One day you will meet a man who will make the effort to love you

I know you worry but honestly you don’t have to stress. You are an extraordinary woman and you will find a man who will recognize your greatness.

So please stop preparing for the worst-case scenario. I promise you that one day you will meet a man ready to love you unconditionally.

This man will not be afraid to seriously commit to your relationship and he will not run away from the first obstacle.

In fact, this man will be mature enough to understand that a romantic relationship takes effort and a lot of work.

Love is far from simple. And, for once, you will have a man by your side who is fully aware of this.

While many people think that a love story requires no effort and that everything turns out like a fairy tale, this man will know that is completely wrong.

After all, when the problems of everyday life come knocking on the door, how can you get away with it if you don’t put in the effort?

When you love someone for better or for worse, how do you not realize that it takes work and courage?

These questions do not worry this man because he is aware of the personal investment he must make to make his romantic relationship work.

Moreover, we must all do it if we want to live in harmony in our relationship.

The man who is by your side right now is not worthy of you!

I know you need something else. I know you are dreaming of something else. And, the man who is sharing your life right now cannot give you everything you want.

Are you aware of this? Do you realize that he doesn’t even talk to you anymore? Your opinion is absolutely irrelevant to him and he doesn’t want to listen to what you have to say.

Besides, when you approach him, he doesn’t even let go of his phone. YOUR PARTNER ABSOLUTELY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU.

It’s a fact. This is the reality of your current life! But, here’s the question I’m going to ask you: do you think you deserve such behavior?

To be happy, you need a man who genuinely cares about you, someone who will make you feel like you’re completely a part of his life.

A man who truly deserves to be with you is never going to hide from you. On the contrary, he will proudly introduce you to his friends and family.

Moreover, he will do everything to convince you to meet them because he is eager to prove to them that you hold an important place in his life.

After all, his loved ones mean a lot to him so it’s only natural that he wants you to join the club!

Your romantic partner must make an effort to organize your romantic dates.

You dream of this, don’t you? Basically, it’s not even the one-on-one that matters.

Indeed, it is the efforts he makes to show you that he cares for you. The gallant appointments are only a formality.

I am aware of it ! You actually lack a sense of security and love. The very one that we all seek to feel.

You don’t expect too much from your partner. You just want him to prove to you that he really cares about you.

Nothing more, nothing less ! I understand that you are fed up with false promises and empty talk.

Besides, I even imagine that all these words haunt you at night when you try to fall asleep.

They loop around in your head like a scratched CD. Indeed, your partner has promised you so many things.

But, you are not stupid. You know he’ll never keep his promises. In short, you have lost hope.

You no longer expect anything from him because he has disappointed you so many times. He lied and he broke his word.

Yet you gave him so many opportunities to change. Basically, how many chances have you offered him?

May be too much ! How many more chances can you give her? When will it be time to say “Stop! It’s enough !” ?

You need a man who really cares about you.

I’ll tell you what you need. Even if deep down, I’m sure you’re already aware of it.

But, sometimes, seeing it written or hearing it said by a third party can be good.

You need a man who really cares about you. Someone who knows exactly what will make you happy when you come home tired from work or when you have a weekend off.

You need a man who knows exactly what to say when you’re sad, depressed, or just exhausted.

A partner who will organize your dates exactly as you would have imagined them, without even having to ask you for details.

Because that’s where the secret is! The fact that he is able to make you happy or to please you without asking you anything is proof that he is listening to you.

It means that when you speak, he is really present. Physically and mentally, he is listening and he absorbs all the words you say.

So what does that mean? Quite simply, it means he cares about you, he cares about your happiness.

Romantic relationships are based on compromise and he is aware of it.

You need a partner who will not let you carry the “burden” of your relationship alone on your shoulders.

Someone who knows that compromise is an integral part of a romantic relationship. 

Besides, there is no reason to stay with a man who sees you as the only one who has to do the job.

Deep down, you realize that romantic relationships can’t work if only one person puts in the effort.

But, you also need a man who is able to understand and accept this fact.

In fact, you need a partner who knows you deserve all of their love and who reminds you of all the qualities and talents you have when you are at your lowest.

When your heart is heavy, when failures pile up in your life, and when you feel like there is no concrete solution to your problem, you need a man who believes in you.

In short, your ideal partner is the one who makes you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Someone who helps and supports you to get to the point where you are meant to be.

So even when you no longer have the strength to believe in yourself, this man will continue to have faith and he will push you forward.

You need a partner who honors and appreciates every day he spends with you because, deep down, unconditional love is that!

Love is complicated!

Contrary to popular belief, love is not easy. After all, it’s far from easy to love someone when you’re mad at him or her.

It’s not easy to love your partner when things go wrong or when problems set in.

So when you feel like nothing is going the way you want it to be, you find it hard to love.

And, this is normal! This is why you need a man who will love you despite all these obstacles.

Someone who will love you the same every day, no matter what. Under the sun or in the rain, it will be there… By your side!

And, I know you are aware of that. This man will make superhuman efforts to love you passionately in good times and in bad times.

This is the kind of man who will never give up. The kind of partner who won’t give up on you at the slightest obstacle.

His behavior will be sincere.

He won’t do things just to get something in return. When he compliments you, for example, it will be because he really wants to.

He will smile at you when he sees you happy because he will not be able to remain serious or angry when he meets your tender gaze.

Besides, this man will also take care of him. He will always try to show himself in his best light because he will want to please you.

Thus, he will make as much effort to be up to the task as he will to make you happy.

This is the kind of man you need. Don’t look for anything else. Don’t accept anything else. And, above all, never settle for less than what you really deserve.

You are a strong, independent, intelligent and funny woman. So don’t waste your time with a man who is not worthy of you!

One day you will meet a man who will make the effort to love you

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