. You will often hear yourself say “but how do you know that?” Without being able to answer it. You know it and that’s it. Your sixth sense allows you to find the right words like magic.


Trust your Instinct

The reason why you already know what is about to happen, psychologically, is that your emotional capacities allow you to feel what other people are feeling. If you sense that a bully is about to take it out on someone, your aggression towards them will be seen as bravado when it was really just emotional empathy.


Choosing the Right Time

You are connected emotionally, almost by magnetism, to the rhythm of life, in every moment. You know exactly when to show up. If a party starts at 6 p.m. and you don’t arrive until 9:30 p.m., the boring night will instantly turn into a party! You know when to show up, when to express yourself, when to take action.


Perceive Opportunities and Threats

Your ability to know information before it is communicated and to formulate accurate predictions almost sounds like a stroke of genius. Your ability to imagine the building that will rise next year in place of the current empty space, allows you to guess when to move to the ideal neighborhood in order to start a family.


Know the Other Better Than You Know Yourself

You have the psychic ability to read souls, understand the motives of others, and anticipate their actions before they themselves are aware of it. But you have a weak point, your reflection in the mirror. You don’t know yourself well enough to see and appreciate your own successes. You lose your sixth sense as soon as someone gets too close to you.


Perceive Beyond the Surface

You manifest your thirst for love physically and with intensity. Speaking is almost always upsetting to you. Words get in the way of your quest for passion and you can distinguish a good talker from a man who is genuinely looking for love. Your ability to perceive and contain desire is your psychic power – you also get to know when someone is genuinely interested in a friend of yours.


Guess Success

Sagittarians are born optimists because they know ahead of time where the opportunities lie. While others look at charts and tables and then hire a consultant, you already know where and when you will be putting your money in, be it in business or in love. Your success rate is clearly enviable!


Knowledge of the Path

Some people suddenly stop doing what they were doing. They resign and move. They sell their house. Capricorns know, mentally, the way. When the time comes to evolve, you feel it without even needing any clues or prior information and initiate the transformation. You initiate radical changes in your life at the right time and climb the ladder of success at a steady pace.



The ability to get what he wants from others is an innate talent in Aquarius, a talent that you erect into a true art. You can claim whatever you want, but already know what the other is looking for and are able to match your needs and wants with theirs.


Visualize Things as a Whole

Pisces is by far the sign with the most powerful psychic gifts in the zodiac. Comprehensiveness is your specialty. You know where each piece of the puzzle fits. Science fiction and the other dimensions are facts for you and you can visit them through intense visions; you walk and bring back to us, pragmatists, great truths.

These psychic powers that each astrological sign possesses

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