Old souls love differently, here are 8 proofs

Being an old soul in the modern dating world can be as tricky as finding good wine in a supermarket.

We feel like we’re falling short of this dating culture where Facebook is an attractive popular menu and everyone has an eye out for all the options available to them.

I know we are unconventional. Our lifestyle is different from that of modern souls. We have a more mature outlook on life.

What does that mean ? Quite simply, we don’t take anything for granted. Not even knowledge …

We question everything and we ourselves seek the answers to the questions that titillate us. So our partner has to be creative.

Then, for us, communication is the greatest form of intimacy. Indeed, as old souls we are very cerebral people.

Hearing our partner talk about their story, learning their way of seeing life, and understanding the world around them based on their past experiences, is what we use to connect with him or her. 

And for us, none of his stories are unimportant. We want to hear it all! 

But, that’s not all … Here is why we old souls love differently:

1. We are not interested in one night stands.

Even if we try, we can never have a one-night stand with someone we don’t have a romantic relationship with.

This can be difficult because even if we are not looking for a lifelong partnership, we will still need our romantic experiences to have a deeper meaning.

So yes, if we have a romantic relationship with you, it means that we are feeling a connection that goes beyond the surface.

What can we do ? We want and need real passion.

2. You don’t need to impress us.

Ok, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put in the effort, it just means the simple things in life are satisfying to us.

If you really want to impress us, just be spontaneous, real, and love long conversations late into the night. 

We appreciate seemingly simplistic gestures that take a lot of effort but not a lot of materialism.

3. We need someone to bring us down to earth.

We have a very romantic view of the world and our relationships. Which is great, except when we over-idealize things and are disappointed with our own expectations.

We love when someone can get us out of our heads and make us live in the moment. Indeed, we often have our heads in the clouds.

So coming back down to earth is difficult for us so we need someone who will bring us back to reality.

4. We have a lot of puzzling traits.

On the one hand, we value stability, but on the other hand, we also need a lot of freedom in our life and in our relationships.

So it can get a little tricky! If we feel safe with you but also if you give us freedom, we will truly flourish.

Our personalities are much more complex than those of the people who post everything on Facebook or Instagram, so you will have to make an effort to get to know and understand us better.

5. Yes, we can see life in black.

But that has nothing to do with being pessimistic. We see the potential of humanity and we have a lot of faith and expectations.

Which can sometimes be the cause of a lot of pain and disappointment. Indeed, our frustration arises from the fact that we see what others are capable of doing but we are aware that their actions do not correspond to this potential.

Sometimes we need to be alone to think things through, but sometimes we just need you to help us get out of our dark thoughts.

6. There are times when we don’t want to hear about other people’s problems.

We look for deep meaning in all of our relationships but sometimes we care too much about it.

Sometimes we don’t want to hear about things that are too painful because we are too sensitive.

Indeed, the suffering of people affects us a lot, so don’t be fooled into thinking that we are superficial and that we don’t care, it is quite the opposite.

7. We see the world and our life on a much larger scale.

Because of this, our philosophical views can impact our relationships and the way we interpret things that happen in our life.

As I said before, we need to understand the world around us. So we don’t make hasty decisions and we analyze a lot.

Sometimes too much! But, as we are aware of the fact that we are only a crumb in the universe, it can create anxiety for us.

8. Don’t underestimate our instincts!

If we say we have a “feeling” about something, just follow it. Seriously, shut up and be done with it.

Just kidding, but not too much… Indeed, our intuition is never wrong! In fact, we have learned to trust it and never question it.

We live our life according to our moral values ​​and following the directions of our subconscious. And, we are very proud of it!

Old souls love differently, here are 8 proofs

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