Love in 10 Facts, when you’re an introvert

Introverts sometimes find themselves in romantic relationships with extroverts, despite their basic differences in temperament.

Maybe it’s because they balance each other out.

Introverts, who gain energy by spending time alone, are attracted to extroverts because of their social and easy-going nature.

As for extroverts, who recharge themselves by spending time with other people, they may be attracted to introverts because of their ability to listen and “anchor” the restlessness. They envy their appeasement capacity.

If you’re in a relationship with an introvert or just interested in an introvert, here are 10 things you should know about them.

1. Don’t take our need to spend time alone personally

We have a calm and peaceful demeanor but the voice in our heads is echoing very loudly. Sometimes loving ourselves is just respecting that calm we need to function.

An introvert needs time alone and it has nothing to do with you!

He’s not angry, he’s not hiding anything, and he certainly doesn’t need to “talk”.

The introvert just needs to recharge their batteries so that they can be 100% with you when the time comes.

Giving him the space to do it, without charging him with guilt or harassing him, means you both win in the end in the end.

You, because you will have the pleasure of spending time with this person as she and she is, she will appreciate that you give her this space and accept her need for regular tranquility.

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2. For the people who matter, we can step out of our comfort zone

We can pretend to be more outgoing for brief periods of time. We only do this for people who truly represent the world to us and whom we trust.

If there’s one thing introverts hate the most, it’s gatherings, social “bonds”.

They are really uncomfortable in a crowd and don’t particularly appreciate having to meet people.

So if you have to go to an event and your introverted partner agrees to accompany you, it is a sure sign that this person loves you very much.

You have to be in an extremely special position in the life of an introvert to be okay with being in this kind of situation with you.

But don’t forget to throw the elevator back to her: when that person agrees to accompany you to this massive wedding, they’d love to have you balance this gift.

The next day, she may need time to recharge her batteries and will prefer to stay alone or in any case, interact as little as possible.

Having your support during this time will make her more willing to step out of her comfort zone again.

3. We only show ourselves vulnerable to the most beautiful souls who have earned our trust

We chose you because we determined you were worth the risk. We have chosen you as one of the few worthy of taming us. This makes us vulnerable but we took this risk in our soul and conscience.

Introverts can appear strong and independent, but often times they go through times when they feel weak and lonely.

They generally prefer not to show this aspect of their personality too much to a lot of people as it reveals their vulnerabilities.

And introverts tend to be abused more often than others …

If your partner shows you his / her vulnerable side, it means that he / she is not afraid to show you his / her flaws and that is a sure way for an introvert to prove his / her love to you.

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4. We speak little but we weigh each of our words

 If we have expressed anything to you, please know that it is 100% true. We think before we speak and we don’t take words lightly.

Introverts, while they might be quieter, take everything into account. They listen to you, read between the lines, pick up what you are saying in the blink of an eye.

So please don’t force introverts to be more extroverts.

They do what they do best and if you push them to be the people they are not, you distance them from themselves and what they are offering to the world.

5. For us, actions speak a lot more than words

We observe a lot, like to take our time, and there is nothing that makes us happier than moving mountains for the person we love.

Introverts are great when it comes to having deep conversations.

But apart from this ability to reflect on the world, their actions also demonstrate how attentive they are.

They tend to express their love through deeds rather than big talk.

Their cute sin is to give small gifts that seem insignificant but will hit the mark every time.

Why ? Because their silence often makes them brilliant observers, and as a result, they might notice more things about you than others. And above all to remember it.

They might take you to a restaurant you wanted to try and had vaguely mentioned one day, surprise you with your favorite chocolate bar, or even plan elaborate birthday gifts with stories attached to them .

6. We tend to fall for you extroverts

We admire you and envy you at the same time. It would be a lie to say that we are not impressed with your ability to attract others. Not to mention the ease with which you chat with strangers.

The average introvert is in awe of an extrovert’s ability to chat with anyone, party for hours, and make new friends wherever they go.

It is for these reasons that introverts tend to seek out extroverts, sometimes without realizing it.

An extrovert-introvert couple can work well because they balance each other out. The whole being to accept the different nature of one and the other.

For example, if you are an extrovert, your introverted partner may encourage you to think more carefully before making an important decision.

And if you’re an introvert, dating an extrovert can help you come out of your shell and meet new people.

7. We are sometimes annoying during arguments because we need time to think

We need time because we sort things out in our heads first. Our words are chosen with care.

Forget immediately the idea of ​​exchanging tit for tat with an introvert: it is impossible and above all you risk making him / her withdraw.

They need to take breaks when they feel overly stimulated.

It’s not a bad idea in and of itself but it can still get on your nerves if you want to resolve the situation right away.

These breaks give them the opportunity to reflect on the discussion and organize their responses.

In addition, short wait times can act as “reset buttons” during an uncontrollable argument and lower the tone.

It’s not that bad after all.

8. We are very tough on ourselves, don’t add another layer

Our very sensitive nervous system which makes us very in tune with our external environment also means that we are very aware and often critical of what is going on within us.

Introverts are very, very hard on themselves and tend to over-analyze.

They are unlikely to feel irresponsible or oblivious to what they are doing wrong.

Instead, they are much more likely to burn out or fall into depression because they are hyper-aware of all the ways they could “do better” or “be better”.

And if they think they’ve let you down, especially because they don’t meet your social expectations, it’s a very painful experience for them.

9. Just because we look serious doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.

Granted, we don’t get any energy from large gatherings, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to laugh and have fun.

Introverts have a lively, witty humor that comes through when they’re around people they trust.

A calm mind does not mean that it is boring!

You might be surprised at how well a confident introvert is able to do things that even an extrovert could not have imagined .

So remember this expression concerning them: The habit does not make the monk .

Earn his trust and go around the world together!

10. Our loyalty is second to none

We may take more time than others to place our trust in you, but once it has been acquired, we will cut back for you.

One of the most powerful expressions of love you can have with someone, is pretty much guaranteed with your introvert: he / she will always keep your secrets.

The chances that he / she will have coffee with friends and discuss what you confided in him / her on the pillow are minimal.

And even if you’ve hurt him / her, he / she won’t use it on you because introverts are usually inherently nice.

It is more likely that an introvert will suffer in silence rather than breaking trust with you, although this can easily backfire.

Take good care of introverts around you

As you have understood, the greatest gifts you can give an introvert are acceptance of their nature and encouragement.

They may have a tendency to feel guilty, tired, anxious and disappointing; without it touching you once given their stoic nature.

The way they are “wired” is a gift, but when shame sets in, because of their differences, it becomes a real burden.

Recognize the strengths of introverts in your life.

Thank them for listening. Encourage their creativity. Remind them that having a soft heart in a difficult world is courage, not weakness.

Introverts will love you deeply, so try to do the same. Maintain this virtuous loop and they will return it to you a hundredfold.

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